Sunday, August 21, 2011

Good Night Sunday

he looks a little thin here but he is 4 kg!

I have bought the Appelin from the pharmacist as advised by D. Thanks D :) I think this would be better than the anti-histamines and anti-vomit meds as it is sweet and he takes it readily. He has been eating his food too so I am quite glad that Dr T and I had talked about his appetite and listened to my long explanations about the anti-histamines :). He thinks later on, I should give him just 1/4 of the pill and not 1/2 as he gets very hungry and then eats more than his body can take.

Easy peasy Sunday

A little cuddle
A little contemplation
A little nap
A little on guard
A little rest

We spent our Sunday a little quietly. Megat has not vomitted for three days and the boys behaved very well indeed. It was a very blessed Sunday.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Good news Saturday

Megat did not vomit all day. This is very good news and he ate his dinner - all of it. Cousin R came today to help me with the sub qs for Toro and we decided to give Megat more fluids as his TP is 5.7. I think that is why he was lethargic for a few weeks - lack of fluids as he was vomiting periodically and this week was the worst of course. After his 3 rd sub q for the week, he immediately perked up and went to the living room to inspect everything in it :) This is a good thing as today, he decided to hang out outside with everyone else for the whole evening and did not choose to be alone in the bedroom sleeping.

I hope that things are looking up for him.

Megat's Friday on Saturday

Megat resting on Ms Akira's chair...

The good news was Megat did not vomit the whole of yesterday. He ate all his kibble and even finished most of his wet food. I went to the pet store to get him another brand just in case he did not like the brand we have but this morning I did not have to open the new can. he ate all of his wet food (one heaped teaspoon of Tuna and Chicken). Then he had his Alutab and his Appelin to help him with the rest of his Saturday. I didn't give him his anti-vomit meds as he was ok all of yesterday. I hope the rest of today will be ok for the little guy.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tired Thursday

"Your cat Megat vomitted about 10 times today!" grandma said. Although I seriously doubt that it would be 10 times, I brought Megat to the vet anyway as he did vomit yesterday as well. (5 times was grandma's magic number).

The vet took a blood test as he said it could be kidney problems and checked Megat's gums as well. "Pale" was the verdict but his test came up ok. No problems there except for a little dehydration as he had been vomitting for 2 days in a row. So now he has twice a week sub q until things go back to normal.

Dr T advised that I stop the Cyproheptadine - an anti-histamine that is sued to treat cat with no appetite as well as feline asthma. Dr T felt that the 2 mg may be too much. So we got instead Appelin, a sweet syrup, to stimulate his appetite. Dr T also gave us Cimetidine and Metoclopramide to suppress his vomitting. But we need only to give him these 2 pills if he vomits again. For now he has to take, like Toro, 1/4 Alutab twice a day for about 10 days. He also gets CANIGEST to help his tummy feel better.

Dr T injected him with some Metomide for his nausea as well. I hope he feels better soon.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Megat's Food Fight

For several months, we noticed that Megat was not eating all his food. He would yell for dinner and then just lick at his food or eat very little. Dr L told us that he was of a good weight (actually a little tubby) and as he is alreday 15 years old, he may eat much less. However Dr L also gave us some pills to stimulate his appetite at the last review. I decided not to give him the pills then as he was still eating but decided just last Friday, to give him his half pill on alternate days.

I notice that when he gets the pill, he would finish his own food and would also be very hungry before bed. He would be quite vocal and his his saw-like vocals to good effect. However the effect of the pill would only be for 2 days max though. We tried to put some treats in his food and this has also worked a little. We are monitoring this very closely though and have tried to give him some alternative brands for wet food.

Lysimachia No More!

I decided to take him off the shilintong or lysimachia as he vomits every time I give it to him. The shilintong is for his crystals or at least it promises to break up his crystals. This morning he vomitted twice, only liquids, so its time for a rest.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Monday Present

a cat on a lap :)
Thanks Ms Akira :)

New box fur old...

Today san did something nice fur us - finally. We had told her many times that we needed a new one. This evening, when she came home from feeding the outside kitties, she brought us a purresent.
We were thrilled. It smelled very good and had many scents. san said she got it from the convenience store - the local 7-11. We inspected it of course. We had give the okay as it was our box!
I even went inside for good measure and scratched it a little. It was furry good!
Finally san finished cutting it up and she put our old scratch box in it. It had a lot of room.
I tested it and told san it PASSED! She was furry pleased :)
This was our old box, all bitten by Bujang. I fear our new one would go the same way but at least we would get a lot of play out of it first! Some times san has good ideas and we are proud offur her!

Friday, August 12, 2011

TGIF - at last


We deserve it!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Just Because

Thoughtful Thursday

huh? hmmmm....nufing else....i am thinking about....

Cat Caregiver Week

Artwork by Paul Koh of Catmasutra
We give thanks for all the cat caregivers in all our estates! May God Bless Them All...

Monday, August 08, 2011

World Cat Day? Hmmmmm...

Ok..then I deserve a treat, many treats. How about 100?

Sunday, August 07, 2011

Goodnight Sunday

So I'll see you tomorrow then...

Just Because

Bujang was very excited this morning when he saw some pigeons that he was not allowed to catch. He sat there and willed them to him :)

Busy Sunday

We began Sunday furry slowly, as usual. san did some chores and then she decided we needed a pick- me- up! I was quite excited...
We had some matatabi! WHEEE!!!
The like magic we fell asleep. Bujang slept in Ms Akira's cage as he did not like to be disturbed!
Toro had a nap on the couch next to grandma!He is such a mama's boy!
Here Megat tried furry hard not to fall asleep but he was not furry successful!
I had a good nap on Sunday. It was one of the best Sundays we have had for some time. I hope san gives us matatabi again soon!