Monday, August 15, 2011

New box fur old...

Today san did something nice fur us - finally. We had told her many times that we needed a new one. This evening, when she came home from feeding the outside kitties, she brought us a purresent.
We were thrilled. It smelled very good and had many scents. san said she got it from the convenience store - the local 7-11. We inspected it of course. We had give the okay as it was our box!
I even went inside for good measure and scratched it a little. It was furry good!
Finally san finished cutting it up and she put our old scratch box in it. It had a lot of room.
I tested it and told san it PASSED! She was furry pleased :)
This was our old box, all bitten by Bujang. I fear our new one would go the same way but at least we would get a lot of play out of it first! Some times san has good ideas and we are proud offur her!

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Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh there is nothing as fine as a NEW BOX!! I love boxes. Bujang does too, I see. Enjoy darlings. xoxox