Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday lookout

Ms Akira is still preoccupied with what's outside...

The boys standing guard...sort of...

As usual Sunday is for rest and relax. The kitties were all doing their own thing and Toro was just hanging out with Bujang. He is never far from Bujang and sometimes his jealous streak gets the better of him. Then we would have WWE in PR.
I didn't go to the cat show today as it was raining and I thought I should catch up on work. My niece went and told me it was rather dull as the judges were mumbling to themselves. I asked her to see if there was anything that I could get for Bujang as he is getting too big for the cat tree in the room although he still loves sleeping in it. Unfortunately, there was nothing bigger than what we already have.
Btw, yesterday was the MP's walkabout day and his minions asked me if I wanted to speak to him. If so I would have to open my doors and let him into my house. Huh! I told the minions that I had already met with the MP at the RC about the community cats . I didn't tell her that he was not very helpful then and I do not see how he would be helpful now.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Neighbourhood kitty

Minah relaxing on this kid-free day...

Minah close-up...

The neighbourhood is clean and tidy. This is because the cleaners have swept up all the litter from the residents. Sometimes I even see flyers all over the void-deck when the bin is just beside the postboxes!!

Of course cats are much cleaner and have no use for paper and litter, like Minah who is seen here spending her time just relaxing after kibble :) She is looking healthy and fit and I'm glad the residents in the block are very fond of her. Some of them even tell me that they think 'my cat' is very pretty. One old uncle even asked me when she was going to give birth! I have to tell him she is spayed and well she is just a fat kitty :)

Amigos on saturday

Ms Akira asking if she can get down from the ledge. The answer is "NO".

Bujang napping his Saturday away :)

Saturday finds everyone rather sleepy. I thought the cat show was today and got ready for it only to be reminded it will be tomorrow. So I went out and bought some guards for the cabinet doors that would prevent megat from opening them. They are kid -proof so should be cat-proof too. Will put the pic up later.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Waxed cat. Never!

Save me from children...

I came home from work today and saw 4 kids from the nearby primary school burning joss sticks and red candles in my void deck. When I asked him why they did such a thing, they said they had accidentally kicked some offereings and that was an act of atonement. I told them that since they did not mean to do it, nothing could possibly happen and then instructed them to clean up the mess and to scrape the hardened wax from the floor. They were unsure and so I told them that it would be better to do as I advised or I would have to report what they had done to the school.
After they had cleaned up the mess I asked them if their parents knew where they were. They told me that indeed their parents knew (?). Earlier I had seen one of the kids on the phone but since the conversation was in chinese I was not sure if she was speaking to her mother. I also told them that I have a cat who lives in the void deck and I certainly would not want her to be poisoned by the wax shavings. I made sure they had disposed of their joss sticks, candles, matches and plastic bags before leaving.
It was agood thing that I saw them and decided to ask what they were doing as I saw several other adults who just passed by them, not enquiring at all although they did look at the children curiously :X

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Cat on cushion

Sitting on cushions...

Reclining on cushions...

Bujang was quite disgusted when we had to draw the curtains and generally make quite a noise to shut the windows because of the rain. He was quietly sleepy on these two cushions for the whole of the morning while the rest of the kitties were laying about in the bedrooms. I think Bujang simply likes the noise of the TV and on Sunday the TV would be switched on for quite a bit. These two cushions are against the console and the buzz of the TV may be quite comforting for him particularly :)

Da Bird Sunday

Da Bird feathers - chewed one is blue and the one in the plastic is the refill which would get chewed almost immediately once Bujang gets his teeth on it.

Toro trying to get himself a whole boxful of Da Bird feathers... here Toro is taking out the Cat Dancer, a great fav with Bujang.


I have never seen a conversation about cat toys without Da Bird in prominence. Cats universally seem to love Da Bird, and when our cats are happy, their human slaves are happy too. The feather action inspires cats to bigger and better play ideas, and a bit of human trickery can make the game even more exciting for your cat. Expect hours and hours of play from Da Bird, but be careful not to wear out your kitty. He will play until he crashes, if given that option. For that reason alone, it's best to hide this toy when not in use. (But don't be surprised if your cat leads you to that secret closet, with an irresistible expression on her face.)
and of cos she is perfectly right as Da Bird is Toro's favourite toy and he would lead me to his Da Bird cupboard every chance he gets.
For mighty mouse
I got Da Bird online at They are efficient and it arrives one week from my order. I hope this helps you :)

Where's Da Bird eh?

The kitties spent their sunday morning flying after Da Bird. It was a short bout but nonetheless, I think it was a good start to their sleepy sunday.

Who goes there!

This box belongs to me...

No, its mine...

Its time I claim it for myself...
The kitties know exactly what is inside the box - its DaBird fefills and they guard it with their claws and teeth :)

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Wednesday in PR

Hmmm...I wonder...

The amigos are all asleep right now much to my surprise. Toro is on the low table next to this laptop, Megat on the sofa behind me, Bujang on the Marukan and Ms Akira on top of the tall cupboard in the computer room. So nobody is trying to muscle in to sit on my laptop as I am typing :) I think they were all tired out from watching me wash all the bins and cleaning the bathroom.

It was a little smoky when I went to feed the wildbunch. I fed only 3 today - Minah, FatBoy aka Johnny and Cal. The woman with the pet tortoise came home early from work and she swent to feed Putih - her favourite kitty. She told me that FatBoy's other nick was Johnny. We both tried to call him by that name and he ignored the both of us! I told her about the complaints to the TC. She was horrified and told me that her father had seen the two kids. She told me she would get her father to speak to them about feeding responsibly too. I hope all this would work on the two little kids!

I saw Cal quite early. She was hiding under a blue car. That made me very nervous as the man who hates cats has a car just like that. I kept trying to entice her to get out from under the car but to no avail. I was afraid the man might come back and hurt her or something. Finally the owners of the car came by. They were an Indian couple but they didn't see Cal. So I had to tell them about her being under their car. The man told me not to worry as he would make sure she was out from under his car before he drives off. He said "the sound of the engine would drive her away." Then I saw him making sure that she was indeed out from under his car before he drove off :)

Another man came by the void deck and he spoke to FatBoy. FatBoy answered him so I knew the man was a friend and indeed he gave FatBoy several scritches before he showed me the pic of his very clever one-year old cat. His cat actually does his business in the toilet bowl! WOAH! He said he didn't even have to train his cat. He just climbed onto the bowl and did his business! That is one very clever Tux!

As I was on my way home, I saw the man who hates cats! He was burning incense and hell money and making quite a mess himself. I don't think he saw the irony of him accusing the kitties of creating a mess and he himself doing just the thing that he hated. I don't think he would think he deserved the death penalty but he was more than willing to send the kitties to their deaths!

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Time to play

Is it time to play? Huh? Is it?

Okok. Open this cupboard door. THIS one...

Let me open it up for you. You are so S..L..O..W..

Toro's usual song and dance when he knows its time to get out Da Bird as he gets to fly in the air doing cartwheels (his fav). He always looks at me meaningfully and would even meow plaintively so I would follow. he would then lead me to THIS cupboard door only and wait, looking at me with his blue eyes. When he hears me saying, " Toro..Toro..Toro", he knows it time to play :)

Amigos in the afternoon

Well-brushed and bushy-tailed...

Toro seems to be the only one with enough energy to be up and about...
The still afternoon found all 4 kitties quiet and sleepy. I came home from the supermarket and opened the doors so we could get some breeze. Toro spent his time looking at the outside behind the safety of the grills. I brushed out his fur and as usual he led me on a merry-go-round but that done, he decided to sniff around the cat-tree. The cat-tree had been there for many weeks but this was the first time he showed it any interest.

Megat sleeping on fresh linen...zzz

Megat looking calm and collected after his morning nap...
Megat and Ms Akira shared the bed quite peacefully this morning and afternoon (still). I divided the bed into two with a pillow dividing them and they both stayed in their side of the bed. Ms Akira spent her time under the blankets and Megat near the pillows. Ms Akira had not done this for a long time but now I hope the two had found a workable solution as both of them liked being in bed the whole day if possible.
Two paws belonging to the Little Ms...

Ms Akira under the covers...

Its too hot for anything else but nap...
Bujang spent his time by himself on the Marukan. When the door is open, it is rather breezy and he likes it there.


Yes. I am thinking of moving house. I am all packed. Please unlock the grills san...

Meditations ...

The boys sat and contemplated their new space to run and play catch. I think the house is better sans all that furniture and the boys agree I'm sure as they have been sniffing out the new smells. Toro even thought of leaving house once (top pic) but decided to stay as he realised that home is not furniture but cats and people who love them :)

Megat revisited

Ok. Just this once you can talk about the other kitties. Did you say we will get to play later? I'm sure you did. Uhuh!

My cat Megat Komeng who liked fish keropok and drank milk from soy (meant for my old skinny self when I was in primary school). He also ate rice with boiled fish, slept on the neighbour's porch, helped one other stary cat with her kittens to find shelter in my house and saved me from a gangster rooster that came into my house when I was trying to get out to go to school. He looked after grandma's newly-cleaned fish from marauding cats. He was an indoor-outdoor cat. I remember the neighbour (whose front porch he always slept on) asking us if they could keep him as he was truly a beautiful kitty - healthy and lithe. He also brought home the rare mouse or dead cockroach to show us that he was a true hunter. He died of cat flu. That was one of the saddest days of my life.

My now cat, named by grandma, Megat (aka Shaolin Megat) after Megat Komeng. This one eats Natural Balance, Waltham's Renal formula for cats with kidney problems, loves to sleep on my bed and does not like the outdoors anymore. This one is an indoor cat who will go to the vet soon to check on his kidneys. He also loves to eat the other cats' food, especially their fussiecat when I am not looking! He has a slight cataract, bald spots, not much teeth and the only physical danger he is in is when ms Akira snarls at him. :) For a 10+ kitty, he is surely going strong. I hope he will go on for a long time still.

Saturday, August 11, 2007

San's helpers

Toro wondering if he had to wipe the dust off too..

Bujang putting things in order...

Huh? What did you say? We have to move what?!

Oh! That's ok then. I don't mind standing guard...

I decided that I had to get rid of the furniture in my house. No I did not get any new furniture. Its just that my house has too much stuff that I had accumulated since I moved to PR. I realised this and grandma realised this too and so I decided that I should give away my good furniture- I chest of drawers, I wooden CD rack, I bookcase and I chest to my sister. I am also giving away two standing lamps and 1 bedside lamp. So many things that I did not need anymore. I also threw out my old dining table and moved grandma's mahjong table to the kitchen.
Now my house looks bare like Old Mother Hubbard except of course my larders are not empty :) I also threw out so many other things that could only be termed as junk and so now I have alot of space and can help grandma to store some of the linen. Grandma and I also changed the curtains :)
The boys had also been busy helping me especially Bujang who is not afraid of house activity noises. Toro came and went sporadically like the health inspector and moreoever Toro doesn't like noise. Bujang on the other hand is just as interested in drilling as vacuuming and shelving books. He inspected all the cupboards and sat near me for moral support. My cousin also came to help and at one point, my cousin told me that Bujang looked very confused. I told Bujang that he was not to be afraid as I was not leaving for anywhere. I think he has noticed that whenever I pack and umpack things, it usually means I am travelling some where.
I finished cleaning up the house very early in the morning and I could hear Bujang in the bedroom yelling and making a ruckus. He only calmed down when I went to bed and he was sure that I was not going to go away anywhere. This morning he was very calm and invited me to play hide and seek :)

Cats in cupboards

Yes. I think I look just as good as a book...

I must say I can get used to living in here...

After all, all the books are about me :)

You don't say? I have to move now?

Let me think about it. Its time for a nap...

Bujang has taken a great liking to sitting in the shelf of this cupboard. And why not? He has the whole shelf to himself and it doesn't smell new. In fact the cupboard smells anitique :) and comforting. I didn't have the heart to ask him to get off the shelf and so I went to clean up other parts of the house. He didn't stay long here though. When he heard me in the other room, he immediately came to help me clean it :)

Take a break!

Its time to sle...zzz..

Its time to take a back seat...

The boys decided that moving furniture and throwing junk were too big a job for two cats. They then did just what cats do best - sleep and observe from a distance :)


Whats' this new flowered thingee?

Let's play!

Bujang was curious about grandma's new chair and flowered cushion. He came close to inspect it and Toro came even closer to inspect him! In no time at all, they were chasing each other around the chair :)

Thursday, August 09, 2007

The boys on ND

Toro with yellow flower pot...

Megat with the air-con remote control...

Bujang just relaxing on a riot of colour...

They are just doing their own usual :)

One thought for ND

Litter left by primary school children for Putih...

I guess the litter left by the primary school children is what will ultimately be the undoing of Putih. The kind-hearted children who love her leave her food but forgot to think about her safety. I'm sure they love her as they had used their pocket money to buy her food every school day. Some days are worse than others and I have had to clean up some real messes. So yesterday I decided to tell the shop-keeper to remind the students not to throw the cat food around and to clean up after themselves. At first the man was quite taken aback but promised to help me remind the children. I also told him that if they keep throwing catfood around, Putih might not be around much longer to love!

Cik Mina relaxing under her favourite tree...
Cik Mina looked slim and pretty when I saw her. She has given birth already except I do not know where her kittens are yet. It would be in one of the rooms in the school I'm sure. She is a good mother though and would take care of her kittens very well. Her two kittens from her previous litter are alive and well and keeping well away from people.

Cal looking well and strong in her neighbourhood...

Putih minding her business and waiting for dinner...

Pretty cats all in a row with uncertain futures...

My wish for Singapore today is for every one be kind to a helpless animal and that all community cats and caregivers have a trouble-free day.