Saturday, August 04, 2007

Community cat news

Cat in centre of PR neighbourhood...

I was on my way to the doctor yesterday for a throat-crunching cough and saw this cat gnawing on a piece of chicken bone. It looked very hungry and continued to gnaw at the bone which had hardly any flesh attached to it. It was fortunate that I had some kibble in my bag (actually I always have kibble in my bag for cat emergencies) and gave her some on a piece of tissue paper. She had two servings of kibble and when she indicated that she had had enough, I went on my way. She had very pretty markings and a rich gold-burnt orange coloured fur. I think if she had much better food and care, her coat would rival the sun for sure.

Its too hot don't you know?

On my way home from the doctor ( I was given some black cough syrup, antibiotics and ventolin inhaler) I passed that way again and saw it hiding from the sun. It was relaxed and sleepy. A woman was putting some prayer offerings near the tents that were put up by the nearby supermarket. It was a bowl of rice, some toufu and of course candles. It worried me if the woman would chase the cat off if it took a bite of the offerings and so I stayed around to see. The woman looked at me suspiciously :X and so since the cat was going to take a nap anyway, I left.

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cat_aunty said...

Sigh...all the best, kitty!