Sunday, August 26, 2007

Sunday lookout

Ms Akira is still preoccupied with what's outside...

The boys standing guard...sort of...

As usual Sunday is for rest and relax. The kitties were all doing their own thing and Toro was just hanging out with Bujang. He is never far from Bujang and sometimes his jealous streak gets the better of him. Then we would have WWE in PR.
I didn't go to the cat show today as it was raining and I thought I should catch up on work. My niece went and told me it was rather dull as the judges were mumbling to themselves. I asked her to see if there was anything that I could get for Bujang as he is getting too big for the cat tree in the room although he still loves sleeping in it. Unfortunately, there was nothing bigger than what we already have.
Btw, yesterday was the MP's walkabout day and his minions asked me if I wanted to speak to him. If so I would have to open my doors and let him into my house. Huh! I told the minions that I had already met with the MP at the RC about the community cats . I didn't tell her that he was not very helpful then and I do not see how he would be helpful now.

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VeganCatsg said...

Several years ago, somewhere in the central, a really BIG BIG shot was invited to plants trees. The RC got all the cats killed to make the place "presentable".
How much of this walkabout is staged?
Is the MP so guillable or is it that he or she wants to be deluded that the estate is charmingly clean during the stroll?