Sunday, August 31, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

First we would like to begin our Sunday post with purrayers for everycat and everycatmom and everycatdad that every one  has love that surrounds them with warmth and acceptance and support. There has been much to be tearful about this month for even our own community cats. We are hoping that Sepetember would be a happier month for all. 

On another note, we are also purraying that our good friend Fern would have her purrayers answered for her own three fur babies and that they continue to be well. 

On the home front we have nothing to complain about apart from the usual neglect by san who has not brought us out for Walkies for the last 2 days nor has she played Da Bird with us. She said that she had a lot of papers to grade as it is the last week of the term for school. We wonder why she doesn't plan more. She should have a timetable for us just like she has a timetable for school. Hmmm maybe if we all concentrate on that she would be able to hear it. 

We know that if you visit our blog you will know  that san has 2 different people to help us with our challenges. There is our friend Fern who speaks with us every week and gives us Reiki and there is Craig who helps us on a monthly basis for certain treatments. san thinks that apart from our annual (yuk) visits to the vet and our visits to Adrian, the osteopath, who helps us with our bones and therapy as we are getting on in years, we also need Craig who helps,us with our emotional health. san first asked Craig to help Bujang as Adrian said he had a stressed spine which could turn into arthritis of the spine if nothing is done. When Adrian said that a stressed spine can also have an emotional cause, san decided to get some help for us.
Bujang has had several treatments with Craig and they had helped tremendously with his pain in his spine. However this month he had begun to vocalize a lot more from his chest and he only agreed to short 5 minute walks outside. Once he even refused to walk eventhough I had put him in his walking jacket. This was very strange behaviour. He did some work with Craig last Friday and he slept through all of Saturday and I think maybe he would sleep much of today as well. His vocalizing has increased as he is working out his feelings.  But we will see what happens next week with his walking along the corridor. Last night , instead of nipping me when he wanted to watch his cat videos, he actually just tapped me on the arm. THAT in itself is a vast improvement in behavior. 
Craig said that Tanaka was not as talkative as usual during his treatment. Craig is helping us with his obsession to chase Akira. Craig said that Tanaka was not as chatty and appears to have less energy (life energy as opposed to just being energetic). It is true that for the past month he has not been chatty even with Fern, preferring just to give her short  answers and walking off or sleeping. Tanaka has been the most chatty of the cats but this reticence is new. I told Craig that he had been sick some weeks before and so I thought perhaps this could account for it. Craig said that this could account for him being out of balance as he had to fight this fever as well. Craig is working on removing the OCD tendencies of him always watching Akira, sometimes for hours on end. This week, he has been a little more relaxed although watchful. This is a positive step. I also know that this behaviour is not an. Easy one and it takes more than emotional help. We have been working on time share of space as well. 
The one who made the most progress is Akira. Her confidence has grown much more and her vitality was high. She was able to tell Craig what she wanted as well. Before she would not be so communicative and thought that she was 'not worthy' of attention. She told Craig that Tanaka has not been so focused on her (I think because he was trying to recover from his fever) and she has been able to build her energy and confidence up. I am very encouraged that she thinks she would be able to build a better relationship with him although she is unsure if they would be friends.  I think the 'loving time' sessions at night has helped her to recover and recuperate as well. So we will continue with that. 

I think even with these challenges that we have, we are in very good shape. We have nothing to complain about. Happy Sunday everyone. 

Friday, August 29, 2014


As you can see, we are quite used to being happy in our household. san had no difficulty choosing the right pictures for today. We are all at our happy places and we hope you are at yours as well. san says this weekend she would post about out treatments with Craig, the Lightworker who works with us on our challenges.We have quite a few but overall we think we are happy kitties :)

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thursday Treasures

 I treasure the time I have to sit and stare out of windows
 I treasure the time I have to go for walks
I treasure the time I hang out wif san in the afternoons. When she comes home from work, I get down from the cat seat and walk her to the room where we spend time together..

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just Because The Amigos

WHAT??? What's dat?

Akira is ever on the alert for the slightest noise inside the house and outside. Here she was startled by people running along the corridor at night.
 Napping with my grandma
Yes. I can sit quietly. 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Tanaka Tuesday

I now sit here wif family in the evenings when Bujang sits on the couch. Those silk flowers in the vase are mine as well. I try to help grandma rearrange them effuryday although I do not know why grandma sometimes tells me to stop helping. I can't help it. I think effuryfing should be just so.
This is me playing pretend. I pretend I am a statue so san does not lecture me on what a good bruffer must do!

Fern (on Sunday 24 Aug) "He was very happy and greeted me. He gave me a cuddly feeling and a big yawn and stretching his body. He said everything was good and he was a little bored (maybe that is why he has begun to obsess over Akira all over again). He said he tried to play with Bujang. He did well during healing and after that he didn't want to talk much."

Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Mood


Fern (yesterday): He said he was a bit frustrated during the week.

Maybe its because he had very short walks because of the Hungry Ghost month and the smoke from joss sticks. Yesterday there was a whole flurry of people celebrating the end of the Hungry Ghost month with the burning of hell money and putting offerings of food under trees and along walkways. So I didn't walk him outside at night. He had a short walk in the morning when there were fewer burners being used.

I know of at least one cat that had singed whiskers and our own community cat Putih had her tail burnt by flying embers (I hope) and not from abuse by people who think its funny to burn a cat as well as hell money. We had put some medication on her tail and will continue for the week. I also asked Fern to tell her to keep away from people she doesn't know for this week at least.

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

This week we have many things to be thankful for. We first give thanks that grandma seems to be getting over her nasty cough. She had been coughing for about four months but now she is better. We are also grateful that we ourselves are healthy. We no longer get our food from the vet as san has successfully weaned us off it. We now eat no grain kibble ARCANA. We like the size of the kibble and now we usually eat all that is in our bowl. So san now has to buy extra for the downstairs kitty. We are also lucky as we live with san and she tries to make our lives better and tries to give us we want everyday. san remembered what Bujang told her "Must be one thing everyday". san sometimes thinks that asking Fern to ask us what makes us happy may be a silly thing as now she has to do 3 different things everyday for us but she knows we love her for trying. So she is thankful for that. But now time for each of us to tell you what we are thankful for most.
I am thankful for loving time. This is the time when I sit on san' lap. Usually san sits with me in the afternoon when she gets home from work but now she sits with the orange pesky brother. So instead for the past few weeks we sit together at night. san usually puts my brother in the bedroom at about 8 pm and stay with them until 9 pm. Then she comes out to sit with me in the computer room. She has some tea or read a book and we say my affirmation 'Akira is a brave girl who is smart. Akira is healthy and she is loved by family.' Well let me just say that san says it to me. My name for lap sitting time is 'loving time' where we heal each other after the day's work. I told Craig that it is important for me to have this with san everyday. I am also thankful that Craig can talk to me and so san will know what is happening with us. 
I love having naps on san's bed in the afternoon as it is a quiet place and san does not mind my red hair that I often leave on the bed. Usually when san comes home in the afternoon, my sister asks to be out of her room and so san tells me to go to the bedroom instead. She lets Akira out and then she sits with me. Usually she listens to the radio and tells me that I am her kitty-Kat and that I need to be a good brother to Akira. I know san wants me to be better but I do not feel like it most times. My friend Fern talks to me about it every week and I tell her every week 'I know, I know.' it's better when san listen to the radio though. Then she doesn't tell me to be a good brother and I can nap in peace. 
I am thankful that these days there is less screaming between Akira and Tanaka. I am a cat who likes quiet times apart from walks of course. If I can have another name it will be Bujang the Peacemaker as I try to make peace and advise Tanaka on what he needs to do. Usually when I hear Akira yelling and see Tanaka at her door, I would go to him to tell him off. I think it's important for family to learn from each other but these two kitties are not so good at listening. San usually does one thing with me every day. These days the walks I take outside are shorter because of the smoke and noise. I am thankful san walks with me anyway even if sometimes it is only for a minute or two. But I know when it does not rain in the weekend she would put my carrier out and I know then that we would be walking on the grass. Yesterday I went out walking on the grass for about an hour. Yes I am thankful for that. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Saturday Easy

                                                                    Hug your                
                                  Or if you are Rocket Tanaka, you hug your bean!

San thought it would be fun to show pictures of all of us getting hugged today since it's Saturday Easy Day. 
                             As usual she gets up to no good if unsupervised!

Friday, August 22, 2014


 I can do yoga in my sleep as well

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Thursday Bits and Bobs

 This is my bit. The beans especially san find it amusing. I myself think its my special spot.
 I consider this a bob. san says BLOB Bujang. Some beans are very rude. I told san that I allowed her to escape because it was too hot to do anything else but take a nap these days.
However, I showed her my bit of claw - all long and lethal. She was quiet after that!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Just Because

Akira: I call this loving time.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Night Mood

                               Just sitting quietly 

We had just gone out walking at about 8 pm along the corridor. The night was rather warm and so  Bujang decided to have a sit-in near the little neighbour's house. He was out only for a while, about 5 minutes. There was no one else outside but I guess the smell of smoke is still in the air. The last day of The Hungry Ghost month is on the 30th of August. There are many more days of short walks!

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week we had easy days where we just lazed about in the afternoons. Our routines had changed a little because it's the Month of the Hungry Ghost and there is always the smell of smoke in the air from the burning of hell money. Bujang did not like walking along the corridors much as there was a lot of noise and smoke. Almost always he would just walk for about 5 minutes before he decides to go home. This quite surprised me as he would make it a point to walk 30 minutes or so along the corridor before and he had told Craig to ask me if he could go for longer walks as well. He told Fern last week however that the smoke and noise made him uncomfortable and he was quite ok with just shorter walks. 

Akira and I spend a lot more time together after that one day when she told Fern that she was scared to be in her room. We sit together in the computer room at night. This is usually the last thing we do before I put her to bed - 30 minutes sitting on my lap for quiet time where we would read, look at picture books, grade papers or chat. Sometimes we just listen to her cat CD. 

Tanaka's routines have not changed much at all but I notice he does not take long walks as well. He has also changed his route when walking along the corridor preferring the side where there is less smoke and of course he likes just sitting outside, right in front of the house:). 

The reason our rainbow kitty Totoro is on the weekly collage was because I dreamt last Friday night that he came back to be with us. It was a strange dream as I knew that he had gone away (in the dream) and was surprised that he came to play with the rest of the kitties. All the four of them had a good time playing chase. I was thinking about it and of course I had been thinking about him quite a lot seeing that it would be September quite soon. I also heard from Laura Stinchfield, the animal communicator, who had spoken with them that sometimes when we dream about our rainbow kitties, it is because the kitties know that we miss them and therefore come back. They don't always come back in a dream as it takes a lot of energy to make a dream sequence reasonable (unlike the usual jumbled sequences of dreams). Of course it could also be my memories of them together when he was alive. Whatever it is I want to thank Totoro, Tunabelly, for visiting :) I didn't see Megat in the dream though but will end the post with a little picture just the same. 

Friday, August 15, 2014


san thought that since its Friday, its good to have a fun picture of herself and me. As you can see, I am not too pleased at being forced to be 'fun'. I am a serious kitty with a serious job!
san put this picture up on Wednesday I think but I thought she should put it up again to show you that I am as serious kitty (Craig and Fern both tell me he is serious but very gentlemanly always when he speaks with them. I know he is fun at heart and very funny as well)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Just Because

Sitting pretty on Thursday

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday Whispers

 I feel that I must tell the whole story about yesterday's picture. Its a cat thing! We were downstairs for 30 minutes or so and during that time I felt that I needed to do something. It bothered me.
So I looked around for a suitable place. I was also glad it was so scenic as I usually do it in the confines of a bathroom. Although a bath room is private, sometimes a cat needs something else.
 I thought I found a suitable place. It was lush and smelled just right.
So I did it right there. That's right. I peed onto the grass. san was surprised but took many pictures. She reminded me that the last time I did this was many years ago - 10 years to be exact. san was thankful that I just peed and did not do the BIG one as she had nothing with her to pick the BIG ones up. Heh-Heh!
It was the right thing to do. I felt so much better afterwards. It was the right decision.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Just Because


Monday, August 11, 2014

Monday Mood

    And can I request for no more cameras?

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

We thought that instead of our usual Easy Peasy Sunday post, we would do Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks as san thinks we do not do enough thanking ( especially for her!) and for everything that we have. She has put up our flag in our weekly collage so we will begin there. 

We give thanks that we live in Singapore. It has many warts but also many good things. We especially thank the many cat people that we have who have fought for our community cats ( our brother Megat used to be one before he came to live with us). We will be having the Cat Welfare Society Steriliasation month where we are trying to sterilize 6000 community cats this year. We have donated to sterilize 50 cats (san gave the green papers but we told her she should do it so we helped as well). 
I give thanks that I have a good life with all of my things around me. But I especially give thanks that I now can walk about in the living room easily when I want to. I have sat several times with grandma on her couch and know that when I am outside, my brother Tanaka will be inside and so he cannot chase me at all. I also give thanks that sometimes when we are both outside, he has learnt to leave me alone for a bit. I know he has a hard time trying to learn to leave me alone but he is not as aggressive as he was before. I give thanks that he can learn new things although I do not know why he is taking such a long time with it. 
I give thanks that I have stopped vomiting everyday after my good and that san is asking Craig to help me with my issues. I am thankful that even when I meow loudly at night (and I do this every night) san has decided to leave me to it and not tell me to be quiet. I thank grandma for loving me a lot and allowing me to sit on her bed although I sometimes squeeze her out of it. 
I am fankful that I have a loving family who loves me a lot a lot a lot. I am fankful for the delicious food that I have although I sometimes make san open up many tins before I make a decision to eat. I give fanks for san who gives me scritches  (with both hands) every night before I sleep and who allows me to sit on her chest when I feel like it. She tells me sometimes that my feet hurt her a little but I know she doesn't mean it. I know I am too cute to refuse. I give fanks to san for letting us all talk to Fern every week so she can give us Reiki and help us with each offur. I now talk to Fern about my sisfur much more and she tells me what I need to fink about. I fink I will take some time still to figure out our relationship but I know I am so much better than before. I give fanks for that, that I am able to learn new things. 

Saturday, August 09, 2014

National Day

Today is our National Day. We will be 49 years old. I am only 8 years old. The country must be furry old and I hope it will still be here fur a long time yet. We are not wearing red and white collars as san did not get us any. Cousin r, our sitter asked san yesterday as she knows we have special collars for each special occasion. 
On the personal front, my poo troubles seemed to have left me and I do not have any more grass hanging from my err... behind. San gave me some Duphalac two days ago. But san says we do not know yet if my stomach has settled down or just resting for a bit. I have not eaten grass for 3 days already as san says she needs to make sure all the old grass is out. 
I aam also feeling better and san and I have been sitting together at night before I go to sleep. I usually sit here for half and hour before I tell san it's time for bed.
I am always vigilant. Today is National Day and there would be fireworks and a parade. San tell me that we can't hear anything from where we live but sometimes people fire crackers where we live.  That is as scary as fireworks!

At this point, we must apologise to Katnip Lounge mommy as san had accidentally deleted our previous National Day post when she wanted to add another picture. Thanks for the nice comment about having catnap today. I hope san still has some!