Sunday, August 31, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

First we would like to begin our Sunday post with purrayers for everycat and everycatmom and everycatdad that every one  has love that surrounds them with warmth and acceptance and support. There has been much to be tearful about this month for even our own community cats. We are hoping that Sepetember would be a happier month for all. 

On another note, we are also purraying that our good friend Fern would have her purrayers answered for her own three fur babies and that they continue to be well. 

On the home front we have nothing to complain about apart from the usual neglect by san who has not brought us out for Walkies for the last 2 days nor has she played Da Bird with us. She said that she had a lot of papers to grade as it is the last week of the term for school. We wonder why she doesn't plan more. She should have a timetable for us just like she has a timetable for school. Hmmm maybe if we all concentrate on that she would be able to hear it. 

We know that if you visit our blog you will know  that san has 2 different people to help us with our challenges. There is our friend Fern who speaks with us every week and gives us Reiki and there is Craig who helps us on a monthly basis for certain treatments. san thinks that apart from our annual (yuk) visits to the vet and our visits to Adrian, the osteopath, who helps us with our bones and therapy as we are getting on in years, we also need Craig who helps,us with our emotional health. san first asked Craig to help Bujang as Adrian said he had a stressed spine which could turn into arthritis of the spine if nothing is done. When Adrian said that a stressed spine can also have an emotional cause, san decided to get some help for us.
Bujang has had several treatments with Craig and they had helped tremendously with his pain in his spine. However this month he had begun to vocalize a lot more from his chest and he only agreed to short 5 minute walks outside. Once he even refused to walk eventhough I had put him in his walking jacket. This was very strange behaviour. He did some work with Craig last Friday and he slept through all of Saturday and I think maybe he would sleep much of today as well. His vocalizing has increased as he is working out his feelings.  But we will see what happens next week with his walking along the corridor. Last night , instead of nipping me when he wanted to watch his cat videos, he actually just tapped me on the arm. THAT in itself is a vast improvement in behavior. 
Craig said that Tanaka was not as talkative as usual during his treatment. Craig is helping us with his obsession to chase Akira. Craig said that Tanaka was not as chatty and appears to have less energy (life energy as opposed to just being energetic). It is true that for the past month he has not been chatty even with Fern, preferring just to give her short  answers and walking off or sleeping. Tanaka has been the most chatty of the cats but this reticence is new. I told Craig that he had been sick some weeks before and so I thought perhaps this could account for it. Craig said that this could account for him being out of balance as he had to fight this fever as well. Craig is working on removing the OCD tendencies of him always watching Akira, sometimes for hours on end. This week, he has been a little more relaxed although watchful. This is a positive step. I also know that this behaviour is not an. Easy one and it takes more than emotional help. We have been working on time share of space as well. 
The one who made the most progress is Akira. Her confidence has grown much more and her vitality was high. She was able to tell Craig what she wanted as well. Before she would not be so communicative and thought that she was 'not worthy' of attention. She told Craig that Tanaka has not been so focused on her (I think because he was trying to recover from his fever) and she has been able to build her energy and confidence up. I am very encouraged that she thinks she would be able to build a better relationship with him although she is unsure if they would be friends.  I think the 'loving time' sessions at night has helped her to recover and recuperate as well. So we will continue with that. 

I think even with these challenges that we have, we are in very good shape. We have nothing to complain about. Happy Sunday everyone. 


Katnip Lounge said...

I truly admire how much you love and understand your fur kids...I often suspect that the sheer numbers at our house circumvents a really deep connection that you have.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

You are very lucky, Amigos, to have such a wonderful person as San who loves and cares for you all with so much love.

The Chans

Eileen said...

You three kitties are in such good hands. It is nice to know that Akira is making such progress. Today I am resting because the humidity bothers my arthritic legs. Meow from Jessica

Katie Isabella said...

OH I am happy to learn these gppd things and that all three babies are so very loved and cared for. I knew they were. That was never in doubt but it is pleasing to learn how sometimes. As the rest of us might learn something. xo