Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Wednesday Whispers

 I feel that I must tell the whole story about yesterday's picture. Its a cat thing! We were downstairs for 30 minutes or so and during that time I felt that I needed to do something. It bothered me.
So I looked around for a suitable place. I was also glad it was so scenic as I usually do it in the confines of a bathroom. Although a bath room is private, sometimes a cat needs something else.
 I thought I found a suitable place. It was lush and smelled just right.
So I did it right there. That's right. I peed onto the grass. san was surprised but took many pictures. She reminded me that the last time I did this was many years ago - 10 years to be exact. san was thankful that I just peed and did not do the BIG one as she had nothing with her to pick the BIG ones up. Heh-Heh!
It was the right thing to do. I felt so much better afterwards. It was the right decision.


meowmeowmans said...

It was a fine decision, indeed, Bujang. You made a wise choice.

Anonymous said...

Nature calls ;D

Eileen said...

Oh Bujang. You are naughty. Meow from Jessica