Sunday, August 17, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week we had easy days where we just lazed about in the afternoons. Our routines had changed a little because it's the Month of the Hungry Ghost and there is always the smell of smoke in the air from the burning of hell money. Bujang did not like walking along the corridors much as there was a lot of noise and smoke. Almost always he would just walk for about 5 minutes before he decides to go home. This quite surprised me as he would make it a point to walk 30 minutes or so along the corridor before and he had told Craig to ask me if he could go for longer walks as well. He told Fern last week however that the smoke and noise made him uncomfortable and he was quite ok with just shorter walks. 

Akira and I spend a lot more time together after that one day when she told Fern that she was scared to be in her room. We sit together in the computer room at night. This is usually the last thing we do before I put her to bed - 30 minutes sitting on my lap for quiet time where we would read, look at picture books, grade papers or chat. Sometimes we just listen to her cat CD. 

Tanaka's routines have not changed much at all but I notice he does not take long walks as well. He has also changed his route when walking along the corridor preferring the side where there is less smoke and of course he likes just sitting outside, right in front of the house:). 

The reason our rainbow kitty Totoro is on the weekly collage was because I dreamt last Friday night that he came back to be with us. It was a strange dream as I knew that he had gone away (in the dream) and was surprised that he came to play with the rest of the kitties. All the four of them had a good time playing chase. I was thinking about it and of course I had been thinking about him quite a lot seeing that it would be September quite soon. I also heard from Laura Stinchfield, the animal communicator, who had spoken with them that sometimes when we dream about our rainbow kitties, it is because the kitties know that we miss them and therefore come back. They don't always come back in a dream as it takes a lot of energy to make a dream sequence reasonable (unlike the usual jumbled sequences of dreams). Of course it could also be my memories of them together when he was alive. Whatever it is I want to thank Totoro, Tunabelly, for visiting :) I didn't see Megat in the dream though but will end the post with a little picture just the same. 


meowmeowmans said...

We are glad you are having an easy Sunday. How beautiful that Totoro came to visit you.

Katnip Lounge said...

We love to learn new cultural things...we have to go Google Hell Money now!

Mommy wishes she could remember her dreams, especially if her Angels would come and visit. How lucky for you, san.

Eileen said...

Totoro and Megat miss you all very much. Lovely kitties. I had a quiet Sunday too. Meow from Jessica