Monday, October 29, 2012

Message for Monday

 What do you mean by message san? What is MY message for Monday? Ok. Lemme think fur a minute...
Tanaka: OK.When your people put new linen on the bed, be sure to help them wif a test run. san's cotton and silk blend was furry cool. I LIKE it!
san: No, not that kind of message. Something useful Tanaka.
Tanaka: OK. Have fun on Mondays you kitties out there. Play.Nap.Eat.
san: OK. Let's get someone else.
Megat: zzzzzzzzz
san: let's not disturb him Tanaka.
Tanaka: message on behalf of my bruffer...
close up of a sleeping Megat.
san: what's that?
Tanaka: Let.Sleeping.Cats.Lie
Time to do some napping myself. Fanks fur the big bed san and the garden as well.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Bujang Outside

Finally we got to go out for a walk yesterday as the sun was out. Bujang came to me immediately when he heard me call his name and so we got ready and went out. It was very hot but Bujang was not at all concerned :)
However this orange sometimes-pet but mostly outdoors cat came to inspect the carrier. He was not pleased and he puffed up himself to twice his size. This cat, understandably so, was not going to take such infringement to his territory lying down.
His actual size was about 3/4 of the puffball. Usually he is nice and waits for kind people to feed him. It seemed his people lived in the flat opposite ours but they subscribed to the idea of cats being naturally outside. 
Bujang was not bothered as he was quite used to being inspected by other cats and as long as they do not get into his way, he would usually just mind his own business.  He really enjoys being in drains as the smells are more exciting.

 Bujang: A closer sniff will do the trick.
Oh yessssss.....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

While Away Wednesday

 While I was waiting for dinner, I thought I would while away my time by making sure the humans watch me whiling(?) my time instead of allowing them to watch the Korean sitcom. I looked furry beautiful under the sun. I fink my humans do not think about my beauty in the right way!
"Tanaka! Get away from there," grandma said.
"Hmmmmmm.....mmmmm....." I said.."hmmmmm....mmmmm"
 I while away my time when san wants me to go home quickly. I know that if I sit down like this, she would also sit down as she thinks I have interesting thoughts to think about. Actually I was just looking at...
THIS. There is nothing to see here but I though we should learn to appreciate stillness. I have much to teach san about being still.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Shaolin Megat

 No, I want to register my protest. I do not think it is good for a 16-year-old kitty to be jumping up and down san. Anyway it is now my place. Please do something about it.
 I have been writing about how much confidence Megat has now that he is undergoing Reiki. This is why I decided to buy the carpet squares and why the squares are now stuck on the cardboard boxes. This happened last Saturday - the first time he was ever on top of Ms Akira's cage.
 and on the top tier of her cage as well...
 Tanaka: What are you doing inside there Megat? 
 Almost every weekday, we would be doing this after his suppository. He knows it would be about 25 to 30 minutes. He is quite irritated by the confinement :)
I hope we will continue to have good days for a long time yet :)
Shaolin Megat is living up to his name.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Monday Musings on Community Cats

Tanaka: san sometimes go downstairs with her pink bag. It as many stinky goodness tins as I have inspected it furry carefully. I must say that the tins look furry much like ours. I hope san does not give them away to those offur cats that she sometimes smell of. She sometimes tells me about them and their homes.I do not fink I would like living there as I may not be able to have my...err..san's blankie and my little tiger toy. She says there is ...
 Putih (white). Yesterday, it was raining at dinner time but san saw her waiting fur dinner and she was furry glad. She ate a whole tin of tuna and chicken. san, why don't I get a whole tin? I usually get only half a tin! I dun fink that is fair at all.
 Putih also has a lot of places where she can walk. The neighbours are furry friendly to her which is good. She is older than me, at 7 years.
 san: These are two community cats that I feed at dinner. The black one is Jeffery Boy, who had a bad flu some time ago. The tabby is called Baby. She is only 1 year old but already  fat. This walkway is not usually crowded in the evening and Baby makes a great show of grooming after dinner here. In the pink bag are tinned catfood, dry food, water to fill in the cat bowls, water for squirting at hungry abandoned male cats  and of course to clean the plates, disposal bags for the opened tins, antiseptic and wet tissue to wipe the spaces where the cats eat and to wipe the cats as well. Usually we would try to feed the newly abandoned cats some feet away from the community cats.
 A close-up of Baby.
 She is truly a cat who trusts people and after dinner she would lie right in the middle of this walkway to laze about and groom.
 Another picture of what a darling she is. 
Hmm..too much talk especially on Monday!
san:  That is easy for you to say now Bujang. I remember the time when you were very little and wanted to say many things :)
Thanks to my nephew who had sent me this picture of Bujang when he first came to live with me - 9 years ago!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday

I bought the amigos some carpet squares from  Daiso this afternoon to stick to the carboard boxes. Now that Megat is up on these steps, I think it would be safer if we have these squares as he could fall and hurt himself. Bujang sometimes take these steps very quickly when he is playing as well. I only saw them this afternoon at EP and bought several. I think Bujang likes them alot as he has been up here eversince I stuck them to the steps.
 It has been raining on and off the whole day and the amigos nap quite alot. This amigo curled himself into a tight ball to escape from the cold. Its Easy Peasy Sunday after all.
 Megat wasted no time getting into the picture when he saw me taking pics of a sleeping Tanaka :) He is looking very sprightly here :) but has been vomitting once or twice this week. It could be hairballs and so I will be giving him the laxative, as recoomended by Dr Ly, again.
Ms Akira as usual was quick to get onto my lap when I came into her room. If only she is as brave with the boys. I have seen some episodes from Jackson Galaxy and am thinking of trying a few of his suggestions.

We could not do Easy Peasy Sunday without our late kitty Totoro. This was taken in 2007, when he was still brave about being outside. It is 5 weeks since he went to the bridge, on a Sunday as well. Sleep tight Totoro.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sleepy Saturday

I feel sleepy this morning. Its good that it is going to rain...
san, can you get this thing off me? Its cramping my style and taking up space.

Megat is becoming much more confident lately and this morning he actually climbed up all the green steps and actually nosed his way onto the top of Ms Akira's cage. This is the first time that he had ever done this. We are very pleased with his progress :) 

His confidence has grown so much that he would even try to tell Bujang who's BOSS. He would go up to Bujang and look at him in a very still way. Bujang then becomes a little disconcerted. Of course after that Megat walks away :) Maybe we will have a new Boss sometime.

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Gotcha Day Thursday

On the night of  Bujang's Gotcha Day (yesterday), our lilies bloomed:) We had waited for this lily to bloom for months! The fragrance was subtle and you need to be very near the flowers to smell it. It was a good celebration for us and him as well.
 Bujang got some treats with his dinner :) He doesn't get treats all the time but this time we thought he deserved the treats.
 He ate enthusiastically but not in is usual space!
 He wanted an extra special one ..waaay up in the air. I think its to prevent anyone else from wanting his treats :) We sang him a birthday song and told him we loved him and may he live a long and healthy life.
 That night, he sat close to me in bed. He hardly ever does this :)
 He even slept close to me :)) He is 9 years old.
 WHAT! He got treats? Will I get treats as well?
On your Gotcha Day, you can have treats with your dinner as well. 
In that case...zzzzzz
A closer shot of the flowers:)

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thursday Thots

I know the cat people say that my whiskers will be the same length my width (!!). Does this mean if I ask for more food, my whiskers will be sweeping the floor san? Btw, if I am nice to the little girl, do I get more food?

Will san (mommy) give me more food if I behave and be nice to the 'little girl' (Ms Akira) is the question he perpetually asks Fern, even at Reiki. But he is quite fussy in his food preferences and would make us open several tins sometimes before he would even eat. He does eat the renal kibble readily though but I have to source out for no-grain kibble soon as none of the cats in the house have renal problems. They all ate renal kibble because our kitty Totoro had renal failure due to oxalate crystals in his kidneys.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuesday Twosome

absolutely zzz~~~~~

I have always liked watching cats asleep. It reminds me that no matter  how terrible things are or can be, your home is always safe when there is a sleeping cat! Of course it also helps if Tuesday brings with it , some light rain and cool breezes.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Easy Peasy Sunday on Monday

Our Sunday went as usual. san told me she was glad and even though our bruffer Toro had gone to the bridge on a Sunday, we still had an Easy Peasy day. But as san's was busy with school work, she did not get a chance to post anything. I am also glad that she has given me this entry to write as I do not think I have ever written anything. However, ever since the Reiki, I am feeling much better and much more confident so I think I will do very well indeed. We begin with the morning ....


My sisfur Akira was hanging out with san in the bedroom. She is looking well and her fur is growing slowly but surely. She likes to walk around in here by herself. Btw san is asking for help from someone as far away as USA to help us to work on our team work. She just needs to make the appointment in the calendar. I will tell you more about it when it happens. We (or at least san is) looking forward to be more peaceful house for every one in it, especially Ms Akira.

 My other bruffers were just hanging out looking at birdies. I think Tanaka was trying hard to be like Bujang.

san brought Tanaka outside. He only walked for a short time these days. san said he was had a shock when he was looking out the window. Once some time ago, he saw some kids playing the fool along the corridor and so now he does not like going out for long.

 Bujang as usual inspected the bicycles. san said he simply loves these few with the broken wheels. I think he was trying to figure out the smells. I am sure the smells were different from home smells :)

 But Comot (ugly face), the upstairs and downstairs kitty followed him about still. Bujang was not pleased.

 He decided to sit it out and waited for Comot to leave. I asked san why his people gave him such a name. san said she does not know. Our names are not as rude for which I am glad.