Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Just Because

Bujang can finally get some much needed sleep and take time off from his mancat duties. Ms Akira is doing fine and was no worse for wear from her Sunday experience of being jumped at by Tanaka,  Tanaka is happy-go-lucky as always and  Megat finally got 'regular' yesterday.

Time Out. Phew~~~~
We are grateful for days like these, when everything and everyone is well.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Sunday experiment

     What was I looking at you ask?
Something good happened to me last Sunday. Here, I was looking at it right then Ok maybe 'it' is not the right word. This is the right word...
Akira! And she was also looking at me. Here we were together. 
It was the first time that we were together
Then when san told me to relax and leave my sisfur alone, I decided to wait it out. When san was not looking I tried to 
jump on her and she YELLED and growled at me. I was so surprised as before she would have tried to run away. This time she stood her ground!  san told me to leave her alone. Bujang tried to comfort her and Megat asked me what the matter was. 
Finally san decided to tie my leash to the computer room door and Akira decided to sit on top of the night cages. Then....
All was peaceful once more. I decided to relax and we all stayed outside for half an hour like this. It was the first time that all offur us were outside together. I thought it was a good fing. I hope san does it again soon. It was furry exciting for all offur us and I fink it was the best fing that happened last Sunday. 

Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday on Monday

Yesterday all offur us went walking outside. This was furry special as san does not usually walk all offur us all in a row like this. I fink it was because my sisfur wanted to walk outside and she hardly ever wants to go out in the morning. She is more of a night kitty so san decided to give all offur us  a  treat. She is sometimes quite OK like that.
 Here my sisfur was showing off that she can also be furry brave in daylight...
 She sometimes bites the orchid. I dunno why that is as she has purrfectly good grass in the trays.
This is out usual pit -stop as all offur us like wheatgrass. If you're thinking the grass looks better than usual, it is. san decided that she would buy them instead of grow them as the hot season is here and all the grass that she had tried growing wilted and failed. So she called some wheatgrass experts and they brought the grass to us. She has to give the man special papers that she takes form her bag. She is trying to persuade me to eat the grass from the tray and it is slow-going as I like my grass in pots! san says "Tanaka, they're the same..." but I don't fink so.
 Yesterday I was the only one who walked the whole length of the corridor as I am BRAVE! My sisfur walked only a short distance before she got spooked by some kids and she ran home. This is me looking at my neighbour's garden.
 This is me inspecting our garden. I saw a fat lizard but he escaped! Too bad lizard. I know you're here so watch out!
 Then I waited for the laundry man to pick up our laundry. 
My bruffer likes these plants. He likes the smell of mint. 

All in all our Sunday morning was furry good. I have to fank my sisfur for asking to go for a walk but shhhhh...dun tell hur anyfing.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

 The three offur us spent some time outside but not........

Megat. In the first place my bruffer Megat does not like the outside, even in his harness. san tried to teach him several times but he kept running back onto the house. Anyway he has to go to the v-e-t!!
He is 3.6 kg!!! san was very happy as he managed to put on some weight. 2 weeks ago he was 3.56 kg. I know san was furry worried that he would lose even more weight but he managed to keep his weight stable. Now in a week he has to go to the hospital to meet Dr Ly and san wants him to at least put a little more weight for that. 

Another bit offur good news is that he is not constipated and does not have hard poo on his intestines. The v-e-t thinks this is because san had fed him by hand in the morning and sometimes at night and he eats a little of his kibble during the day. This morning he finished all of his night snack (all 20 gm) of it! So he might not have much poo as his body uses up all offur the food. He still has to take the duphalac effuryday to 'regulate ' himself. 

The v-e-t gave san 10 cyphroheptidene pills just on case he needs it. He is to take 2 mg if he doesn't eat his 2 meals in a day. The v-e-t said to give him the pill and to wait for an hour. Then san needs to give him some food after. 

All in all the Sunday was just right. We now leave you wif a pic of me cos good fings happened today but san will write about it anuffer time. 
       Have an easy Sunday from us. 

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Saturday Easy

Yes. I agree san. We are going to take it easy. I _will_ behave and not jump on Megat my bruffer. 
It's raining out and Megat is taking it easy. We didn't manage to go to the vet yesterday as it rained very hard here so we will go this Sunday. He is eating but not as much as last week but he still sits with everyone in the kitchen at breakfast and dinner. He is still a little thin though. 

Last night though he managed to eat half of his dinner by himself which is a good thing and this morning his kibble dish is empty. So he does have his ups and downs, which is ok as long as he continues eating. 
Megat taking a break and sleeping to the sound of rain outside. 

Friday, July 26, 2013


Relax and smell the roses! The weekend is here!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Just Because

san: Can I get you something else to eat Megat?
Megat: "Fish flakes and creamy rice pudding."
san: !!!

san: Now that you are better, what do you want us to say for you when you are not feeling as well?
Megat: It's OK, you're OK, you are doing so well.
san: :))))

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


Our supply of food came yesterday. This is just enough for the four of us and the 3 community cats downstairs for about 2 months. They have an equal share as the amigos share 11/2 cans for the 4 of them (twice a day) and the community cats eat 1 can each daily.

Since the amigos like Applaws' Chicken and Pumpkin and Ocean Fish, I have bought them a few cartons. They also like Fussie Cat Tuna and Salmon, and Aristo Cats' Chicken and Tuna and Whitefish as well.

These days of cos, Megat eats whatever he wants, like Friskies Tuna and Mackeral and Fancy Feast Tuna. These days, he also gets no-grain Instinct Lamb (this morning) and Chicken, no-grain Taste of the Wild (salmon and trout) and of cos the pure beef puree (recommended by Dr L) with Whiskers' Beef and Chicken gravy in the syringes. He does not eat no-grain food by himself so I give it to him 'by hand'.
 Hmmmm..I have so many more choices to refuse....lalalalala...
Thank goodness I don't have to put these away. It makes me tired just to think about it. I would rather...

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Just Because

Just anuffer Tuesday at our house. I am taking it easy. By the way no whiffle of the haze  this morning san. I checked. 

Monday, July 22, 2013

Oh No! Monday....

 I am staying here as long as I can today.
Its better to have  a hide-out Akira. The haze may come back tomorrow. The fires in Sumatra are still burning fiercely and the wind may not be in our favour tomorrow.  Its time to close our windows and doors again and no more walks outside.
                 And an update
Megat is feeling easy after his morning 12 ml of puréed beef and gravy. He did eat some tuna on his own but not enough to keep up his strength although he sleeps most of the time. He is not as bony as before but we will be going to see Dr Ly this Thursday and we will know more of what to do. I has given him 1.5 ml of duphalac and even that is too much. I am trying various combinations as sometimes I give him 2 and there will be hardly any poo at all. 

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

               Extra pink paw pads...
    It can only be Tanaka on Easy Peasy         Sunday. 

I chanced upon a picture of him that I had posted on the Cat Welfare Website 6 years ago when we thought he would be better off in a home without so many cats. 
Here he was looking all cute and shy!!!
Here he is now looking satisfied with where he is and dreaming up shenanigans. 
You should have stuck to your guns san. 
            Have a good Sunday 
          Yup. An Easy Peasy one. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Saturday Easy

I am getting better. Thanks for all the purrayers and good thoughts that you have sent our way. I feel better and am eating more as well. 

Okay so maybe in the mornings I still have some trouble eating but san feeds me with the syringes.  She said the food was all good - no grain from Taste of the Wild. It's salmon and chicken. 
It has a picture of a BIG CAT. san says puma. I dunno. But san says I need to eat so I can have BIG CAT energy. She warms it a little and puts the food through a sieve mixed with a little Whiskers beef and chicken gravy. I usually finish all the food.But  during the day I do eat my renal kibble- a little at a time as is my wont. 

I am still a little thin and I vocalise much more. I have some up and down days still but san has accepted this as I am already 17 years old and am sometimes unsteady on my feet. We both look forward to more up days that we know will come in the future. 

Anyway san and I and all of us here are very pleased and we want to thank all you guys once again for helping us through this time. We know it would only get better. After all I did chase my sister yesterday. Although san was not pleased, she said she was glad I have the energy to do even that. 
            Ok san. It's time for a nap. 
Yup. We are all glad especially me as I plan to ambush wif him some time soon. I am making plans. 

Friday, July 19, 2013


 Even our orchids are blooming quite well. Its good to see them on Fridays. We think of restful weekends.
 Its already TGIF day? Marvellous..more lazing about on grandma's bed.
 Just another day for me but I plan a great cleanathon this weekend
 Grass! More food! Running after my bruffer Megat! Wheeeee....