Monday, July 29, 2013

Sunday on Monday

Yesterday all offur us went walking outside. This was furry special as san does not usually walk all offur us all in a row like this. I fink it was because my sisfur wanted to walk outside and she hardly ever wants to go out in the morning. She is more of a night kitty so san decided to give all offur us  a  treat. She is sometimes quite OK like that.
 Here my sisfur was showing off that she can also be furry brave in daylight...
 She sometimes bites the orchid. I dunno why that is as she has purrfectly good grass in the trays.
This is out usual pit -stop as all offur us like wheatgrass. If you're thinking the grass looks better than usual, it is. san decided that she would buy them instead of grow them as the hot season is here and all the grass that she had tried growing wilted and failed. So she called some wheatgrass experts and they brought the grass to us. She has to give the man special papers that she takes form her bag. She is trying to persuade me to eat the grass from the tray and it is slow-going as I like my grass in pots! san says "Tanaka, they're the same..." but I don't fink so.
 Yesterday I was the only one who walked the whole length of the corridor as I am BRAVE! My sisfur walked only a short distance before she got spooked by some kids and she ran home. This is me looking at my neighbour's garden.
 This is me inspecting our garden. I saw a fat lizard but he escaped! Too bad lizard. I know you're here so watch out!
 Then I waited for the laundry man to pick up our laundry. 
My bruffer likes these plants. He likes the smell of mint. 

All in all our Sunday morning was furry good. I have to fank my sisfur for asking to go for a walk but shhhhh...dun tell hur anyfing.


Katnip Lounge said...

How intrepid you all are! We see you all have nicely color-coordinated walking jackets. Nice!

Anonymous said...

100g of organically grown fresh wheat grass at NTUC is $2.50. I bought the grow-yr-own-wheatgrass set from organic shop but grass refused to grow tall. Just as well, easier to pick up a packet from supermart.

san said...

Ya. I tried that already but they don't eat that one at all. Even Bujang who loves grass takes a sniff if that and walks away these days. Tanaka refuses to eat it and Akura looks at me as though I am not well. But they all eat the wheat gras from KinYan.

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

It's good to be thankful to your sister for giving San such a good idea, Tanaka-Chan. And we're glad you all enjoyed your walks!

The Chans