Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just Do It Megat.

It was very good to see Megat eating is breakfast this morning, at 4.50 am. He was alert and waited patiently for me to serve his wet food. Last night after opening 4-5 cans, he finally decided that he would eat Friskies' mackerel and tuna. It was 7 years ago that he had eaten Friskies as I was told that it was not the best food to give cats, even community cats as it was sweet. But, for a kitty like Megat, any food he was willing to eat is the food I would give him.

So this morning he ate his Friskies' as well I was very glad that he also decided to eat some of what was on Bujang's plate, which was Applelaws chicken with pumpkin. Well, he licked the pumpkin and left the chicken. I told him I was glad that there was no need for force-feeding this morning. So he just had Vit B, C Caps and salbutamol. 

Last night we tried to give him the duphalac but he spat it all out. Cousin R reminded me that we could give him Laxatone instead which was we did, about 1.5 in of it. At about 9-nish I heard Megat yelling and growling away in his night cage. This is always a signal that he wants me to either clean his litter, clean his cage or clean him! Indeed Megat had done his business and there was poo in the litter. The not so good thing was the poo was soft. So 1.5 is too much for the guy. After a major clean-up, he rested for a bit with me and then I tucked him in for the night.

This morning I saw that he had eaten all of his 20g of kibble. HURRAH!

I had also given him a firm pep-talk as advised by cat_aunty. No more advice and soft talk. I told him that since we had both gone through so much together, it is only reasonable for him to make an effort to stay with me and at least make an effort to eat. I also said that if he did not try to eat I would have to bring him back to hospital where he would have to be on the drip! I spoke to him during his 35-min sang hwang lingzhi suppository sessions where I would have to cuddle him to allow for all of the sang hwang to be absorbed into his system. I just told him what is what and that we will always be with him whatever he decides to do. But I hope that he would eat so his body would be healthy :)) Then we had a cuddle and I sang him a song cos he needs to keep still for the sang hwang. I had also given him his 1/2 (2mg) cyproheptidene pill in a capsule after his dinner.

So its either the cypro (unlikely as it would take several days to kick in) or just a cat's nature to 'just do it' when it suits him. Whatever it is, I am glad that he ate his food as usual and had done his business. 

                             This is my favourite picture of Megat taken early this year.


Poppy Q said...

Be gentle on your little man. It is no fun being sick, and he is doing the best he can. I am glad he is eating and pooping, all good signs.

Julie and Poppy q

Anonymous said...

dear megat, please try your best!!! we are all thinking of yo. cat_aunty

ps: what is the diff between lactulose and laxatone?
ps2: what song did u sing?

Anonymous said...

Megat, eat well and be strong. :D

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

Well, sometimes you have to say things to the ones you love clearly. Megat knows how mush you love him and everything you have done for him, so e think he understood.

Applaws is one of the foods we eat regularly and the one with pumpkin is very popular!

The Chans

meowmeowmans said...

Glad to hear you're eating, Megat. Good job. We're glad you and Megat had that talk and some snuggle time, San. Surely he knows how much you love him, and he loves you back. Hugs to you both.