Sunday, March 30, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

This week we did a lot of just resting in the house as san had exams. But even so we had some fun with hide and seek, watching You Tube videos for cats and just hanging out. Our old helper left but we are getting used to our new one and she does things quietly which is the way we like it as we are not startled all the time especially Bujang who does not like new things and sudden noises. 
I was a furry good kitty and kept my promise of not disturbing my sisfur in the kitchen most times. Yesterday I felt that I deserved a break and went into the kitchen just to see what she was up to. I saw that san was watching TV and I knew I had to make my move quickly. My sisfur was not pleased that I tried to get onto the fridge wif her and she yelled and the two offur us jumped onto the dining table. I jumped onto the floor and was about to sping up when our new helper decided to get between us. San came into the kitchen and saw me on the kitchen floor and picked me up and put me in the computer room for time out. I was the there from 7.30 ish to 8 ish. San came in to speak to me about my behaviour and how she wanted me to leave my sisfur alone. After about an hour san opened the baby gates and told me I can get out into the living room if I wanted to. So I did and lay about with her. I do not know why my sisfur yelled so loudly though. I was just curious to know why she likes sitting on the fridge so much. 
This is me on the newly made bed. The stripes and my orange colour komplement each offur. I sat on the bed waiting for san to give me my night snack as I can't go wif her to the kitchen. Only Bujang is allowed to go wherever he wants and so he would usually follow san to the kitchen to see that san has put in the right snack fur effuryone. 
                         I wonder what goes on on Sunday with every one else?
                 I think just like in our house, people will be hanging out resting. 
                      Where is that orange pest, my so-called brother Tanaka?

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Saturday Easy

                         Yup. I will be spending Saturday just whapping the red cardinal. 
                                                                Trying to bite it
                                                         I suspect it's hiding under the iPad 
                 But I have yet to be able to see it under it. This red cardinal is pretty smart. 
                                            Other than that, we are taking it easy

Friday, March 28, 2014


 time to rest fur the weekend
     by the way, I am acktually NOT fat. san was a bad furtographer. I am only 4.2 kg and very slim.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Tanaka Thursday

Usually when san comes home at 5, we spend the time together in the bedroom as my sisfur Akira would ask to be outside. We spend this time together just chilling as if not, san and I might not have any time together on a daily basis. After this time I would usually have to go to the computer room until my sisfur decides to go to the kitchen. Only then would I be allowed out. However sometimes even when san opens the baby gates, I decide to stay inside the computer room. Since I am given a choice, I usually make my own decisions. What is good is sometimes I stay less than two hours in there before I can be outside. As long as I stay out of the kitchen, both Akira and I get to be outside more. As there are always people in the kitchen, Akira does not mind being there at all. 
                 Today I rewarded san with the picture of my handsome whiskers. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Wednesday Whispers

When san is away, I make sure I sleep on her spot. I don't see why I should sleep where I am told to (which is on the pillowcase). I am a CAT and I sleep wherever I want. Shhhhhh.....

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Tuesday Thots

Yesterday when san came home I asked to be let out, loudly. It was already 5 pm and I deserved some time out. Then I put my living room domination plan into action. My brother Tanaka was in the computer room but he sat close to the baby gates to look at me. So I sat in front of him (but a few feet away) and lay on the tiles. It was very cool to sit there but more to the point, I was telling my brother that I was not afraid of him. Then I walked in front of the gate and stared at him from the outside. I walked to the left and stopped by his gate. I think by now he should get the message and allow me equal time outside as well. Then we can share family time together.
Bujang was bored of the cat games and so I allowed him some cat videos from YouTube. This is one of his favourites. It shows some robins (?) eating nuts or grain. Bujang likes the *red one very much and would paw at the screen. He can sit here for more than 20 minutes just watching the birds. After 20 minutes, I would usually tell him its time for bed and he would rest quietly :)

*Thanks to Katnip Lounge cats' mom, the red bird is a North American Cardinal, a male 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Mood

                                     This morning - anxiety
                                                       This evening...

This morning Bujang was very anxious when he saw 2 big luggage bags by the door. He looked at me hard as though I was I was leaving him for good. I had to explain to him that our helper was leaving for home but I was only going to work and would be home in the evening. Immediately after I had explained this to him he sat by the window in his cradle and rested. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Easy Peasy Sunday

 Our lily has just flowered as well and so we thought we would give it pride of place. This week I had brought the boys out walking and so I thought its good to have them in the Sunday best pictures. Akira had spent the week inside the house hanging out in the cradle, under the pillow case and on top of the fridge. She wants to be outside longer and longer which means Tanaka has to be inside longer as well unless he leaves her alone in the kitchen, which he is learning to do. So this week the only time he had the harness on was when he went out walking and not when he was out with Akira in the house. We are all learning how best to do this but I am glad it's working out a little ( as of course he sometimes cannot help himself or forgets) even though it is very slow. 
The sunpuddles in the morning are not so hot. These puddles are pretty as they are always broken by the pattern of our corridor garden. 
Sunday morning brought the boys together. They were waiting for me to open the door so they could have breakfast but as long as they had to wait, they might as well wait by the window for the morning whiffle.  
Akira likes to look outside for the neighbour and of course for the inevitable morning rush. She is not afraid of these noises. She seems to welcome them and would rush to the door if she hears anything happening outside. 
                                "There are always things happening outside, san." 
Although we would love to have more rain, it warmed our hearts to see the sun glinting on our brothers. 

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Saturday Easy

This Saturday we are planning some easy things to do. We know that san has some last minute (as always) things to do for herself and us and she has a lunch date with her best friend. So it's an easy day for us.
I plan to sit by the window for the breeze. This is me in this morning but I can only hear some cars. So maybe I would just 
                                                have some naps instead. 
           I am panning to think up plots to take over our living room from my brother Tanaka. 
              First I will have somefing to drink. This is my favourite water fountain.     
   And then eat some more grass outside. It tastes much better than if san brings it inside  the house 
         We are planning an easy day today for the last weekend before san goes back to work. 

Friday, March 21, 2014


This is the last Friday before san goes back to work so we did many things in the morning. 
We went out looking at our corridor garden. The dry spell had encouraged the bougainvillea to flower 
I also looked closely at this plant. San said the woman who sold it to her said it's called 'mother-in-law's tongue. ' Since I do not have a mother-in-law I do not know why that is. Neither does san.
I spent the rest of the time looking at sunpuddles....
                                  .....and just hanging around with san...
There is nothing better than fresh grass eaten outside. Our grass came yesterday so this morning I had good grass. 
                                         Yes. If it's in a tray it belongs to me. 
Hmmmmmmm.  Also grooming in the cradle the first thing in the morning is one of the best things in my life. Of cos it can be better but for now, I'll take it. 
                                                        TGIF every one. 

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Thursday by the window

               Sleeping by the window is usually the best option these days.                
               Tanaka thinks so as well with Rainbow brother Megat's doggie standing guard.                      

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Bujang and the osteopath

Bujang was not certain at all if he liked being at Biopolis. The new space frightened him for a bit. 
                   But later on he felt quite ok and became curious about everything. 
We came earlier as we had to register him. Then I brought him to the back garden where it was cooler. 
By the time Adrian came to see him he was a little relaxed. I must say that he behaved very well indeed and did not even snarl at Adrian. It transpired that his spine was actually quite stressed and that was why he didn't like anyone touching his back. Adrian said later in life, he might have spinal arthritis but we would try to make sure that we do everything we can to help him out. After some more gentle manipulations and discussions with me about his life and what had happened to him, Adrian said he might have had some trauma earlier that had resulted in the stressed spine. I could not ignore this as he might have experienced some discomfort before when I sent him for grooming and he is a fierce cat so the groomers might have had to restrain him in a way. I do not know for sure if this had happend but I had not sent him for any more grooming sessions after the last one where his groomer had clipped his nail quick and had allowed it to bleed without telling me. That was many years ago. 

Anyway Adrian said that he would have to have further spinal help and I should bring him back in two weeks. For today, I should not bring him out nor allow others to overly stimulate him. He was to rest and sleep although if he wanted to play, I should let him. But whatever it is, it should be Bujang who had to make the choices. 

   An hour after we got back, Bujang made his choice to sit here, away from everyone and everything. 
                                        The doctor told me to rest san. 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Tuesday Toes and Treats

Bujang went to the vet this morning to have his nails trimmed. He was very upset because the vet had him under a towel. He growled and snarled. I don't think I would allow the vet to do this the next time as it upset him quite a lot. The last time we went to have his nails trimmed he was quite relaxed and they even managed to take blood. There was no towel then! I have to see what he would do tomorrow with Adrian and if he is quiet we would not have his nails trimmed. I thought it would be wiser to have his nails trimmed in case he decides to use them on Adrian tomorrow. 
I brought him downstairs today in this carrier with wheels as he needs to have a good vibe in it or else he would not want to get into it again for tomorrow for his osteopath appointment. 
It rained a little when we were downstairs so we sat together - him looking at the rain and me reading Taylor Mali aloud to him. It was a good quite interlude for the both of us. Actually it was a quiet treat and we need more of those. 
                            Sleeping away the afternoon by the window.