Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Let me tell you what I think san

 Let me tell you what I think san. Its time you pay attention.

I noticed lately that my cat Bujang has been bullying Tanaka and even Akira. I was puzzling as to why this was as he has never 'bullied' any of the cats before. He has always been quiet and would sometimes reprimand the kitties when they are too boisterous around him. These two weeks, he had bitten my arm twice and once he bit my ankle when I was brushing my teeth. He has been growling at Akira using a tone that I had never heard him use before and he had been looking at me pointedly every day when I came home from work. I had to use the Bully Remedy on him as well but will have to see if his behaviour changes during the course of this week. So I had to ask Michelle Childerley, the animal communicator to ask him a few questions about his behaviour and why. Although I have some suspicions as to why he is behaving in this puzzling way, it is also useful to know what he may be thinking about. He had asked Fern, our animal communicator friend during a Reiki session if he 'wasn't mummy's favourite cat anymore.'
1. Why is it important that you are my favourite?

Bujang said 'I was here first, recognition and loyalty.'
(This is true and I didn't tell Michelle this at all.)

2. What kind of attention do you want from me?

Bujang said 'Praise, enthusiasm, undivided 1 to 1 - not half and half.'

3. How do you think I should show you that I care for you?

Bujang said 'Appreciation. Like you are there, not somewhere else.'

4. Do you know for sure that I love you?

Bujang said 'Yes I do, pull you closer.'

5. Is it bad to love everyone equally?

Bujang said 'I am not doing anything wrong. I just need a bit more right now.'

6. Why are you upset with Akira and Tanaka?

Bujang said 'Pushing them away, jealous.'
(Fern also told me that he said Tanaka and Akira always have everything they want. But not him)

7. Do you know that I am trying to make sure they don't fight and so am trying to show both of them that they are both important?

Bujang said 'And it's taking my time.'

8. What advice can you give me about how I relate to both of them?

Bujang said 'Your actions have a big impact on them. Perseverance and determination.'

9. How should I relate to you?

Bujang said 'Consistently.' 'Competition, looking to hold a position of prestige.'

10. Is there something I should do for you that I have not yet done?

Bujang said 'No.' 'More undistracted time together.'

Michelle: I feel that he is now being a bit more demanding as he has been very patient with all the other cats. He now feels he can have more time with you.

san: I guess he told me!!


Eileen said...

Oh Bujang. I know that San thinks very highly of you! But it is always nice to have some one to one time. Meow, from Jessica

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock, Violette said...

We are sorry you are feeling a little out of sorts, Bujang. We know how much San loves you and we know she will do everything se can to make you feel happier.

The Chans

Everycat said...

Bujang, you couldn't have put it plainer if you tried. More Mummy time for Bujang!!