Saturday, March 01, 2014

Saturday Easy

We began Saturday walking outside but only along our corridor as the smell of smoke is still in the air. Tanaka has been coughing some of the time and so we took our walk early. 
Bujang watched us walking outside. He has not gone out for a week and is not looking pleased that Tanaka was outside. 
I am glad we found him a sunpuddle eventhough it's a sliver of one. He walked out for a bit but because it was Saturday there were a lot of banging noises. He was a little afraid and we went home quite soon. 
                     Bujang resting next to grandma and taking a Saturday Easy break. 
We also wanted to take a break to remember our rainbow brother Totoro whose Gotcha Day is today. 


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Everycat said...

This looks likes a very good Saturday. I like your corridor with all the plants to sniff and explore. Even a sliver of sun is better than no sun and of course a good nap is essential.

My Ape remembers Totoro, what a beautiful cat he was. I bet he still keeps an eye on you all

Mungo xx