Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday with Rezki

We have been trying to remind Rez that calmness and peace are good things to have in a family and he has been learning this quite well. He has taken to telling stories to the 2 boys which all of them enjoy. Yesterday he sat with both grandma and Cousin R.
Then he decided to give me some of his attention as well.

Fern about Rezki: He also said thank you for the ride (I brought all 4 of them out last Saturday morning). He's proud that you saw them all be nice and calm together. He said he talked to Tanaka again about his adventures in the old day. (I am glad he realises that he is in a better situation and its a different life that he has now). Bujang also enjoyed the story. SO I asked him to do this again as it bonds them togather. He said some parts that Poppy overheard him and she said he was exaggerating. 

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Tuesday, October 09, 2018


As usual on the 4 Oct this year, Fern helped us to reach Megat to ask him what has been happening. Last year, he told us that he was already on his way back (!!!) Woah! I thought it would take years to  do this (Totoro is still not sure where he will be any time soon). Last year, he showed Fern that he would be back as a black cat still although he was disappointed and a little sad that he would be back as a commcat. He gave a picture of him rustling around some bins. I was very disappointed and I remembered being quite upset as he had such a hard life and now he would still have hard life somewhere where I could not even help him. But I thought that I would ask again this year only to be told that I actually had him in my house and now he was somewhere else again.
and seems this is Megat in the guise of a cute black female kitty Ren. When we had Ren in our house for that one day, Fern told me that Ren may be Megat in spirit but I was not so sure. So I sent her to board at another place and had of course kept up with her activities and made sure that she is comfortable and safe where she was. It did surprise me when we first got her that she appeared from nowhere and there were no notices for a kitten where she was found and door to door searches brought nothing. Was it merely coincidence or fate that brought Ren to my cousin's door and for my cousin to be the one who found her?

I can only say that she is now adopted into a loving family with her own bff and she has grown into a lovely and very loving kitty. When she was a younger kitty, she was already giving the boarder nose kisses at every moment. Megat did also say some years ago that when he comes back he would come back as a healthy kitty so he would have a better life (although he did tell me that life with me was pretty special already). I am a little sad that he is not with me but I am happy that he is not alone and uncared for, living the life of a commcat. Megat also understoold from our communications previously that the house was kind of 'crowded' already.
Rezki: Yes Megat. It is my time now with san. You stay with your new family please.

ps. I know for some the idea of reincarnation may seem a little fat-fetched but it has given me some comfort nevertheless.

Monday, October 08, 2018

Monday Mood

Zzzzzzzz....and a soft breeze

Friday, October 05, 2018


Where is Rezki you may ask. He is in the study as both girls are outside and he may get in trouble if he steps out even for a bit.

Thursday, October 04, 2018

Just Because Bujang

Fern spoke to him last week and I told him we were changing the litter for him in the bedroom.  I have also opened the windows at night to get from fresh air.

Bujang: He says sleeping near the window to get some fresh air is nice. Its quite interesting to hear sounds from outside. He says changing the litter would help him with his sneezing. He is calm and optimistic. He has a message for you that 'We've got each other's back, everything will be fine.'

Wednesday, October 03, 2018

Of cat trees and such...

In the grand scheme of all things cat, I think I should be grateful that at least 2 1/2 cats are using this tree that I had commissioned specially for all 5. Rez sat here only twice! This was because their old tree was already about a decade old and unstable although the hanging basket was a great favourite. It was never empty for long. But as I was not able to get one in Singapore, I had commissioned The Cat People, to do this one for us. Of cos Bujang has not gone up and neither has Akira. Poppy sits here everyday at night looking at the twinkling lights from across the room and Tanaka sits here sometimes - but for a short while. 
This was the colourful hanging basket that Bujang simple loved and he would chase everyone, except Akira, out of it if he decided he wanted to sit in it.

Tuesday, October 02, 2018


Popps has become increasingly curious about the goings-on outside of the flat. We now have cat-safe 2 inch grills so we open the windows to allow for the breeze. So she also gets the breeze that flows through the house with all the attendant noise of people walking past, vendors bringing groceries and me ringing the bell. She usually meows to welcome me home when she sees me at the door and then she would immediately get down and go to the kitchen for a little snack of raw mackeral. She doesn't do this for anyone else though. She associates me with fish :)

These days she would watch amost of the people and would be curiously looking at them walking past. Before, she would just sleep on and she doesn't care about what happens outside of the flat.
She is also much more fond of Tanaka and they sometimes share the same space. In this pic, Ms Akira is under the table watching the both of them. Tanaka makes sure that when he is outside and Rez is about, that he stays close to his sisters as they would protect him and make sure he gets to sleep safely. Sometimes Popps would reprimand him if he has the zoomies as she finds it 'irritating' that he runs about the house. She has also taken to reprimanding Rez when he does the same. She told Fern last week that she feels more like 'family' these days. Also she knows that we have been trying to accommodate her preference for pine litter. Pine litter is dusty and as a result both Bujang and I keep sneezing for months and even Rez keeps itching because of the dust (we suspect). SO now she is trying to use another pine litter that is less dusty and she knows that we are using tofu litter in the bedroom. She doesn't like tofu as 'it smells funny' and would pee just outside the tofu litter box. But we told her that she has 2 other boxes with pine that she can use and please not to pee outside the tofu litter box. She says that she will 'try'. Hmmmm. 

Monday, October 01, 2018

Lessons for my human 02

This was the result of some upsetting news that my cousin told me about a man from a neighbouring country who cut off both his cat's forelegs for stealing fish. It may be a hoax but it shocked me. I got to thinking about Rez and how hard he was trying to be 'good' and even if he is sometimes naughty I am glad he is with me safe and sound, getting naps and food and lovins.