Thursday, October 11, 2018

Thursday with Rezki

We have been trying to remind Rez that calmness and peace are good things to have in a family and he has been learning this quite well. He has taken to telling stories to the 2 boys which all of them enjoy. Yesterday he sat with both grandma and Cousin R.
Then he decided to give me some of his attention as well.

Fern about Rezki: He also said thank you for the ride (I brought all 4 of them out last Saturday morning). He's proud that you saw them all be nice and calm together. He said he talked to Tanaka again about his adventures in the old day. (I am glad he realises that he is in a better situation and its a different life that he has now). Bujang also enjoyed the story. SO I asked him to do this again as it bonds them togather. He said some parts that Poppy overheard him and she said he was exaggerating. 

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Kari said...

Sounds like the boys are bonding well. Maybe Rez will feel more included in the family. It’s always hard to be new guy.