Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hullo Wednesday

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Ms Akira going to sleep on a hot afternoon... Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday Thoughts

Bujang resting in the cool basket and looking at me taking his pic for today's post. I wonder what went on in his mind. He likes to sit here for the breeze but I am afraid that one day, the cradle will fall and what then? But until that day comes, I am always glad to see any one of them here.

Tuesday Notes

Its much cooler today san...

It was furry much better today. We had some rain and the we sat close to the open windows. Effurything was better. san told me she would write about the fight Bujang and I had. I dun fink its fair. Bujang is furry big and I am small. I am only 16 months you know. He is going to be 5 years old. I told san she should tell Bujang not to be so fierce but san said Bujang is the BOSS. Since when is he the BOSS offur me huh?

The Greatest Contender

*Bujang Bulat = Bujang, the round one...
It started quite calmly. Bujang was just playing the fool and sitting in this cube. He went in and out and round and round...then he sat and looked about him.

He then decided to get out and went straight for Tanaka, who was sitting quietly across him. He bent low and started to move sideways. I knew he was going to try to intimidate Tanaka into giving up his space. Maybe Bujang did not like the way Tanaka was looking at him and sprawling across the doorway. I don't really know what triggered him to behave this way.

"You are a horrible bully fat Bujang!"

"You deserve it for irritating me. I don't need a reason. I am THE BOSS!"

David and Goliath

Bujang throwing the gauntlet "I dare you to stare at me again!"Rocket Tanaka trying vainly to hide his face. He thought that if he doesn't see the giant, then he would be safe. "Oh dear, oh dear..."

But Rocket Tanaka realised that there was no way this thing would end prettily. He just had to face the giant....

And he did....try. Bujang was getting more and more tense and incensed...

Finally with his ears pulled low on his head he gave Rocket a sudden bite. Rocket sprang up and hid under the table. GAME OVER!

I can't help it...

I'm just sooo sleepy ...

After the little episode with Bujang, Tanaka decided that he needed some comfort. He looked for his faithful companion for some cuddles and fell asleep. Grandma said,"Look at that! We should all be so lucky. Put our heads on the pillow and fall asleep!" Grandma has been having a bout of insomnia and she felt a little jealous of Tanaka :)

Finally Tuesday

Bujang enjoying the cool evening....

The kitties and the beans had a good respite from the heat and humidity. It rained rather heavily this afternoon with some thunder. Grandma reported that the amigos ran helter-skelter when the thunder boomed. At least it will be cool for the rest of the evening and I hope, night.

Monday, April 27, 2009

My Say Monday

Today I am the official representative fur our house. san took this pikshur of me yesterday fur our usual amigos Sunday post but she didn't have time to blog. She had to do a lot offur work and so spent much offur the time grading her papers. Today she took some more pikshurs of me telling off Tanaka but she said she would post it later in the week. I fink she is being a lazy bean and no mistake about that!
Anyways today is furry furry hot and all offur us went to sleep most offur the time, even when san got home. She then had the air-con on and we had about one hour wif cool air on us. THAT was the best time. HURRAH!
san says I still look fat in this pikshur although I am a little slimmer. But I have not been walking fur some time as it is either raining or too hot but I am shure the weather will get better *cross toes* and we will be able to go fur walks again. I hope other kitties had a good Monday.
By the way I told san that our catster pikshurs need updating. san has put up recent pikshurs of all offus us and they look much better. After all I am going to be 5 years old and Toro and Ms Akira are both 4. Rocket Tanaka is all of 16 months and I fink Megat will be about 13 years old. Too old for kid pikshurs :)

Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Cheer

Bujang was a little wary of downstairs after many weeks of not going for walks...

But once out, he made a beeline for this old trolley...

Nothing like a good sniff to get the bones going...

He also walked among the plants and played hide and seek...

We did not stay long as he went into his carrier twice during this trip. Once when he heard an old man dragging his slippers and another, when a student ran past us. After he walked about for 30 minutes, he decided to go into his carrier and sat to rest. I took this to mean that he did not want to walk about much and so we went home. 30 minutes for a first time out after 3 weeks is good to begin with :)Posted by Picasa

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday meditations

Sunday afternoons seem very long san....

The neighbourhood is vry needs shaking up...

ROAR!!!!!Posted by Picasa

Saturday Night to Sunday Morning

The 2 boys in their favourite roosts at night...

Bujang has taken a shine to this seat and sleeps in it throughout the night. It is big enough to accomodate his size and the fleece keeps him warm. Now that we had positioned it in a different space, it does not rock and roll every time a kitty steps in. Although Toro and Tanaka have no trouble with the shaking and rolling, Bujang is not so brave. He prefers certain ground :)

Toro sleeps on his blanket all night although of course he wakes up to go to the loo. He has explored the whole room for a new place (now that Bujang has taken to sleeping in the seat) but decided that the bed is the best place for him.

Sunday Morning

All is pretty much the same in our house :)

Bujang in the seat...

Tanaka in his favourite seat by the curtain...

Toro in his shell :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Saturday bytes

Huh? More work..I dun fink so san...


Tanaka decided that housework was much too difficult this morning. I decided to clean the bins, vacuum and clean up the corridor of fairy lights from last year. I also decided to put his blue house outside just for a change of scene. I am glad he decided to use it again. :)

Housework? No thanks san. The breeze is much too nice ...

"Life is grand" award!

Ms Akira :Our friends tom_tama and sei_chan very kindly gave us our first award. YAY! Its called the "Life is Grand" Award. We are very happy and since there are five of us, we asked san to get our pikshurs and then follow the rules. The rules for accepting this award are simple:1. Give 5 reasons why you think life is grand.2. You hafta pass the award on to 5 more blogs. I dun fink san can send it to five cos she has not been good at keeping up wif our blog. But no fear. I am shure san will fink of somefing...

Ms Akira
1. I am the only girl in this house so I get all the best stuff.
2. I have one bruffer that I love - Bujang. He is BOSS so he is furry powerful.
3. I dun have to share my room wif the boys.
4. I get to sleep with grandma on her bed.
5. I get to eat all the salmon wif gravy that I want. san buys it just fur me :)

1. I live with san and grandma.
2. I dun have to live in the dingy carpark wif the cockroaches anymore.
3. I have my own bed and food dish and cup fur water.
4. I can sleep all I want, anywhere I want.
5. I get to go to the doctor when I am not well and dun have to worry about it.
1. I have one sisfur that I love and who loves me
2. I have fearsome nails that everyone is afraid of, even the vet
3. I get to boss everyone about
4. I get to go fur walks downstairs in my red harness
5. I have my own bed and can look out of the window every night

1. I get a nice haircut every three months so I dun get too hot and bothered
2. I get to run after Da Bird whenever I ask san fur it
3. I can persuade san to wake up furry early just by pawing and head-butting her face effury morning
4. I get my fur brushed effury night before I go to sleep
5. I get to sit in Bujang's bed in the morning and afternoon fur the breeze


1. I get to sleep on san's blanket effury night
2. I get to walk along the corridor wif my purple harness in the evening
3. I have many toys but I like my little ginger cat toy most of all
4. I can jump very high and catch Da Bird even before Toro gets it
5. I am furry handsome and many people tell me the same:)

We would like to pass this award to Spencer and Coco. We know you guys are furry busy though so dun sweat it :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Sitting by the window

The body...

The head...:)

The usual suspects on Sunday...

Tanaka likes to hide his head behind the curtain. Maybe its a security thing. This is one of his favourite places at any time of the day or night :) Posted by Picasa

Sunday Watch

Bujang on high alert...

Tanaka: What is it Bujang? I don't see anyfing....
Bujang: Its only Sunday. We're the usual Sunday watch don't you know?
Tanaka: Err..yup. Why are we doing the Sunday watch?

So that the rest of the kitties can sleep late :) Posted by Picasa