Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Just Because Akira

Akira resting on my bed with no fear. She is also asking to be outside more and last Sunday, even though Tanaka knew she was at the window, he was actually relaxed enough to leave her alone. She is also becoming much more confident and would roar at Tanaka if he comes ode to her room. Once she roared so loudly that even Popps ran off into the kitchen!

Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Mood

               What with this?
   Ok. I can see much better from here. 
     But it's not all that interesting san!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

San thinks I should do the Sunday thanks. I thought that was a good idea as I have much to be thankful for. I went to see Adrian, my osteopath, yesterday and he was very pleased with my progress and said I only needed to see him in three months. I spent much of the day outside and actually rested on the bed with san. This is the first time in a very long time that I had done this and san was very pleased. 
We are all very well. San says especially for that we have to be thankful. My brother Bujang was not so lucky as me as he still has to see Adrian next month. Adrian says his body was stressed and so his back ache will get worse if nothing is done. San was supposed to touch his back gently everyday to desensitize him to being touched there so when Adrian needs to massage him there, he won't be overly upset. San promised to try to do that and had spoken with the family as well. 

On a sadder note, today is the State Funeral for Mr Lee. We will all stay in to watch it on tv as san has to explain the procession to grandma. 

Friday, March 27, 2015


        It's sun puddle time on TGIF

Even though we didn't do anything energetic this week (we are cats after all), it was a very busy week for all Singaporeans. They went to pay their last respects to our late Prime Minister Mr Lee, 24 hours a day and all public transport ran for 24 hours as well. We think this will be the case until Sunday morning. 

San is very glad it TGIF and so are we.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Tanaka Thursday

Last night I decided to give my bruffer my laser eye. He was much affected by it and he had to close his eyes for fear of being hurt. Then de turned to me and tried to give me his laser eye. I was furry smart and kept my eyes closed. Haha Bujang!

Monday, March 23, 2015

Goodbye Mr Lee. Fly High!

We are very sad to have to say farewell to our 1st Prime Minister Mr Lee Kuan Yew who died this morning at aged 91. He was a tough man who brought us to where we are today. 

Grandma was very sad too as she saw the fight for independence from the British and she also experienced war with the Japanese. She admired Mr Lee more than any of our other prime ministers,   "He spoke Malay better than any one of them".

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

This morning san told me that I should do the SUNDAY thanks. That is why my pikshur is right on top offur the word Family. I have much to be thankful fur and not so thankful fur as well. First, I wish to thank effuryone who comes to see us and who have become our good friends. 

I am thankful that eventhough my bruffer can be a bully, he is also furry generous and let's me sit on the bed these days. We play and run and jump all over the bed before we rest. Before, he used to chase me off at night  he finks he is king but now he is more mellow and allow me on it, sometimes he only gives me a few slaps first. When san asks him why he did it, he said that I was rude and needed to be disciplined!! Hmmm maybe he is not telling Fern the truth. I am _always_well-behaved. 

I do not know what I should be thankful fur about my sisfur Akira though. She has grown much more confident and is now not so afraid of me. Oh yeah san says that I should thank her for teaching me to be a good bruffer myself. Okie then. Thank you Akira. I am a little more thoughtful of her and do not chase her (only when san is supervising). But now I listen to san when she says 'Tanaka' in her teacher voice. I had better listen or else I would get time out. But I can now sit and look at her from far away and sometimes nap when she is outside as well. I am thankful for that - for being able to sit still and allow others more space. 
I do not give thanks for this sisfur Popps. She is fierce and wants to take up all offur my space. Here I was sitting peacefully and she came and sat behind the bag. Then she growled at me several times.  I did not move as I was just sitting and not minding her but she got more angry. San then said that I should move if I do not want to be flattened or worse. So she came to me and said 'Tanaka, please move away' and told me she would give me treats. So I did and got four Friskies which are my favourite so I didn't mind moving. But she should take more care of other people's space as well. 
I am thankful I got to spend time outside just lazing around wif my bruffer yesterday. It was breezy and restful. 
So there. I have finished the Sunday thanks. This pikshur was a selfie taken by san last Wednesday. I usually sit wif san on the bed in the afternoons as it is hot and sometimes san has the ac on or if not we have the fan. We sit together and chat about our day. I tell her about Popps and she tells me about school and then we have a nap or rather san reads a book and I have a nap. I thank san for our good times together and I hope we will have more of this together- time, which is my time wif san. My bruffer's together time wif san is going for walks downstairs and along the corridor and Akira's time wif San is sitting on her lap at night, sometimes for many hours. Popps's time wif San is not yet as she does not allow anyone to be near her at all. 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Saturday Easy

Today san thought that we should just hang out and show what we like to do best, which is just hanging out. We spent some time along our corridor with san and she took some pics of us just doing our thing. Popps did not join us as she does not like being in her harness and san is very strict about this rule. I always say that being with family is the best thing but alone-time while with family is better. I am older now and need my alone-time. 

Friday, March 20, 2015


On TGIF day we thought we would post a series of pictures that san took this week of Popps rolling about in the middle of the room. If it's one of us, it would not be so special but this was the first time san has seen Popps doing this. Usually there would be more people in the living room but then, there was only san and Tanaka. 

Popps usually do not go out into this space preferring the safety of her red bed, the scratcher near the cat seat or her toy basket, all away from the people and the other cats in the house. 

But she was there only for a minute or less before she decided enough was enough and went back to the front door. But for san it was very exciting. 

When she was rolling about like that or in the kitchen, I got to sleep on grandma's bed. I thought THAT should be the focus of this entry but san is a funny person and does not see what is important and what is not ...so important. Sheesh! That was just rolling about!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Wednesday Whispers

Today every one had their share of peace and quiet. 
           We are on time share.

 Bujang uses this much more than Popps. He needs it to rest away from every one it seems. 
Only Tanaka went to see Adrian today. He is well and flexible. Adrian tried to help him with his kidneys as well. He behaved very well with Adrian. 
Take the white cat away please. I want to get out to play. 

Akira is still a little nervous of Popps. When Popps is about the living room she tries to be as inconspicuous as possible. I guess she has not forgotten Popps chasing her once or twice before. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Tanaka's Two Cents

You're off to work aren't you? I thought you're on a break san? Let me give you some advice. Come home quickly. 

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Mood

                                            Relaxing on my blue blanket
                         Yes. I know it belongs to Tanaka. But now it's mine. 
                             Thank goodness I can have my blanket in peace. 
                                                       Life is good
                      I don't need a blanket. I have a swing near a window. 

Also today san is home. She says she needs to finish some work and will have to go to school tomorrow. We shall see if she completes her work by today though. Good luck san. It's Monday after all. 
Our last pic today is of Megat's orange flowering tree. This month there are more orange flowers. Sometimes we have more yellow. We can see it from inside our house which makes us smile as well. 

Sunday, March 15, 2015

Easy Peasy Sunday

Just like my sister Popps I too have many blankets. San tries to see if there are blankets that can give me a soft cushion for my back. I like this one as there is a lot of space to lie on. 
The rest of the week was good and quiet.  My sister Popps has not made me angry anymore. San says she is clever and would turn her head away when I look at her or blink her eyes. San says these are good calming signals. I also tried yawning when I see her and san says that is also a good calming signal. So this week we are both playing it safe. I do try to go nearer to her but san always tells me to give her space. I guess san is right. 

Akira sometimes sits on my blanket. Actually she sits inside the blanket but I don't mind as long as she gives it back when I want it. 

This morning Tanaka sat under this blanket as well. I don't know why they all like the blanket. They should get their own! 

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Saturday Easy

Enjoying the morning sun with my rainbow brothers. 
Our jasmine plant cheered us up with her pretty flowers. San bought this plant the day before Totoro passed. It's blooms brings us a lot of joy. 
Then I decided to take a walk. After all it's Saturday. 
My sister Popps was just lazing about on grandma's bed. She has not tried to get closer to me since the last time we had a scuffle. 
      Popps resting on her pink blanket. 
Tanaka was just getting some sun as well at the window. 
Akira was actually in her room napping but san says we should post her pic from last week so all of us are in the post. 

Friday, March 13, 2015


               Peace and Quiet

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

The calm before the storm

 Bujang and Popps in relative calm. 

This used to belong to Bujang. He loved the peace and quiet of grandma's room and her small and tidy bed. 
        This used to be my space
Now of cos Popps rests here. He has not protested as yet. He very patiently has given up many of his spaces and now feels the stress of not having a space of his own. 
 He doesn't sit much here at all. 
I do not know if his back hurts him when he sits here so it's taken over by
             And his long time obsession
He told Fern last Sunday and he now tries to leave the cats alone as he wants time to himself and to spend time doing things with me. He wants peace and quiet. 

Yesterday, I think he got really fed up with Popps who refused to allow him into the kitchen for dinner and later  they got into a little fight. There was yelling, screaming and Popps 's fur flew all over grandma's room. They both got time out and I got bitten by Bujang on the foot as well. 

He did not make noise to get out from the room as he knew he was in trouble and Popps stayed in her cage the whole time they were on time out. 

Yesterday they both had a session with Craig, a reiki master who is also trying to help Bujang with his back problems. 

Bujang had this to say:
"He said he had enough of Poppy encroaching on his space and pushing the boundaries. He resented this as she is 'nice' but keeps pushing closer and closer."
Bujang spent half of the night sitting close to me and grooming on my blanket. He has not sat this close to me for a long long long time. Cat_aunty said he was sorry for biting my foot and losing his temper with me. He did not even yell the whole of last night and after this, he went to sleep on his fav new sleeping place - the upside down chair. 
Miss Bossy Boots has only this to say
"She called Bujang a bully but quickly retracted this and admitted that she did try to get too close". 

I hope these 2 would make up or at least give each other space.