Friday, January 29, 2016


             Finally ...some rest ....
I am NOT amused! We thought it's time we try a collar with a larger circumference but could only get this one. It's a dog collar. So she has a medium one behind it as the neck circumference was too big for her. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Monday Mood

BB is safely at boarding last night. I was just thankful that we managed to help him and he was safe with us. The amigos were rather rattled yesterday as BB did not stop meowing until about 7 pm. After that he decided that he should get some food in his system and some rest. 

The vet put him in this buster collar which made him unhappy as he was not able to move around easily. So I asked Popps to lend him hers. Popps was quite relaxed when she sat with him in the kitchen while he was in the bathroom. So I knew she may not mind it much. 
Popp's in the same soft e-collar

Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Thots

I am not yet in an Easy Peasy Sunday mood yet.  Last night San brought a cat up from downstairs. She told me she was bringing the cat to the vet today to remove pus from another cat fight. I will see if she brings the cat home from the vet again. Hmmmm....
This is the kitty. This is the second time he was in a fight. 
The cat that was rolling on the floor is Heine. He works at the vet. He was trying to make the comm cat feel better San said. 
San also saw some beautiful flowers on sale for Chinese New Year. 
Some very bright decorations for the Year of the Monkey sold at the market. 
This is san's favorite Chinese myth - Journey to the West. Some people from China are selling these figurines at the market. 

Friday, January 22, 2016


I really do not need the clownish effect no matter what San says about me needing a new collar. I am spending Friday here looking forlorn. 
               After my nap. 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday Whisperz

I sat with San and advised her on what she should wear for work. It's not often that I do this but I thought she needed the help. She should really get a new wardrobe. 

(Actually this was the first time in 11 years that he decided I needed company. I was very surprised when I saw him sitting quietly on the bed just watching me text)

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Tuesday Thots for all

As usual the amigos had Reiki on Sunday. Popps was very cheerful and we were glad she could joke about it as well. 

Poppy: She feels better and joked that her body feels lighter and can run faster now. [on 27 Dec 2015, she was 5.2 and one week after that she was 4.7 kg] She said has a bit of nausea sometimes but don't worry. I asked how she felt that B looked after her. She said he wanted to know if she was weak and he could chase her or not. But I know she appreciated him. 

Bujang: I thanked him for being caring to P. He said he must look after everyone but he was quite surprised that her symptoms lasted longer than he expected. He himself was ok and I praised him for being so brave and cooperative at the vet last week taking subq. He sighed.
Tanaka: He was cheerful when I spoke to him and sweet. He said you were caught up with Poppy's condition and he was concerned. He hoped P didn't get worse as he quite likes P still even though they haven't been close. 
Akira: She was fine and peaceful. Felt like resting and relaxing. She said things come back to normal at home and that's good.

As usual we thank Fern for helping them through this and also to remind me that the amigos are such funny cats.

Monday, January 18, 2016

Run Free and Fly High Spence

This morning we say goodbye to a grand kitty Spencer who died in her sleep. She was 16 years old.  Our hearts go to cat_aunty, barley, kiki and hat. 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Easy Peasy Sunday Thanks

It is not always that we get any of the amigos in one place. This was a rare occasion with almost everyone resting and being quiet. Popps had recovered from fever and she was making sure everything was in place. 
She is now eating and drinking by herself. So the whole house is feeling quite easy and we are all thankful thatvshebhas pulled though. She is re-discovering her routines. 
Bujang was a little out of sorts because Popps was unwell. But now he is able to relax as things are becoming more and more like before. He has been taking  his new TCM very well and yesterday we managed to give him about 200 ml of fluids. I think we will get the hang of it. We are still adjusting the sequence of what needs to be done for him in order for it to be easier on everyone. 
This we thought would be a good note to end our Sunday post. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Saturday Easy

We are pleased to report that as of last night Popps has officially been declared by family to be 'on the mend'. She ate all of her chicken dinner and some kibble. This morning she ate her breakfast and is now up and about. 

When her fever did not abate after the vet's injections I asked Dr Oh, her acupuncturist what else I can do to help her. He said that we needed to bring down her fever and gave me a Chinese recipe for this. 

Note that it is important to leave the skin on all these. 

1/2 a winter melon with seeds
A few sticks of sugar cane (sweetener)
2 slices of young ginger 
A pinch of cinnamon. 
Leave to boil over a small fire for 1 hour and give the clear liquid to the cat (or person). The cinnamon will bring the heat out and the ginger, being a pungent root will help. 

Since Popps was not drinking by herself I thought I should try this as she needed the fluids as well. It took 1.5 days for the fever to abate because I could not give her so much liquid since she had to be syringed. Of cos we also had to wipe her down to keep her cool frequently. 

She is now at her favorite seat by the window resting on Toro's soft toy. We are now resting pretty easy. 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Thursday for Popps

      Our healing affirmation for Popps 
We say this for Popps everyday and we tell her to say it as well. A healing affirmation will go a long way into healing her spirit as well as her body. We need to thank cat_aunty for sharing this with us. 
I brought Popps to the  vet again last Monday. The vet diagnosed fever and gave her injections for that as well as an anti-vomitting one. They did a blood test once again just to see if her kidneys were acting up. Her values for her kidneys on 27 Dec was 2.6, which was not good good, even after acupuncture. However, it quite shocked me that her second blood test showed that she was well within the range for kidneys! I asked the vet if there was something amiss about the 2 tests as it surprised me that the results can be so different! But the vet said that there was no mistake. She was also given 250 ml SubQ fluids. That night she showed some interest in her kibble and ate a few so we were all very encouraged. 

However, the next day her fever had not abated and she refused all food and drink and so I took her to her acupuncturist who confirmed that it was fever and that was the reason for her not wanting to eat. He was not surprised at her new readings and told me that sometimes in cats, particularly, the readings could be quite extreme. Of course she had done almost 6 months of acupuncture and TCM as well and these 2 could have improved her kidneys. But at the back of my mind, I wonder about the readings for the rest of the amigos as both Bujang and Tanaka showed increased values over 2.4.

This was Popps this morning. She has much improved and is no longer just lying on her side but is no walking about as usual. Last night she walked to the study with her tail up and this morning, she fought me when I tried to assist her in taking her morning feed. She has yet to want to eat and drink on her own though. I had also given her 500ml of SubQ fluids on Tuesday when she came home from acupuncture as the vet had advised us to do s if she still refuses to eat and drink on her own to minimise dehydration.

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Tuesday for Popps

I was thinking of asking if you will think good thoughts for me. I am a little under the weather from Sunday and had vomitted a few times. San brought me to the vet yesterday as I needed help in eating. The vet said I had fever and had given me something for both my fever and my vomitting. Today I will have to have the needle like my brother Bujang if I don't drink by myself as well. I am trying very hard. 

Saturday, January 09, 2016

Saturday Easy

Bujang prefers eating the long grass at the open space than the one in the pot. It is always a joy to see him so happy munching grass. 
Bujang hanging out with my niece's daughter taking their wefie. 
Popps wasn't so sure that it was a good idea. 
On a more anxious note , we managed to give Bujang his SubQ only twice. After that he decided he was not going to stay in the carrier at all and was certainly not going to stay around for the needle. We are waiting for a contraption that we saw on Tanya's CRF site - the EZ SubQ belt. Once it's here we will see if we can give him the SubQ at all. Instead these week we gave him some steamed mackerel with the fish fluids as well. There was not much fluid , certainly not 250 ml! But we are trying to include more and more fluids with the steamed fish. The vet said if we can put fluids in his food it would also be better than nothing. 
This is the original amount of fluids from one steamed mackerel. 
However to his credit he takes the new TCM very well. We mix it with some honey and then we walk with him while giving him the meds. Of course he gets treats afterwards which makes it worthwhile. 
We will post about the mysterious package soon. The amigos decided to take matters into their own hands by trying to bite through the box!

Friday, January 08, 2016


       In our house it looks like this ...
             Sitting on san's bed
   Hiding out in the cat canoe that San bought for the girls. 
    Resting on the couch and being quiet
        Going for rides in the park

It's the first Friday of the new year and we look forward to relaxing with San. She has been very busy this first week with school and don't have time to hang out with us much. 
   But today is a good day to rest San. 
 Finally we would like to wrap our love around  Jessica and Eileen. We are sorry not to have been at blogger for many days and had missed your comments. 

Friday, January 01, 2016

First post for 2016

After a short ride in the carrier he decided that a nap is best. 
Popps also went for ride which was considerably longer as the drizzle stopped. She quite enjoyed her ride and was calm throughout it all. 
Bujang braved the drizzle and ate some grass anyway. He walked quite a lot and watched the pigeons. 
B: Yes. I had a good munch as San was very slow at growing our wheatgrass. It was also very nice getting out of the house. I didn't mind the rain much. 
A: Have a joyful year everyone. No San has yet to open the package as all the other cats are just sleeping. But she will. 
I didn't walk or ride out to celebrate the new year as I don't like being outside.