Sunday, January 24, 2016

Sunday Thots

I am not yet in an Easy Peasy Sunday mood yet.  Last night San brought a cat up from downstairs. She told me she was bringing the cat to the vet today to remove pus from another cat fight. I will see if she brings the cat home from the vet again. Hmmmm....
This is the kitty. This is the second time he was in a fight. 
The cat that was rolling on the floor is Heine. He works at the vet. He was trying to make the comm cat feel better San said. 
San also saw some beautiful flowers on sale for Chinese New Year. 
Some very bright decorations for the Year of the Monkey sold at the market. 
This is san's favorite Chinese myth - Journey to the West. Some people from China are selling these figurines at the market. 


Anonymous said...

Bujang, you do worry a lot. Our family brought a ginger kitty to lance an abscess at the vet and he stayed after one week of cleaning at home. Dangerous situation ;) All the best to pus kitty and hope abscess heals well from inside out.

Kari said...

Please Bujang, show the great understanding and compassion we know is in your heart to this poor unfortunate kitty. Sometimes a cat does not fight because he wants to but rather because another cat attacks him and he must try to protect himself. This is much harder for an older or hungry cat. This poor kitty may not be a fighter by nature or may be to weak to defend himself well so he becomes injured frequenty.
In the great family of cats, you are all brothers. We know you will do your best to understand because you are a very honourable boy. We will pray for the injured kitty.