Sunday, May 29, 2011

Good Night Sunday

Let me help you make the bed san. Its time to sleep.
Okay. I like sleeping on your lap much better.

Sunday with Ms Akira

Ms Akira was very busy this Sunday. She came into th bedroom and decided she would like to take a look at her domain.

Ms Akira: Sunday looks good san . Everything is in its place. I am glad you kept Sunday beautiful.
Ooohhhh...birdies!!! Where are they?

The pigeons were sitting and cooing on the window ledge on a lower floor. They were very loud and Ms Akira was very excited. then the pigeons suddenly flew across our window as though they had some place else to go. I guess to a place with no cats :)

The question of the bath

san said I should blog about taking baths since I like them very much. A blogger asked san whether it was wise or even advisable for cats to be given baths. san told me she doesn't know the answer to the question but she said maybe we should just tell people why san made us take baths anyways so she told me to begin the tale.

I take baths because I like them. Every morning I would wait for san to finish giving Toro his meds and then she would have to give me a gentle wipe down. THAT is not a bath of course but I like to be cleaner than clean. san gave me baths from a long time ago when I first came to live here. Then I had fur that stuck to my skin and she could not clean all the dirt and dirty leaves and faeces away without hurting me. So the vet said she should clean me up with warm water and salt everyday until I got very clean. Then she gave me baths and till today, san bathes me once in 3 or 4 months only when we have to go and see Dr L. san says we must always put our best clothes on to see the vet :)
I take baths only after I had been to hospital to see the vet as san thinks I should not smell of medicines when I am in the house with the rest of my bruffers as they think I smell strange. But because I am a long-haired cat, san takes me to the groomer in about 2 or 3 months so the groomer can trim my fur shorter and so I would take a bath then too. Sometimes san takes me to the groomer to take a bath if I had an accident like the last time I had peed in my carrier on my way to the vet or when I had peed on the vet's table as he had poked me on the abdomen to check if my bladder was ok. san thinks a groomer could do a better job of cleaning me up then after my accidents. san also gave me baths after I stayed in the hospital for a week and after the vet took out my catheter as I she thought I would appreciate being very clean and smelling clean too. I do not mind taking baths and quite enjoy them.

I DO NOT like baths! NO WAY! I would bite anyone who tries to bathe me and they deserved it! I had not taken a bath for many many months - a whole year or maybe two! san brings me to the groomer as I would not let her or the vet trim my nails but san thinks I should have shorter nails as grandma is very old and she is afraid I might scratch her by accident. Also I take walks and like to roll about the drains and concrete so since I sometimes sleep with san on her bed, she thinks I should taike baths. san always wipes my feet after my walks though and if I roll about she would try to wipe me with some cat wipes but she thinks I should take baths although only once a year. I DO NOT like baths san!

I remember having only 3 baths in my 2 and some odd years. I took a bath when I was furry small as san did not know where I had been living and then when I threw up after running about with my bruffers a year ago. Then she gave me a bath in the sink with Cousin R's help but I got away before she could use the hair dryer to dry my fur..hahaha. I have not had a bath since as I do not go downstairs nor do I have to visit the hospital. san just wipes my feets when I go out along the corridor. I only go to the vet once a year for a check-up. No baths for me :) But I know Cosuin R and san are planning to give me a bath before my birthday in November. I am going to watch out fur that!

I have only had three baths in my life. Iam now 6 years old. I am a very clean cat and the only accidents that I have ever had was when I sometimes throw up after breakfast. Then san just cleans me up and I am okie. I live in my princess room and do not mix with the bad boys at all. I have my own things and do not go out for walks so I don't need baths :)

We hope this is enough information for the blogger who asked san about baths. san says to play it by ear or nose :) san does not think its cruel to give cats baths but cats are clean creatures by nature and all moms and dads should do what they think is right by their kitties :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What happened here?

Hmmm...Megat had a little accident last night after his meds and sang hwang. He managed to get 'rid' of his sang hwang soon after san put it in his b***. Then as san was inattentive (like many beans always are) he took a walk around her bedroom and on OUR new bed! Oh dear...we had little sang hwang deposits on the bed linen! Arghhhh...our new bed!
After san cleaned him up with warm water and salt as well as mango foam bath, he sat near the window to rest.
and groomed himself. san said he was just doing what a cat would do. He did not mean to drip sang hwang lingzhi all over our bed. san told grandma that she could wash the sheets many times but she only has one Megat! I think that meant san was not angry with Megat. _I_ would have told him off if he had done that to my favourite seat!

Megat was very tired after his bath and wipe down and went to sleep. Meanwhile san had to change the sheets. She found one with stars on it. I like stars myself.

Yes, there was only me on the bed as I got up first to smell the fresh sheets and I told san that it did not smell of sang hwang lingzhi at all from Megat's b***. Hahaha...

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Totoro Monday on Tuesday

I know I said I will NEFFER sleep on the futon...BUT
I fink san was lonely and needed me ...
to sit with her when she was doing her work. I had to help san. It was the only thing I could do. Of course her blanket looks very good on me a well :)

My name is Rocket (Tanaka)

I am not called Rocket for nuffing. You see me lazing about always BUT...
I am a hunter, by trade and by ink..inclinasion... inclination (i try to spell good)
I know who is behind the wall. Nuffing gets away from me. I am not called Rocket for nuffing!

I jump...

like lightning!

Of course I also like napping :)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

On My Watch

Now that I am on watch, everyone should be ok. I am good at watching and keeping quiet. No one will know that I am there...watching.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Vesak Day

On vesak day we had a few good walks...
Tanaka got into his harness and we walked the corridor as this is the place he likes walking in...

Its quiet and safe and he knows everyone here :)

Bujang was not pleased and kept meowing and so we went downstrairs for his walk...

He ignored the birds, having known that he could not catch them as they would fly off as soon as he gets anywhere near them..

He ate morning grass..

and heard a great noise...thump! thump!

The neighbours were 'picking' mangoes from the mango trees that lined our street :) It was early and no one was about so its everyone for himself. The birds had the rest of the mangoes and so we thought it was okie for the neighbours to have some as well :) After all the mangoes belonged to everyone:)

Monday, May 16, 2011

To bed! To bed! To bed!

Well I am certainly going to stay here for the whole week. After san put up the picture of our bedtime roost, some people came to take away my bed. san said the bed was not comfortable anymore as the slats broke. I told san she should get us a new bed- one with no slats! THAT is only reasonable but san is a human bean and as you know, human beans are sometimes not very smart. She needs me to give her advice.
This is our new futon but it is very low- right on the floor. I do not like sleeping on the floor. It is too close to the ground! Only the crazy orange cat likes it as you can see. He likes anything that one!The only good thing is that our new covers have pandas on them which makes it quite cheerful but I know pandas live in China and I am a Singapore cat! So I am waiting for our new bed to arrive next week. I will NOT sleep on the bed until then!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Goodnight Sunday

Just trying out a lap...
Going to sleep...


Just Because

Sunday Morning

This flower bloomed some time this week. I don't know what its called but on this Sunday morning, it looked really pretty.

Its going to be a slow Sunday..
The way we like it :)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Goodnight Saturday

Blogger behaved badly yesterday and our post disappeared and some of our commenst too. But we are taking such things in our stride. Saturday was quiet although san did some spring cleaning. We all did our bit to help her. I had to supervise the whole thing so now am rather tired. Its time to rest. We deserve it.

Thursday, May 12, 2011

Thursday in colour

Our miniature roost at night with the 3 boys and me :)

The 3 boys do not cramp me in bed thank goodness but they like sleeping in this fashion. Toro and Tanaka usually take turns on my blanket but Bujang would almost always sleep on the red bed. I bought the bed for Ms Akira but she hated it and so I thought the boys might like it and they did. But when Bujang decides to sleep on it, no one dares tell him to get off :)

I doodled abit this afternoon instead of grading scripts and decided to post this entry of our bedtime. The boys are very good about sleeping on the blankets and everyone would take their place after the Big BOSS.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Goodnight Wednesday

Hrumphhh....It has been far too long that I have not blogged. I seem to have lost the knack of casual conversation but I am sure you will not mind my long-windedness...just this once. I was pleased that instead of doing work, san spent some time with me. I like it a lot when we sit together at the computer table at night, when all the boys are in the room resting. It is quiet and safe. I am a quiet cat who likes quiet contemplation unless my things are moved unceremoniously and without my permission. Then I feel I have every right to tear the house down...and I do. But today everything is well.

Wednesday Surprise

I really dunno san. I was minding my own business. You said I should do that more often. I dunno how it happened...
These two boys were actually sitting together, on the same blanket and neither was on red alert...just a little wary but no boxing!

Hmmm...enjoy it while it lasts san. This would not happen again for sure...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Goodnight Tuesday


Just Because

Tuesday Fun

Megat: No thanks san. I have had enough of the outside. I think you should bring Bujang! He is right behind me. He spends his days S_L_E_E_P_I_N_G! He is too lazy for words! I am, as you can see, very busy guarding our water bowl. Its an important job you know!

Bujang: ZzzzzzZZZZzzzzz

san: Get up Bujang! Time to go!
So Bujang spent Tuesday evening outside. He inspected everything-the dried palm fronds,

the lazabout birdies...

the drains (you must always inspect the drains for mossies san...)

the drainage cover (oh..I need to see that all drains are covered tightly. I have 6 more to do san!)

WOAHHHHH..they are also good to rub against - warm and smells good!

san: OH NOOO!!! You just had a bath! Get off that you silly kitty!

Bujang: This san is very strict about these things! Doesn't she know I am the BOSS cat and we have important things to do?? Who else is going to take care of the neighbourhood?