Sunday, August 29, 2010

Easy Peasy Sunday

Me and my teddy bear...
The pigeons r us
Rest and relax...Sunday is all about napping...

Sunday in our house if just resting and eating and napping. That is the good life!

Just Because

Just resting...all day

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Pilling The Cat - A Saga for Some

This is our arsenal of meds for 2 cats - Toro and Megat.

The syringes are for Megat and it holds his sang hwang + colloidal silver combination in papaya. The 2 water syringes belong to both boys. I make sure that no pill gets stuck in Toro's throat by giving him some water afterwards. Megat also needs water to wash down the residue of his sang hwang + colliodal silver combination. He gets 5 drops of milk thistle in another syringe s it is too sour to be put with his lingzhi. SO I put that in another syringe with papaya. I asked the vets to see if putting meds in blended papaya for the long term was ok and they said it was harmless.

The fluids belong to Toro as well as the biotene. He gets fluids every alternate day and Megat gets his one day a week only.

Toro's pills - cranberry, azodyl, kidney activator, alutab and apo-k.

This is how I hold him for meds. He takes them easily and does not struggle too much. I can control him better if I sit him in front of me.

san: OK Toro. Open your mouth...Good boy!

After each pill, I need to smoothen his neck so the pill gets swallowed easily.
Then Cousin R holds him so I get get to his teeth and gums with the biotene. It is working as now his gums are no longer swollen.

Megat is not to be fooled when it comes to giving him his meds. It is always a game of hide and seek with him when it comes to this. He hates it and would hide. If he gets under the bed, then it would be a monumental task to get hm out again!

Megat knows it is time for meds or subq. He is on high alert.

Megat's pills - Cranberry, Asthma capsule and mushroom combination for him immune-system.

If Toro is the easiest at to pill, then Megat must be the most wily. I need to wrap him up securely in a towel. then he gets his sang hwang suppository. He hates this and would struggle and cry out even before it happens. As we were pilling Toro, we decided, after many years of feeding him all his meds in syringes, that we should try and pill him too. I was a little farid as the last time I did this was last year when he had to take his prednisolone. I had blue-black fingers where his vice-like mouth and clamped onto them.

This time he did not try to clamp his teeth on me but decided to trick me. SO we are very wary of him. Once when I had given him his pill, he pretended that he had swollowed it and made a loud gulping noise. Both Cousin R and I thought he had swallowed his pill and relaxed our grip. "POP!" it came out of his mouth like a firecracker! So now we are more aware and would watch that he had indeed swallowed everything by giving him some papaya which he likes a lot. :)

5 days a week for Megat and 7 days for Toro. I fear one of these days, either Cousin R or myself would have to be the ones who have to swollow some pills ourselves :)

Communty Cat Friday

PD taking a nap outside of M's house. He has become a very calm kitty and quite afraid of TK.
TK showing us who's BOSS. "ME!" TK seemed to say...
Grey Lady and Blackie the Plant Eater...
Blackie The Plant eater in all her magnificent glory!

The community cats at M's have been making their presence very much felt outside her house. They all have their own spaces and no one trespasses into someone else's territory. So they live quiet lives here, away from the gangster kitties who had fought with Putih. It seemed Putih used to visit M but because of TK, she does not come here for refuge anymore.

PD, the used-to-be gangster has now completely transformed into a very quiet kitty. When he came back from R's (where he was sent to be rehabilitated for 3 months) he was quiet and quite afraid of TK. He refused to sit outside M's flat but rather preferred his present location of hanging out at the side of her house. M worries that he may prove to be a nuisance to her neighbour and she had since spoken to the neighbours about PD, that they should tell her if PD should do the necessary outside of their house. If that happens she would clean it up for them, immediately. But the kitties have been behaving very well and doing the necessary downstairs.

M invited me up to see them in their special places. Everyone was sitting in their places quietly but TK, who was very dominant and has now become the BOSS kitty.

Just Because

3 Musketeers on Saturday

Toro: Look carefully at Saturday Megat. What do you see?
Megat: I dun see anything. I dun even smell anything you silly cat!
Tanaka: Its up in the sky Megat. Look!
Toro: Silly Tanaka! Never mind Megat. This is your first time. Rest and Relak lah...

I was quite amazed to see this scene this morning. It was quite a miracle to see Megat sitting quietly with Toro as these 2 guys are always batting each other about and Megat stalks up on him all the time. It was less than 5 minutes that they were at the door though but it was nice just the same.

Outside on Friday

Bujang immediately chomped on some grass when he was out ...
He looked like a hunter in tall grass :)
It was late afternoon so there was nothing to startle him, apart from some kids walking home from extra classes...
Of cos he could not resist laying low to sneak up on the pigeons...unsuccessfully...
Bujang quite enjoyed himself...

I brought Bujang out several times last week. He was quiet eager to be out of his carrier and showed no hesitation at stalking pigeons. Of cos he threw up on some of the grass that he ate as he had been eating wheatgrass at home. But we go out in short bursts so he does not get too hyped up as I have not brought him walk for some time lately. Next week we would go out for longer walks.

What now Putih?

Putih's face show her minor injuries...
Putih cleaning her face from the cleaning solution...
The wound on her face was superficial and we cleaned it up with some cleaning solution. It didn't hurt her. She then decided to rest and lie about on the pavement, with nary a care...

We had quite a big scare last Wednesday. Cousin R smsed me in the evening to tell me that M had rescued Putih from the rubbish dump. It seemed that there was blood on her face but M didn't get a chance to clean her up nor take care of the wound. I immediately called the vet to make an appointment, fearing the worst. But when she came to dinner, we saw that she had a minor wound which was nt deep, only on one spot on her face and she was just a little grubby. We cleaned her up and she didn't protest too much. Once we released her, she went into carefully cleaning her face and lay about on the pavement so we knew she was not hurt.

We suspect that she might have entered the dump when the cleaner opened it up. She was locked in accidentally in an adjoining room where the cleaner kept used furniture and the container for hell money. The cleaner informed M and they both immediately went to rescue her. We think she was locked in for a whole night as she didn't come to dinner on Tuesday. Thank goodness the cleaner knows M and he was kind enough to rescue Putih. She could have really hurt herself there too as it seems there was alot of furniture and other paraphenalia that could have fallen on her and hurt her!

But she was none the worse for the experience and I hope she has learnt from this lesson not to enter anymore dumpsters!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Its all a matter of faith

I realised that through all my trials and joys with FatBoy, this is essentially my mantra. Thanks to the blogger who owns this site. It has nothing to do with religion but rather a belief that I have - if I do whatever I can, then things would get better or at least improve. I have fears of course and they sometimes nag at me fiercely but I go on anyway.

I would like to thank all of you who had gone through this experience with me and given me advice and help. I really especially like to thank our cat sitter R, who gave him all his meds and took care of him every day when we could not. For the last short month of his life, he was safe, did not have to suffer through rain and hazards of a carpark life.

The vet assistant P was also very sad about his passing and the staff at our vet practice were all very kind and allowed me some time with FatBoy. The vet Dr L talked to me about the life of community cats and sat with us for a bit. I did not have to fill in numerous forms at the counter(like I had to do the last time for Callie) and for that I was very grateful.

Cousin R told the auntie about his passing and she was of course very sad. It was like a whole part of her history gone in a wisp. She had taken care of him eversince he was abandoned and felt his passing keenly. My only regret was that she was not able to see him even when we visited him at R's as she has trouble walking.

Thanks again to everyone. I really do not know what I would do when our next commuity cat gets renal failure. But I hope I would be able to do the same things, only better.

a note of interest:
Sister S told me last Saturday that she thought she saw FatBoy at the void deck but I told her that FatBoy was with R. She said the cat looked just like FatBoy, complete to his tail. She went to look at him and spoke to him and saw that the cat looked a little unwell. Then yesterday, one of the auntie's friends asked me if I had released Fatboy at the void deck and I had to tell her the sad news. She said she thought he looked very much like FatBoy. Of course I could not find this mysterious cat and I think maybe it belongs to someone in the block. Or as now we have a vacuum, another kitty had decided to take his place. But its weird just the same.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

RIP FatBoy

FatBoy died today at the vet at about 1130. I was with him when he died. I was just talking to DR L yesterday about the possibility of vaccinating him as I had found him a place at one of the shelters and vaccination was compulsory to admitting him there.

But this morning we had to bring him to the vet as he was very noisy, which was very strange behaviour. He said goodbye to me and then I brought him in to the vet when he died.

Good rest FatBoy! Hang out with your buddies and get fat in greener pastures.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

GoodNight Sunday

Sleepy Sunday

Toro spent this Sunday sleeping in mid morning...
Sleeping with grandma in the pm...
and then he slept again after dinner...

He has been a very good boy with his medication and eats his 5 pills easily. He is rather restless with his SubQ and refuses to sit still. Rather he is always on the move in the limited space that his carrier affords hm. He is eating well but he has vomitted twice last week. This week he managed to keep his food down.

His diet is 90% renal and 10% the wet food that the amigos eat. I usually just give him one teaspoon when he asks for it but he usually just takes a small bite or two before losing interest. He has also taken interest in the shadows and running about growling at well..nothing that I can see. I have also put a bowl of water next to the bed so he has water without having to look for it. He has also discovered Megat's bowl of water on the table and now drinks from it too.

Community Cat Sunday: Putih

Putih ran to dinner when she heard the key rings. I was very impressed as she did not limp at all.
Her leg has healed quite well. The fur is already growing back!
Putih: Must you really take _another_picture?
san: Yes! I am so glad to see you well.


It is really difficult to find a permanent place for FatBoy. I had called a few people, Mettacats included, but they were not able to take him in. I worry because August is almost up and R may not be able to extend his stay as she found it very difficult to cope with his medication. I totally understand her but that does not help FatBoy's situation. They have boarded up our carpark quite extensively and so that is no good for us.

Poor FatBoy may have nowhere to go but back to the carpark.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Take Care Putih

Taking a rest...

We released Putih yesterday. She has been with us for 7 days. We were supposed to release her last Sunday but I thought she could do with one more day where she didn't have to face the gangster cats that gave her the bites. However it threatened to rain and so we had no choice but to release her yesterday.

She was all ready to leave and was quiet when she saw the playground. Once released from the carrier, she sniffed the air a little and inspected her trees. Then with lightning speed, she jumped about and scratched her nails on her favourite tree and gambolled about.

She was really pleased to be out in her own territory again and we were pleased that she was well enough to be there. Cousn R called M, the caregiver at Putih's block to tell her of the release and to ask her to keep an eye out for the Little Miss :)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

How to be alone - video poem

I was reading a craft blog and came upon this marvellous poem. I thought I should post it here, and of course because of the black cat on the bed. The video is by filmaker, Andrea Dorfman, and poet/singer/songwriter, Tanya Davis.

It is truly an exquisite gift for anyone who wishes to take time out or just needs a break, like us in the amigo house :)

Cheery Tuesday


Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

all is well


This is Batman, the kitty that the practice feeds or at least P feeds everyday. He is fat and jolly and likes to play. He eats only IAMS Chicken :)

Hurrah for Totoro

After the vet...time to rest...

I am glad his indicators have all improved tremendously. His BUN is now 20 (well within normal levels) from 180 on 29/7 and his creatinine is 2.4 from 20 on 29/7. 2.4 is still high but still very good. His potassium is 4.7! So all is good for us and the doc said we could reduce the SubQ to alternate days instead of everyday. THAT is progress :) But his meds will still be the same for each and everyday.

He was hospitalized on 29/7. I remembered that day clearly when Dr T said "There is not much hope for your cat," and I had to bring him to hospital straightaway.

But I think along the way there will be some bad news but I am glad for now at least everything is fine.

Sunday Chores

I thot I would help san do some chores. She had to take down the curtains so they could go to the cleaners and then she could put them up again on Hari Raya. I thot this would be what a good kitty would do since yesterday...

san allowed me to hang out on her blankie. One good turn deserves another.

Easy Peasy Sunday

with grandma...

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Totoro at home

Up to his usual tricks...chasing after shadows and looking out for cracks in the ceiling...

Taking a break...

Toro has been very good at taking medication- his azodyl, alutab, apo-k, cranberry and kidney activator, not to mention 250 ml of fluids daily. Of cos he behaves better at th vet than with me. Just now, after G had given him his pills, he actually licked his lips as though it was tuna! I just get some spitting and scolding from His Highness.

Tomorrow he would get his blood test. It was supposed to be last Tuesday but other Wild Bunch emergencies got the better of us. I am hoping for better results or at least not worse.

Dr T told me that his kidney stones may dislodge and may obstruct his urethra!! In that case, his kidneys would get swollen. I asked him what signs I should look out for and was told that it would be vomitting and lack of appetite and of course less urine. I guess the journey will be rough for Totoro but now he is just a happy kitty running about as usual:) I am happy with that.

Hope Springs Eternal

FatBoy's latest numbers.

We were very surprised at the numbers that we saw from his blood test. There were very drastic. When I saw him last, I thought that there was nothing more that I could do for him and eventhough he may not feel any pain (but I do not know this to be true), he was still looking very sickly and he drooled a little. I thought it would be very selfish of me to want him to get well, when he was past getting well and I should do what was best for him.
FatBoy decided he would rather drink water from a cup than from a bowl. When he was at the catsitter, she gave him his water in a container much like this one.

Cousin R and I decided that we should give him a new collar and we cleaned him up a bit with warm water and salt solution. He protested but not to violently.

FatBoy waiting for R to pick him up again...He is 3.5 kg.

I want to thank everyone who had left their comments and advice for FatBoy. As his tests were good, the doc and I decided we should continue with the present arrangement for medication and subq. This test was taken 3 weeks rom his last one. So now he is back at R's with a bottle of Azodyl. Next week we should be able to get his Eprex since his PCV is 27% and the vet worries about his anemia.

He has 2 more weeks with R before I need to find him alternative accommodations. I asked R if she would consider looking after him for another month as I think it should improve his conditions somewhat or at least make sure his indicators are healthier. R said she would have to think about it first as it is a lot of hard work. THAT is true and I wouldn't blame her if she decides it s too much for her as she needs to make sure he gets subq and medication everyday. She did say that she would have to reconsider her fees. I told her that I expect no less and I would be willing to pay her whatever amount she thinks fit to take care of him for another month.

If not, I would have to see if there is another facility that would take him in plus give him medication. I do not know exactly where that would be.

This evening when I was feeding Minah, I saw that they had boarded up a part fo the carpark to remodel something. This means I would not be able to release him in the carpark as I would never be able to entice him to get out from under the cars to eat for even to do the subq.

But I still have hope that R would consider taking care of him for another month. Hope springs eternal in the human breast, says Alexander Pope, never mind the rest of the quote...