Sunday, August 01, 2010

FatBoy and Community Cat Visit

This is one of R's long term boarders. He is a community cat and his name is David . He won for himself 3rd place for Best cat at the cat show last Sunday. 30 cats actually competed for the prize. He is very friendly and would sit with you at a drop of a hat,
This kitty is also a community cat. He simply loves people and sat on mine and Cousin R's lap without any invite. he just walked up to us and sat on our laps :) He is all white and heavy and very beautiful.
FatBoy is looking much better. He is given only the renal kibble and R said he always gets excited when he sees wet food. We decided that probably it would be ok to give him a little wet food as a treat so he would be happier. he is cleaner and a little heavier but still thin. He pees a lot and drinks a lot like all kidney cats. R gave him his potassium pills neat. WOW!
PD is also very friendly and has learnt to socialise with others. R carried him about like a baby and he insisted on sitting on Cousin R's feet so we could take his pics :) He is very beautiful and R said if we bring him to the cat show, he could also win some medals as he is very friendly and calm :)

We tried to call the auntie t tell her of our visit but she could not be contacted. The auntie is very worried about FatBoy and one of her friends had frightened her telling her that R may not be feeding FatBoy a lot of food. We tried to tell the auntie that Fatboy would not eat a lot of kibble as it is more filling than wet food but she doesn't believe us. She thinks that R has been ill-treating FatBoy and the place may not be good. But I think if the cats look healthy and they are clean, friendly and happy, FatBoy and PD are in good hands!


Anonymous said...

Glad to hear Toro is improving. Looking forward to hear that he will be going home soon.

I remembered David at the cat show. He was a handsome boy.I was rooting for me. He has such distinguished face.


Anonymous said...

Sorry, but it's very typical of these old Chinese half-educated aunties to spread lies and half-truths, huh? Their so-called uni-educated but still speak broken engrish working in Shenton Way/posh offices with posh job titles grand-daughters also have the same type of rotten mouths.

BUT, good to hear about Toro's progress. My thoughts and prayers to Toro, you and everyone. Stay strong.

the letter b

Anonymous said...

PD is looking good :) Glad that FatBoy is better. These community cats do not ask for much-just a small area of safe environment, adequate food and a bit of tolerance from everyone. How can anyone not like these cuties ?