Wednesday, August 11, 2010

FatBoy Update

More than anything else I fear as to what will be the result of FatBoy's review tomorrow at the vet. His condition has become much worse and his ribs are showing very obviously. The growth hormone has not done much for him I fear. It was only  a fragile  chance that the vet offered us. The auntie who had taken care of him has not been contactable but I could not wait any longer.

I saw him at R's last Saturday. He knew me and said hello but after that he just sat down and was still for the remainder of our visit. We cleaned him up a bit and talked to him softly. He just stared into space. I knew then that I had to do what is right for him then.


KXBC said...

He looks pretty sick. Let's see the blood test results tomorrow before you decide again.

It is a blessing he has found love again at the end of his short life.

If it is any consolation to you, I was told that cats with renal failure don't feel sharp jabbing pains. It is more of a dull ache and generally just feeling poorly.

Anonymous said...

Sigh... so sorry you have to face such a dilemma. Its easy for us to say `do the right thing' but if we were in your shoes we'd be in a bind too. Our thoughts are with you and Fatboy.

Anonymous said...

Kidney patients have that kind of appearance. Someday they will look good, someday they will look poor. The condition makes them feel lethargy but it does not mean that their quality and presence of life is compromised. After experiencing many cats with this condition, I do know that they are not suffering from pain. Therefore I won;t carry out that decision.


Anonymous said...

FatBoy is a community cat. Towards the end of kidney cat's life, cat will not be able to eat and vomits if it does. When kidneys fail completely, it will not be able to pee. I have nursed 4 kidney cats till the end. I find i am letting them go days earlier than the very last hour (I drove one cat to a*** at 2am/another had blood transfusion 1day before i acknowledged that there was nothing to do but to let it go). Even if it is true that kidney cats are not "suffering" but life is not pleasant either. San, if you make a decision based on what is best for the cat not clouded by personal perferences-that is the right one. After all, what is one more week of poor quality life? Just my humble opinion. I feel 1% of your pain.