Monday, August 09, 2010

National Day

I dun care for parades. They are furry noisy...

No san. I don't see any parades...

No san. I don't smell anything either.

No san. I dun believe the black cat. I hear some rumbles...yes, even on top of the cupboard..

I dun really care fur parades. Wake me up when dinner is here.

The amigos are all well and thriving on Monday. It is a holiday which makes it the best kind of Monday :) Toro ate his meds this morning with little fuss and then had some Walthams kibble. he smelt the canned food that the rest was having but didn't eat any. Its going to be a bright evening and the National Day Parade should fine ...although I have not heard if there was going to be a parade at all. But grandma knows these things and she is eager to watch it on TV.


KXBC said...

I missed the early bits of the parade because I was running around getting a new litter box (they are so expensive!) and cat tree for the gang.

will catch the repeat telecast again this Sun.

Anonymous said...

If you require a good-sized box (toss away the lids), do try Toyo** at Bk 11, TP Industrial Park, Lor 8. $5-8. We need 15 boxes, they have to be reasonable, durable, room for cats' butts & 10L bag of litter. Lots of choices with diff L, B and Depth. This is value-for-money stuff not cute litter-boxes.