Monday, August 09, 2010

Medicating a cat

We managed to give him all 250 ml of his fluids in 2 sittings. He relaxed visibly when he felt the alcohol and then settled down. Then he decided to move about a little and I had to re-position the needle a little to the side. After the SubQ, he spat out 2 pills - the Kidney Activator and the Cranberry but we managed to persuade him to swallow them again. Then we gave him some water in case he had hidden any of the pills in his mouth :) It took about 20 minutes but we finally succeeded. He didn't even hide after that but decided to take a walk about like a hero.

But tomorrow he is going to the groomer so we could have a more even cut and then he would be off to the vet. I think he needed some more training sessions. I certainly need him to stop squirming about even in the carrier.


KXBC said...

The trick to making sure they don't spit out the pill is to push the pill down their throat. Using your fingers give you better feel and control than with a pill popper. But then you'll need a co-operative cat who will not bite.

Anyway, it will get easier once Toro understands what he needs to do twice daily.

Anonymous said...

KXBC is absolutely correct to say you need to push the pill right to the back of the throat (provided you retrieve yr fingers fast). The pill popper is not always suitable esp when you need to give quarter of a small tablet.