Saturday, August 28, 2010

Communty Cat Friday

PD taking a nap outside of M's house. He has become a very calm kitty and quite afraid of TK.
TK showing us who's BOSS. "ME!" TK seemed to say...
Grey Lady and Blackie the Plant Eater...
Blackie The Plant eater in all her magnificent glory!

The community cats at M's have been making their presence very much felt outside her house. They all have their own spaces and no one trespasses into someone else's territory. So they live quiet lives here, away from the gangster kitties who had fought with Putih. It seemed Putih used to visit M but because of TK, she does not come here for refuge anymore.

PD, the used-to-be gangster has now completely transformed into a very quiet kitty. When he came back from R's (where he was sent to be rehabilitated for 3 months) he was quiet and quite afraid of TK. He refused to sit outside M's flat but rather preferred his present location of hanging out at the side of her house. M worries that he may prove to be a nuisance to her neighbour and she had since spoken to the neighbours about PD, that they should tell her if PD should do the necessary outside of their house. If that happens she would clean it up for them, immediately. But the kitties have been behaving very well and doing the necessary downstairs.

M invited me up to see them in their special places. Everyone was sitting in their places quietly but TK, who was very dominant and has now become the BOSS kitty.

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