Monday, February 27, 2006

Of wounds and wounded pride

How good it is if you pray and things happen the way you wish it, without blood and tears. Yesterday I think things came to a head between Toro and Bujang regarding the wash basin. They have been chasing each other around the house, without a hiss. So I thought things were a little better although I know it's too soon to be better. Bujang has been sniffing Toro and Toro has been quite calm about being inspected thus. Toro has also explored sitting on Bujang's blanket and sleeping near him. Everything was going quite well until the WASHBASIN. A man or cat and his castle should never be parted! In the evening, I came home to find Bujang at the toilet door and Toro in the wash basin. What surprised me was that Toro was not sitting in it as much as trying to hide himself in it. Of course he only succeeded in creating a ruckus in the basin. Bujang on the other hand was trying to open his left eye. On closer inspection, I found that it was watery and I assume painful for poor Bujang. Since Bujang has always guarded his washbasin with his life, I assumed that he had lost this battle and was taking it quite philosophically. It was only me that was sad I think. I washed out his eye with saline solution and watched that it did not get worse. There was no redness or blood or pus, so I assumed that it was just one of those things. Am I wrong? The thing is, should I put anything else for him? This morning his usually bright round eye was half -closed but there was no discharge. My sister said I was just being a nut wanting to bring him to the vet as it was just a spat and advised that I just wash his eye and put eye-mo!! HUH! Can I do that?

Sunday, February 26, 2006

After the operation...

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Toro wondering what will happen if he sits on a spider. Posted by Picasa

Meal time carousel

Every meal in its place and everyone is at it except Bujang who is trying to see if he can just take a look at someone else's plate. Posted by Picasa

If we hide, he may not find us I

What do you mean I am trying to take over the world? I am just friendly believe me don't you...hmmm? Posted by Picasa

If we play pretend, maybe it will become real II

Akira and the Princess and the Pea concept. Yup, how can Toro-the-Terrible find me under a blanket and a bed? Plus the linen is good camouflage. Yesss...
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If we hide, he would not hurt us III

Bujang trying to pretend he is just a pile of blankets to escape detection from Toro-the-Terrible. Posted by Picasa

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Of strategems and old wounds

I thought today would be one of those lazy days where the day will be long and hazy. Toro was being his happy energetic self..hmm...not strictly true this. When Toro came to us, he spent most of the time sleeping. It worried me so much that I called my friend who had helped me adopt the cat to ask his previous owners if this is the usual behaviour. She confirmed that he spent almost 18 hours sleeping. After his op, he spent 1 day sleeping off most of the effects and from then on, he has been like a frisky kitten. He runs and romps about at the slightest excuse. I noticed this same thing with Bujang. Anyway he did this without incident and I had examined his nether parts for injury. It seemed fine. Today to my horror, he stood up and I saw spots of blood. BLOOD!!! My mind screamed. I promptly turned him over without much ceremony and scrutinised him. Yup, he had blood. So I cleaned him up and put him in his carrier to rest. Poor Toro meowed most dramatically to be let out. After 1 whole hour of cool down and time out, I let him out and was relieved to see there is no more bloodstains. My mother says it was all that running. So I guess she is right. I will have to confine him to his carrier everytime he runs about too much chasing Bujang.

He is now resting in the shower in the bathroom- a quiet place but I think a most strategic place. I noticed of late that he spent his time sprawling along the doorway to my bedroom, where the rascals like to be in, sprawling across the door to the bathroom where the fav litter bin is, sprawling across the main doorway where the rascals sometimes like to spread themselves. I think he is waging war. Bujang sometimes ignores his tactics but Akira seems rather frazzled by such terrorist actions :) although she does make her displeasure known sometimes by going to him and hissing at him.

I have just to wait and see which one becomes top cat finally and whether Toro's manipulations and strategems would bear fruit.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Those were the days

In times past, this would be the sight to see with Bujang and Akira - before the advent of Toro the acrobat or now Toro-the-Terrible. When I first saw them being friendly like this, it took my breath away as they were always in each other's faces. Bujang sometimes cowering in total fear and confusion as to what the Hun is up to next and Akira sometimes getting a slap from Bujang for being much too pushy. But sometimes things like this happen and all is well. It did take about 3 months for them to reach this level of togetherness :)

Now both Akira and Bujang seem to be in confusion as to what kind of creature had descended amongst them. Is it a cat or a prickly furry thingee? Now that Toro is neutered, his confidence seemed to have left him - He is no more the macho confident cat. He goes around bristling at the slightest noise and making his fur stand up therefore seeming to be bigger than he actually is. He runs wildly around the house making the 2 confused rascals look at him in total confusion not to mention surprise. I think poor Toro is just trying to get his mojo back. I don't think the three would be up to cuddling any time soon. The rascals have stayed clear of him and Toro has been trying to be friendly but I think he got his signals crossed.

I don't really expect them to like each other at all but I am looking forward to the time when they can tolerate each other and do some give and take. :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

In a daze

This is Toro just after his operation. The poor thing was resting in bed and looking quite forlorn. I had spent an anxious time just looking to see if he was feeling okie but of course that was just anxiety. Even in his state of grogginess, he made an effort to walk about unsteadily around the flat and made two trips to the litter box. He peed and even pooed there - neatly. I was glad he remembered his litter lessons.

I went to work but was worried still even though he looked quite good this morning. So came home immediately after and was glad to see him sleeping on the table. When he saw me, he immediately jumped off and greeted me at the door with Bujang with Akira coming a close third. Later he came to me to ask for a good scratch and put his head on my arm and fell alsleep. I had to move his head gently or else I would not be able to eat or drink or do work at all. :)) He is well on the road to recovery.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Fur Mites!!! Toro has fur mites the vet said. Now all the 3 amigos will have to undergo Revolution. Toro came out of surgery quite well but he looked really sick in his carrier. Then I brought him home and suddenly all that he wanted was to get out of it and jump onto bed. The rascals were very curious as to what was happening. One thing though. I am glad he remembered to pee in the litter. He did this in his own determied way. I am really proud of him. Then he took a walk and went around the whole house just to see that all was in place. He was rather groggy still and so after his inspection, he lay down to sleep. Poor Toro. It must have been quite a harrowing day.

Monday, February 20, 2006

The (last) days of being wild

Today I sent Toro to the vet at The Animal Hospital at Telok Kurau. I am quite relieved as the place is airy and big and very clean and comforting - for me I mean. But I thought if I was stressed out then Toro would be stressed out too. But as I had a good feeling about the new place, then Toro should do fine. When we were there there were two dogs - one a husky and the other of indeterminate breed but very cute with lots of curly hair. I heard her owner calling her MooMoo and that she found MooMoo along the street. Anyway MooMoo came to inspect Toro but he kept calm like the brave cat that he is. He just looked at her lazily through his carrier. I left him with the doc with his favourite toys - a woolen spider and a little ginger cat soft toy for company. The receptionist said that the operation would be for tomorrow at 2 pm and that I could take him home at about 6!!! She said they like to keep him until he is out of the anasthesia. I guess then that is best .

Here is Toro looking quite splendid and very macho. Tomorrow he would still look just as splendid, just not so 'out there' :)The rascals missed him when he was out. My mother told me Bujang spent quite some time looking for him from room to room, meowing loudly. Even Akira spent some time looking for Toro. When I came home without him Bujang was askance and came to smell my fingers. I guess it was to smell if I had been with Toro. We all miss the little guy and I thought I should blog this very important day in his life. :))
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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Letter from 3 cats to the HDB - if only we can send it in :(

Cats need a break! It's time to gather round and tell the HDB what we think. But San tells us that she can't send in any letter as she works for the Big G and so we told her we would write the letter in this here place. So after San saw that our spelling is correct, she said we could rant all we want. So here goes the letter (if we could send it) to the HDB. San told us the rant was too long but we begged her that if she allows it, we would let her sleep more.

We refer to the official reply titled "HDB won't allow cats in flats" by Mrs Foo-Ho Yoke Ming, Deputy Director (branch operations) Housing and Development Board.

We feel we have been much maligned. We have been accused of many transgressions and of making general disturbance in public areas and as a species, we have borne much of this in relative silence.

We have been accused of "shedding fur." Does not a dog (even if it's the right-sized canine for HDB flats) shed fur? Does a rabbit not shed fur? Does a hamster not shed fur. All these animals are allowed to live in flats and we are sure a lot of fur is shed by all. But we are sure that all responsible owners make sure that all shed fur (and sometimes unshed) are promptly vacuumed. By the way, what has shedding fur to do with anything Mrs Foo-Ho? Would not a responsible cat owner also vacuum their pet's shed fur? It is only reasonable to assume so.

We 'dirty public places'. This seems like a reasonable fear. But here again, we fail to see the fault as being exclusively ours. Children at unsupervised play also dirty public places. Adults do this sometimes. Why do you blame only us? Ahh..possibly you mean the assumption that we defecate where we please. Not so. We are clean creatures and defecate in designated places.-on grass and we cover all traces. That is instinct. However, irresponsible feeders sometimes seduce us with food on their corridors. It is sometimes impossible to prevent accidents from happening. But surely this is the problem of irresponsible feeders, and should not be put on our door.

'Cats are nomadic in nature and it is difficult to confine them to flats.' We beg to differ. Cats prefer routine, the well-trodden road. This makes us feel safe and secure. We have been known to lead very happy indoor lives with hardly a foot outdoors. We love the safety and warmth that a human can give us - warm food and even warmer affections. None of this can be had outdoors. Give us a chance.

Okay. So we sometimes make some noise but only if we are left unneutered . We live good and robust lives if left to ourselves but once we are neutered, we lead stable, temperate and very quiet lives. Sometimes you don't even know we're there. Won't responsible owners neuter their cats? Won't they keep their cats safe from harm? Won't they keep their balconies and windows grilled to keep their cats safe? All responsible pet owners, be they owners of dogs, rabbits , birds or hamsters will do all that they can to keep their pets safe. Surely Mrs Foo-Ho, you should speak to the people who keep animals and not blame the animals themselves. If we could find responsible owners who would do everything possible (and sometimes impossible) to keep their pets safe, surely you should allow cats in flats. We are just like any other animal and we expect our owners to be responsible for their actions to us and to all their neigbours.

We are not saying that the HDB is anti-cat. We are sure the officers are only doing their jobs but what we are asking is perhaps the HDB could re-examine its rules and regulations as to cat-ownership. We see human beings living in little boxes and have crowded lives. Surely it is not unreasonable to allow them their choice of pet and a choice of having a cat as a pet? The trouble is not with us but with human beings and their actions. If you have responsible pet ownership, then where is the trouble? The truth lies in education and information. If you allow dogs of regulation size, rabbits, hamsters and all other furry creatures (apart from wild life), surely you see that it is unreasonable to say that cats cannot make good pets. All these other animals are potential 'general disturrbance'. The reason you assume thay are not is because you have ruled them to be 'safe' and then had gone to ensure and enforce the rule. Surely it is time to include others in this circle.

Cats are small, clean and neat. We fit in the smallest crevice and are happy with catnip toys. We only need love and affection from responsible people and we would return it a thousand-fold. We only need a chance to show you this.

We remain
The 3 Amigos

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Toro's favourite resting place. It also effectively blocks the way into the bedroom. The rascals are just waiting to beat him up for this I'm sure. :)
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Hmmmm..maybe the floor would be a better place to rest and maybe sleep. At least the colour will not clash with my grey. San's bedsheet is too busy for my laid-back personality. Posted by Picasa
No thank you Akira. I plan to rest now.  Posted by Picasa
My profile. Yes I sometimes smile too. Posted by Picasa
and I am ... Posted by Picasa
I am a cat...and cats just are. Posted by Picasa

The many faces of Toro the acrobat

also called - I rest therefore I am Posted by Picasa

The stare down

Toro telling Bujang in no uncertain terms that he will not be bullied...again. Posted by Picasa

Showdown at the OK Corral - cat style

I've gotta get outta here fasttttt.... Posted by Picasa

A case of the grass being greener

While the 2 boys are pretending that nothing is happening, Akira decides to taste if water in Toro's dish would taste much better than in her dish.
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Cat and mouse..err another cat

Bujang watching Toro from 1000 feet away. Toro pretending that nothing is amiss.  Posted by Picasa

Sweet Surrender

Ahhh...nothing like doing the right thing. Toro making a brave 1st attempt at doing his business at the designated place. Even cats need rules sometimes:) I am glad to say that he has also learnt to cover his poo with sand. He first poos, then gets out of the bin, then comes in again. I'm sure the better to see how he can cover his business more efficiently. All this after watching Bujang and Akira covering up their business as well as his business. apart from a very sweet temper, he is also considerate. Haha.
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