Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Pet Stroller Excitement

The cat stroller that I ordered from USA arrived today. I was out so didn't receive it from the postman. But as soon as I got home, I saw it in the living room. One of my cats was sitting on the box. They always know if something belongs to them. But then I think they think everything belongs to them. :)
It needed some assembly and so I got into it almost immediately. It took me 30 minutes to puzzle out all the pictures and parts (thank god for the pictures) and like magic! it all came together quite nicely. My cats helped me quite alot with the fixing of the stroller and in no time they were doing quality control! They walked in cautiously, sniffing at everything and finally as a gesture of approval, they both sat in the carrier and then started to play "I'm King of the Castle". I'm glad they were not afraid of it at all but jumped right into action. I have to out up some pics soon just because it's so cute. My elbows have been hurting as I have been carrying Tux to the park in the hard carrier. Now I hope not to feel the sharp pains anymore and Tux can still go for walks at the park. My only worry is someone might steal the whole stroller while I am walking my cat! Hmmm...I think I have to dissemble the whole thing before I walk Tux. I guess I have to practise all that to get it down to 5 mins or less but it's worth it. Some people have the habit of carrying off other people's stuff just because it is left there unguarded and I don't think I can run after them with my cat on a leash.

Monday, December 26, 2005

NO TUNA for my cats! Oh nooo!

It seems tuna depletes cats of Vitamin E and they can get pain in their muscles and joints! Oh my god! I just read this at a cat site. My cats have been eating canned tuna for ages. Its the only thing they will eat. That's right! Tuna Addiction. I wonder how many other cats are eating tuna merrily and showing no complications nor pain. Its the oil in the tuna it seems. The recommendation is human grade tuna is okay for about 2 weeks. Its not okay for my Tux as when I gave it to him, his mouth was very dry and red. I noticed that after I gave him human-grade tuna in water for about 2 days. Tuna being top in the food chain, may also get more toxins from other fish and it has more salt. Salt translates to stones in the bladder. Hmmm. I also read that it also not okay to feed my cat with "Light" or "Lite" dry feed as it makes their stool hard. Maybe that is why the Tux drinks more water these days and yes the stools are hard and my calico also has the same problems (worse when she is not a drinker at all) The perils of dieting!! My god! What is safe for the cats now?

Sunday, December 25, 2005

No more weight gain!

Yup! That's what the vet said about my cat the Tux. "No more weight gain", while she checked his (very clean ) ears, his teeth, his bright eyes and seemingly calm temper. He weighed a whopping 6.33 kg! She admitted that he was a big cat and tough too. "Bigger than some dogs!" she cooed at him and took his temperature the errr..usual way. OUCH! I can feel his pain as he came closer to me, hiding his face under my arm. Poor thing! Maybe it was just embarrassment. She then gave him his shots and he immediately turned around and HISSED at her. Twice. WOAH! It was a good thing her hands were not anywhere on him and mine was just under his neck - well away from the very sharp teeth and the equally lethal claws. The vet assistant came with his carrier and we succeeded in gently coaxing the still hissing cat into it where he promptly calmed down. Well he had made his point quite clear. :)) Then he got sick for 2 days. and didn't eat anything much. I wonder if this would go into him losing weight. Not much possibly. I forgot to ask the vet how to put him on diet so went to the net and read up on diets and cats. It seemed there is little to be done except less food and more exercise. where is that toy Da Bird.... THAT toy works wonders on any cat and he loves it. So possibly it won't be such an uphill task after all...

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Fever Away

Today my calico's fever has finally broken. Actually it was yesterday at 11 pm exactly. She came down from her cat perch - her favourite one by the door and walked right up to me and said " Yreooowww" in her usual no-nonsence tone. That means "I would like some food please" as opposed to "YRREOOW" - for "Get up and get me some - like NOW!" She ate half of what was in her bowl. I was glad that she was well and she didn't have those swellings of the face that the vet had warned me to watch out for. My vet is very sweet and as he had done her sterilisation, I am glad he was the one who had to give her the booster. There are many vets at the ARC and they take turns at the facility. Anyway, this morning she made her usual presence heard at 5.30 am and watched the birds out the window for hours on end. Always a good sign this. Her eyes are bright and she is just napping right now on top of my bookcase, high up away from everyone - for peace and quiet and the better to survey her kingdom. Tomorrow I have to take the Tux to the groomers so she can cut his blade-nails. "Your cat is so fierce!" That's what she and the other groomers always say to me after they had to bathe and dry him. "Your cat is so fierce!" And that is why I leave it to the groomers to trim his nails and bathe him. I don't want him to havebad feelings about me. Otherwise he is quite sweet and quiet. Well, tomorrow is Trimming Nails Day and Friday is Vaccination day. I suppose there will also be fever. I have to just get used to this routine and not feel anxious at the vet. Yup.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Vaccination Day

Today my calico is going for her shots. I am more anxious than she is. She is just tearing through the house, chasing the Tux and complaining very loudly about everything. She is very determined to make all her opinions known and very loudly too. I'm surprised she has eaten everything from her plate, drank her water, done the toilette (just like the pic). I suppose she wants to look her best for the vet :)) I think I am more stressed out than she is, as last night I had quite a bad dream about being unable to find her for the trip to the vet. She was everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I wanted to bring her out for a short walk along the corridor but she got spooked by someone who was cleaning the area- the banging of brooms and Hindi music from a transistor radio. But she is by nature very scared of everything. I got her from the SPCA so maybe that could be a reason for her being afraid . You just don't know what her experiences were before she was rescued. But I must say she is affectionate and likes to sleep on the computer table when I am using the computer or on my lap. It's time for me to put her new red collar with white polka dots on her and talk her into the carrier for our trip. :)

Came back from the vet and she actually ate some kibble and had a nice drink. She was very good at the vet's, and weighed in at 3.75 kg. The Tux will surely be so much heavier and more unruly. Have to watch for swollen face or ears or mouth. She might get a fever for 2 days but it seems there is nothing I can do to make her more comfortable. Poor thing! She is sleeping now on top of my book case - her favourite roost so I will leave her to sleep her shots away.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

First day Jitters

This is my first blog ever. I know I don't have much to say and possibly won't be able to say that very well. My Tuxedo cat is on diet but that is not going well. I keep giving him diet portions and he keeps growing more chunky. Thank goodness he has long legs. I think this gives him the illusion of being a well-proportioned and handsome Tuxedo. I would enter him in one of those cat contests under Portly Cats but he will only bite the judges. He is not only err..portley but also discerning and would not tolerate being stretched for show. I am getting him a pet stroller and so would be able to bring him to the park without having to stop 3 times along the way. YES, he is THAT heavy, except I don't know if he would die of embarrassment - a cat in a stroller! What would people think!
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