Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday troubles

Megat had a quiet day. He is still not eating by himself in the morning and he knows if that happens he would be fed by me. So he decided to do a bunk :) and he hid in his litter! When I found him I told him to get out and he did only to disappear again. Woah!

He was finally found behind the cat tree! This afternoon when I came back home from last minute school shopping, he ate some fresh kibble and later for dinner he had a little wet food once we put some treats on top of it but not enough to keep up his strength. 

Tomorrow morning I would have to get up extra early to see if he would eat his breakfast with treats. I had also bought some baby food with pumpkin, potato and beef and if he doesn't eat, I will have to give him that in a syringe. 

I used to be able to get Gerber chicken which all of them like but I can't find any of it now though. 
             Get well bruffer!
     Good night effuryone. Sleep well. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Saturday Quiet

As usual our Saturday is a quiet one with everyone just hanging out. 
Megat is enjoying the cool breeze that signals rain. He hid not eat breakfast this morning but was quite alert. He waited for breakfasts but did not feel like eating anything from 4 different cans. So he had   about 8 ml of renal wet food and 1 ml of Appelin to boost his appetite. He ate dinner last night enthusiastically (1/2) of what was in his plate. I notice he likes dinner more than breakfast. 
                        ... zzz.....
Ms Akira was out early and ate wheatgrass and of cos groomed. She was a little whiny but did not want to go for a walk. Now she is in her room taking a nap. 
Bujang was quite calm and napped the day away, even when our upstairs neighbors  had fierce row. He slept through it all. :)
Tanaka is now taking a well-deserved rest as he had his time inside the computer room this morning as Ms Akira wanted out. He is a good boy and tries hard. 

Happy weekend everyone. 

Friday, June 28, 2013

Osteopathy? If you say so, it's ok.

Megat went to see the osteopath Dr A.L yesterday for his asthma and arthritis and he got that and more. After the very intense session, Dr L said he would either run about like a one-year old or sleep like a log. He did this. 
He did not even get to his mat and he fell asleep ... well at least he got close to it. 
He finally got to his own space later and  had a long rest. 
This morning, Megat looked well after a long rest. 

After his vincristine shot last Thursday, he had about 2 days of fever on and off. He vomited the dinner he ate on that Thursday night and I had to feed him with a syringe the next morning. But later he could eat on his own which is always a good thing. Now he eats on his own although not as much as before and even his kibble, which he loves, does not attract him all that much. But he still eats them at least. 
Megat sitting in his carrier outside the clinic. 
He was very curious about this new experience and behaved very well the whole time Dr L was with him. 

Dr L had assessed him and we discussed his meds, his diet and his history with lymphoma. He found that Megat was low in Vit C and calcium and that his left kidney was smaller than his right. The kidney bit was usual for a senior cat. Dr L had also told me that.

 He had 3 intense bouts of therapy with a 5 minute break in between and took it all very well. Dr L also helped him with his chest so he could take in more oxygen with less effort for which I am very glad. Generally we are trying to work towards improving his immune system so he could fight the lymphoma better. An ultra sound would be helpful with this and so I had made an appointment for ultra sound at a***. 
Dr L said that he felt that Megat was a fighter with an indomitable spirit. I think this is true of Megat as eventhough he is the smallest of the 4 kitties, he does not take bullying lying down and his growl is really as bad as his boxing.
                    WATCH OUT!!

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Outside Finally and an update

We went for a walk outside as the haze PSI was lower than 50. It was quite nice after a whole week of being in the house with the windows closed. San took some pikshurs of the two of us outside. 
      This is me snooping about our neighbour's garden. I think there was a lizard but san said I should leave it alone so we went upstairs. 
I do not think this a good garden. It looked very strange as well.
         This was much better. 
I ate some offur furry dry grass. San says she has already ordered us some more wheatgrass which will come tomorrow.
         I also lazed about outside with san. 
                  It was a good day san. 

And now an update on my bruffer Megat 
         This is an old picture of Megat
Megat has just a slight fever last night from his vincristine and was able to walk out of his cage to sit on the sofa with me for our usual quiet time. But he did not drink as much even when I had put some ice in his water. He did eat a little this morning but spat out most of his lingzhi meds. So later on the evening I would have to ensure that he gets the full dose. 
He seemed much more cheery this time round though which is a good thing. 

One thing that puzzled me is this. His blood test is excellent and so if his lymphoma is back, why was this not apparent on his tests? Now that I am not in a state of shock I am better able to ask these questions. Dr Ly would only be back next Friday and so I would ask then. 

Monday, June 24, 2013


We are sad to report that Megat's lymphoma is back - now in his intestines. He has lost more weight from two weeks ago. He is now 3.65 kg. He has been vomitting just clear liquid for the past week as well. Dr Ly said his intestines are hard and corded. So we are starting again with his chemo protocol, only this time it will only be vincristine 0.1. Dr Ly did say that there is no cure for lymphoma, only remission and it may come back anytime at all.
When he came home, he had some dinner, which is a good thing as he did not eat las night and I had to feed him with a syringe this morning where he had only 6 ml of Waltham's Renal wet food. 

He is now sleeping and has a fever from the vincristine. 

The chemo protocol that had helped him through his first bout of lymphoma is below. This is what we will follow this time round as well.
Sang hwang suppository 1x a day
2.5 sang hwang extract (1 ml in the morning and 1.5 ml in the evening)
2 ml colloidal silver (1x1 twice a day)
10 drops of milk thistle/silymarin (if liver functions deteriorates)
1.5 ml duphalac for constipation. 
He takes all this in a mixture of strained pumpkin and papaya. 
250 ml Hartmann's Solution daily for SubQ
I have to ask Dr Ly about the predisolone next week when he goes for his vincristine jabs.

He would get 8 weeks of vincristine with a 3 - week rest and 1 comprehensive blood test after the 8 weeks. 

I am not as scared or panicky this time round and we will just go through this protocol as we has done before. But all purrayers are welcome. 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Easy Peasy Sunday

Our orchids are looking much better despite the haze. 
Yesterday the day was much better and by 4 o'clock there was not much haze where we live. We were furry happy as san opened the door fur us. Today we expect the day to be a little better. My bruffer Bujang is already in the easy peasy mood 

Here, my bruffer Megat is taking a nap. 

We would like to thank effuryone who had helped us with wishing the haze away. Now it's 78 from 401. :)

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Sleepy Saturday

With our doors firmly closed (such as it is) against smog, we keep hanging on ...we nap.
Megat slept the morning away here. The good thing is that even with asthma, he has not been coughing at all. I now give him his 0.1 salbutamol twice a day. I have been giving him that once a day for the past month as he seemed better. He has one more day for his marbocyl and I am bringing him to see Dr Ly on Monday for his review. 
Bujang has not been asking to go out these past few days. This is quite a miracle as the air is too hazardous for everyone. 
             Our one bright-eyed kitty:)
I have to get a humidifier next week so all of us can feel better. 

Friday, June 21, 2013


Sorry. There is no TGIF news. I was watching the news yesterday with san. The PSI was 355! That was not good news for us as even I was not allowed to go for my short night walk. 

Here I was watching Animal Planet but san turned to the news channel sometimes so we can keep track of the PSI. 
This morning the story was much the same. So I decided on a morning nap on san. It was ok but not like a nice walk outside. My bruffers were also quite fed up as no one was allowed out, even Bujang. san did not bring Megat to his review yesterday as the PSI was very high as well. I think more indoor play time will be the order of the day. 
       Now it is 400!   I am not pleased. 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Thursday Inside

San says we cannot open the windows and doors for long as the dust is very thick outside. Last night the PSI was over 300! So san and I spent just some time near the door relaxing.
   Here I am with san just hanging out. 
I don't think we need to close the door now san. It looks ok. 
Are you sure? So we really have to close all the windows and door? 
       Ok. Hang on. Just one more...
Ok. I guess you need to do what you need to. But can I just take one more minute ?
        Ok. That is all I need. Time out !
The dust is getting worse and worse and pharmacies have run out of masks. It's also the hot season and so it's uncomfortable to be all closed up as well.  There seems to be no end in sight.  
Since I am a cat who lives indoors I do not have any business outside and so here I am with san on grandma's room where we had the A/C on. If not the whole house would be too hot. BUT that is no reason ...
                  to stop grooming.  
However I make it my business to keep an eye on the living room in case the pesky boys escaped from their rooms! Life goes on...

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Memorial Garden

Finally our memorial kitty is here for our kitty Totoro. I have placed it on the same jasmine pot that I had placed his urn. 

                  A close-up 
However we had a tragedy as the kitty's ear was chipped during transport, like so...
I had glued the pieces together and had emailed the artist from Etsy. She will very kindly replace it but it will take 45 days to make and about 2 weeks to get here. 

      Our fat robin suffered no such fate :)