Sunday, June 27, 2010

Easy Peasy Sunday

Community Cats at Dinner

Putih in her new pink collar looking bright and cheery...
Terror Kitty looking well. His coat is more shiny and he has filled up quite satisfactorily. He also behaves better and is more quiet, especially at dinner.
Minah looking rotund and steady as always...

Looking at all of the Wild Bunch, I am very thankful that we are very lucky here and the cats have not been hurt or frightened by anyone. I hope to see no more abandoned kitties as I do not think the blocks can sustain anymore kitties without trouble brewing.

FatBoy Update

FatBoy's new fav place to eat dinner. I guess for a cat this is just fine.
His new plastic collar. I had written that he is a kidney cat and no one should remove the collar. Let's hope this deters collar thieves. This collar also warns drivers as it can be seen clearly in the dark.
Side view of the tiny platform...

FatBoy drnking more water after his second dinner. HOORAY!

He drank quite a lot in the 1st dinner too. I made sure that all his water bowls were filled with clean water. He has 2 in this area and there are two more in another block of flats. The auntie told us he sometimes drinks there also.
Sleep safely FatBoy!

I was glad to see him sauntering to meet me at dinner time. I was expecting to look for him under cars. He drank quite thirstily before his 1st dinner. He ate 1.5 cans of food and so I was very pleased. He was more alert and came out to meet me when I rang for him for his 2nd dinner. He looks much the same. I asked Sister S whether he looked thin but she said he looked quite ok. I guess she is used to seeing thinner stray cats in KL. It is good to have an outsider's point of view. I guess the decision to give him more of the fluids may be a good one as he was looking quite sprightly at dinner. I am giving him about 400 ml.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

FatBoy Friday on Saturday

Elusive FatBoy

FatBoy has grown more and more elusive, frequently hiding out under cars at dinner. He needs to be coaxed every time he knows he has SubQ and meds. He ate some food yesterday but not much. But he walks about the estate easily so I am not so worried about his condition. He has moved house and now prefers to eat under the slide in the playground and sitting next to people washing their cars and bikes. I think he misses the aunty and feels a little lonely.

But the aunty comes to see him 3 times a week in the evenings. She misses him too and looks out for him every time she is here.

The vet recommends 300ml when I syringe him on alternate days and this was what we had been doing. But i decided that because I will not be giving him his SubQ fluids, on weekends I should give him more yesterday. He has 2 more injections of Eprex for next week. We will see how alert he is this evening and tomorrow of course.

Something Funny for Saturday

Crocodile Toothache by Shel Silverstein

I found it when doing some work. Its a funny poem :)

3 Cats on Saturday Afternoon

Friday, June 25, 2010

Friday Finds

I was very surprised to see Bujang sleeping on grandma's pillow so restfully. He did not wake up even when Cousin R took his pics. He is a real treasure :)

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Its the rain again...

but san says rain is good fur us. I dunno. I hav to fink about it.

Wednesday Wiles

TTanaka: Its my man-tent san. You know like what the men do when they get together. I need some drums and a pipe now and maybe a drink...
san: a drink?
Tanaka: offur couse. Offur water!
Tanaka is the only one who managed to get inside and turn around easily. Megat has yet to try and Toro does not like these spaces.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Just Because



A cat seat that is 20 inches on the diagonal and measures 15 x 14 inches in Singapore!

Tanaka as usual was the first one to inspect it and actually went into the little tent...
Bujang came by to see much later. Bujang is more scared of new things.

He tried several times to enter the tent but was not successful. He is too fat and scared to explore.

Megat was also a curious kitty. That is a good thing.

Bujang was the first one to sit on it though. I was surprised. And Toro?

He took it in his stride and was the 1st one to use it :)
There is a lot of room for him...
No matter how you see it:) FINALLY!

I went to Pet Station yesterday to use my 6 redemption vouchers and saw this cat seat. I was excited to finally find something as large as this as I had been looking for something for the amigos whom people have said to be 'big' cats. I had actually contemplated buying one online but it would have cost me about S$200.00. This one cost me S$61.80 :) I am really very pleased and so are the boys. Btw you can't use redemption vouchers on cat furniture, just cat food and various other knick-knacks.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Just Because

No Monday Blues Here

Ms Akira enjoyed Monday morning very much. She was the first one to welcome the sun at our house this morning.

Ms Akira at Play

It was very good to see her so frisky this morning. She was totally absorbed with playing. I had put all the boys in the room so she had the run of the house. 15 minutes was all she wanted because after that, she walked calmly into her room and sat grooming herself on top of the bookcase :)

Community Cats on Monday

Mera @ cat_aunty
Ooohhhh the grass feels very good. A good stretch is all I need to make me happy.

Hat is looking very well indeed. He knows the blue shows him off very well.

FatBoy@Wild Bunch

FatBoy ate half a can after his Eprex, SubQ and his suspension+Apo-k+kidney activator. He behaved very well for all his meds. The aunty came by to see him but he didn't come out when he called her. We placed two more water bowls in 2 other places that he frequents so I hope he sees them when he makes his rounds. The aunty gave him some more food later on. I hear from the aunty that someone else gave him food last night at about 10.00. I am glad many people know him and like him.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Goodnight Sunday

from all of us here...

WildBunch Sunday

Minah looking comfortably rotund and comfortable...
Putih and her movable feast...
Terror Kitty looking better and better...
and feeling better too:)

FatBoy on Sunday

FatBoy was more interested in water than food this evening. I think he had forgotten where his bowl of fresh water was as he no longer goes to the stone seats. Eversince the aunty moved house, he is hardly there in the evenings although sometimes people have seen him walking there in the night. He was very lethargic when I called for him and did not want to eat. he licked his food a little and then left. I thought he would wait for me later for food so I left him to his own devices.
When I came back, I thought he might be thirsty and indeed he was. He drank a whole bowlful of water and then walked away to sit by himself. I went to get him some more water and he drank some more. I left him alone to sit under the slide and waited for him to ask for food. He finally did ask for food but ate only a few mouthfuls.

He then decided to sit on the bench and I gave him some more water.

Here FatBoy lapped it up slowly. I guess he was not thirsty anymore...
nor was he hungry but he sat close to me for abit....

I told him he had to eat his food properly or else the vet might give him some more meds. But he did not seem concerned. When I left him, he was sitting by himself in the park. He looked very lonely and I prayed that he would be well throughout the night. My only consolation was that he ate 2 cans yesterday and drank 1.5 bowlfuls of water this evening. So he would be okay I think.

Tightrope walker

Hmm..I hope my feet don't touch that soft inner stuff. I need to balance...eee...

The boys had yet to sit in this new seat. The bowl-like seat unsettles them still. I see that I may have to give away this quite nice seat...sigh...

Sunday is MY day wif grandma

Megat: If san was not around, I would have beaten him up!
Toro: I can't help it if grandma luvs me. The photos will tell all...
Toro: Do you love me grandma?
Grandma: Yes, I do. You can sit on my lap if you like...
Grandma: He thinks he is very light but he is heavy.
san: You've laid your bed so now you have to lie in it grandma.
Toro: I luv my grandma...
Luv, luv, luv 'er