Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mera in the outdoors

Mera: Please refrain from looking at me too closely. I need my space.
Mera looked really good from this angle. His fur looked golden and his tail quite bushy...
Mera: Are you _Still_ looking at me? How rude!
Mera and cat-aunty on the grass :)

Cat_aunty took Mera for a walk yesterday. He sat under his favourite tree for 30 minutes or so, quite relaxed. But he made his grievances known by going to bed straight after the walk. THAT will teach YOU , human!

Cat_aunty had to lock him up when he tried to leave at 10 pm last night. He was not happy even after she told him it would be safer for him to remain indoors and he closed his eyes and sulked. But at least he gets some outside time under watch and that is always better than running about uncared for. The outside is very dangerous for all cats in Sinagpore unless they are supervised.

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