Sunday, June 13, 2010

Vet Appointment

Hello san...
Sleepy Megat

Megat has to go to the vet tomorrow for his 4 month review with Dr L. I hope everything goes well. he has not been coughing a lot this month although 12 times within 3 months is quite alot. He uses his recycled litter only to pee and does not like eating the pouch renal formula. He has been drinking quite a lot and so I am a little worried about his kidneys but tomorrow will tell.

I bought him the new striped carrier for the hospital as he has grown too big or too fat for his little one.

I will be giving away his little carrier to a cat shelter this Saturday, plus the old cages and Tanaka's little house:)

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KXBC said...

I was reading a book by this UK cat behavorist and she mentioned that one of the reasons why there may be litter mishaps is because of the pine litter we use.

Cats, esp the heavy ones, tend to find the pine litter painful on their paw pads and therefore, may avoid litter boxes filled pine litter.

Not sure how true since my experience is so far so good. I use a mix of clay and pine litter.