Sunday, June 06, 2010

At The Amigo House

We say goodnight Sunday to all :)


KXBC said...

Megat's fur problem seems to be better as his fur is growing back.

Has Ms Akira's excessive licking stopped too?

san said...

No lah. She has a bald stomach as well as balding hind legs. But as long as there are no cuts, the vet say its ok. She does not take meds easily and fought quite fiercely when I tried to give her the flax seed oil. So now I don't.

KXBC said...

Yeah, the vet told me they (as in the cats) don't really care if they have sufficient fur or not. It's just us humans. :)

If the taking of medication stresses her out (and you I'm sure cos I would be too), then maybe bald is better than stressed.

I have sort of arrested BB's growing balding patch at the belly and XX's excessive licking with a flea/tick shampoo as YY was diagnosed having some unhatched fur mite eggs (not sure where they came from too). Bathed all of them with that shampoo and it apparently worked.