Saturday, June 26, 2010

FatBoy Friday on Saturday

Elusive FatBoy

FatBoy has grown more and more elusive, frequently hiding out under cars at dinner. He needs to be coaxed every time he knows he has SubQ and meds. He ate some food yesterday but not much. But he walks about the estate easily so I am not so worried about his condition. He has moved house and now prefers to eat under the slide in the playground and sitting next to people washing their cars and bikes. I think he misses the aunty and feels a little lonely.

But the aunty comes to see him 3 times a week in the evenings. She misses him too and looks out for him every time she is here.

The vet recommends 300ml when I syringe him on alternate days and this was what we had been doing. But i decided that because I will not be giving him his SubQ fluids, on weekends I should give him more yesterday. He has 2 more injections of Eprex for next week. We will see how alert he is this evening and tomorrow of course.

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