Friday, June 18, 2010

Cat Meds for FatBoy

Every alternate day when I have to give him his meds, he would have his dinner in the carrier. He is used to this and would eat almost 3/4 of the 85g can of food. This is very encouraging for us as he would sometimes wait for Cousin r or me for his second helping.

Today, he was very good with the Eprex and hardly flinched when I injected him with it. He was also quite relaxed with the 300ml for the SubQ. Then we gave him some food to eat as a reward. After he told us he had enough, we allowed him to relax for a bit. It calmed him down and calmed me down :) Once we were ready I got him out of the cage and put a large towel over his upper body and paws. Once Cousin R managed to get a good grip I gave him the suspension + Apo-K. Wah! We were both quite relieved when he made some attempt to claw at us but not very aggressively. So we managed to give him all of his 2.5ml! PHEW!

The only downside to giving him fluids at the void deck is we get many curious stares from football -kicking boys to adults who would peer at us. So I would just explain that we are giving him some fluids as he has kidney problems and most people would be satisfied with that, except when we are dealing with a FatBoy fan. Then I would be given a lot of advice on what I should do, which I do not mind really but having to listen to what he was a long time ago compared to what he is now is everyday is rather tiring especially when I have to make sure all his meds are in order or especially when I am in the middle of giving him meds. FatBoy would usually respond and move about when all I want him to do is be quiet and relax. But I realise that his fans may be very upset and may want to talk about their feelings. Until I can find an alternative place, I think I would have to listen for many months :)

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