Sunday, June 27, 2010

FatBoy Update

FatBoy's new fav place to eat dinner. I guess for a cat this is just fine.
His new plastic collar. I had written that he is a kidney cat and no one should remove the collar. Let's hope this deters collar thieves. This collar also warns drivers as it can be seen clearly in the dark.
Side view of the tiny platform...

FatBoy drnking more water after his second dinner. HOORAY!

He drank quite a lot in the 1st dinner too. I made sure that all his water bowls were filled with clean water. He has 2 in this area and there are two more in another block of flats. The auntie told us he sometimes drinks there also.
Sleep safely FatBoy!

I was glad to see him sauntering to meet me at dinner time. I was expecting to look for him under cars. He drank quite thirstily before his 1st dinner. He ate 1.5 cans of food and so I was very pleased. He was more alert and came out to meet me when I rang for him for his 2nd dinner. He looks much the same. I asked Sister S whether he looked thin but she said he looked quite ok. I guess she is used to seeing thinner stray cats in KL. It is good to have an outsider's point of view. I guess the decision to give him more of the fluids may be a good one as he was looking quite sprightly at dinner. I am giving him about 400 ml.


Anonymous said...

Amount of Sub-Q is calculated according to weight. If you give 400ml, perhaps it is best done 2x a to ask vet.

Anonymous said...

A general rule for fluid requirement is 60ml/kg/day. I suppose there'll be exceptions esp dehydrated cats.