Sunday, June 06, 2010

Wild Bunch Sunday

I was glad to see Minah looking well and healthy...

As usual she only ate 1/2 a can before rolling about and grooming herself. She likes some kibble for afters though :)

Putih was looking very well. She is very good-looking and several people had tried to take her home but we would see her just one week after that as she prefers being outdoors I guess and the people were not patient enough to wait. Some of them tell us that she is very fierce but my experience with her has always been very good. The first time I caught her for sterilization, she was very sweet and sat with me calmly. The second time she was also very well-behaved when I had to bring her home as she had to go to the vet. That was her false pregnancy after she was sterilised. I had to give her anti-biotics so she stayed for a few days.

The escape artist...
FatBoy was much more wary of people these days...
Here he looks very thin and he is extremely light.

The aunty came to see him yesterday. She came knocking at my door as she could not find him and he didn't come out when she called. I told her that he would appear at dinner and she should wait at the usual spot. I also warned her that FatBoy looked very thin in case so she would not be shocked. I asked her to come on Monday as I would be bringing him to the vet and as I do not know what the vet would find I thought it would be better if she sees him before we leave for the clinic.

He did not stay with her though but ate his dinner and left. maybe he was getting used to not having her around although the aunty's friend told me that she sometimes sees him walking about at night.
Terror Kitty nowadays eats 1.5 cans instead of the usual 2 cans. He is looking better these days and he is much cleaner too.

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Don't worry too much San if cat is eating.