Tuesday, June 22, 2010



A cat seat that is 20 inches on the diagonal and measures 15 x 14 inches in Singapore!

Tanaka as usual was the first one to inspect it and actually went into the little tent...
Bujang came by to see much later. Bujang is more scared of new things.

He tried several times to enter the tent but was not successful. He is too fat and scared to explore.

Megat was also a curious kitty. That is a good thing.

Bujang was the first one to sit on it though. I was surprised. And Toro?

He took it in his stride and was the 1st one to use it :)
There is a lot of room for him...
No matter how you see it:) FINALLY!

I went to Pet Station yesterday to use my 6 redemption vouchers and saw this cat seat. I was excited to finally find something as large as this as I had been looking for something for the amigos whom people have said to be 'big' cats. I had actually contemplated buying one online but it would have cost me about S$200.00. This one cost me S$61.80 :) I am really very pleased and so are the boys. Btw you can't use redemption vouchers on cat furniture, just cat food and various other knick-knacks.


Anonymous said...

Very nice! Its a wonder that Tanaka can fit into the tent since his kitty ass looks big ;)

KXBC said...

I don't dare to buy such enclosed furniture anymore as sometimes they may just vomit inside the enclosed space and cleaning it becomes such a hassle.