Friday, June 18, 2010

Skirmishes on the eastern front

No he is just exaggerating. I only did it once.
I am telling you the truf. He bullied me many times. I am no liar san.

Ever since Megat came home from the hospital, he had been on Toro's case, slapping him and intimidating him. I had to quarantine him several times but only when I catch him at it. Usually, when Megat shows any tough act, I would just reprimand him firmly with a NO!Megat. NO! and Megat would stop. But not these days.

This morning, when Megat flew at Toro, I had to put him in his cage and ignored him. He got his breakfast last, which he did not like at all. He did not talk to me for the whole day, even when I went to see him under the table. He only decided to sit with me after dinner and his meds and then he sat quite companionably with Toro but only for about 5 minutes.

Maybe its the steroids!

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