Tuesday, June 08, 2010

FatBoy Update and Polysillic Suspension

No I certainly don't think so , you bad person!

This evening I thought I would try to give FatBoy his Polysillic III Suspension that was supposed to bond his phosphates. The aunty also came aback again to see him and as I was chatting with the aunty, FatBoy decided to do a bunk and ran off after he ate some of his food. He ran very quickly which made a little glad to see he could even do this.

He had quite a shock when he tasted the suspension and so he should. But he swallowed most of it. He was not so eager to eat the food with the Apo-K 600 though. Cousin R said we could try to put the Apo-K 600 in the suspension. We will try that tomorrow when he gets his SubQ and Eprex. I do think we need a lot of luck with this.

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meemsnyc said...

You gotta take your meds Fatboy so you can feel better!