Tuesday, June 08, 2010

FatBoy Update

FatBoy's meds to date

Apo-K 600 mg for potassium (used to be 1/4 per day and now increased to 1/2 a day)
Kidney Activator - homeo meds
070610 - Eprex 2000 because his PCV is 30% (29%-53%) - every 3 days
Polysilic Suspension 2ml - to be given with his SubQ as I do not want to stress him everyday. Dr B L said it was okay to do this. It is supposed to taste pleasant and smells of mint. It binds his phosphates.
His SubQ is increased to 300ml because his TP is 8.8 gldl (5.4 - 8.2)

Comprehensive Bloodtest : Fatboy's 3rd bloodtest

We are concerned about the increase in CRE levels from 7.6 (from his 2nd test) to 8.4. His CRE was 8.2 when he was tested at MP. His BUN has decreased from 141 to 134. The vet is also concerned about his phosphate levels

The vet also said his kidneys are only functioning at a quarter of ability and I guess 3/4 of it is not going to work and canot be reversed. Nevertheless we will do what we can for FatBoy.


Anonymous said...

If FatBoy is eating normal cat food, its phosphorus may be high. Cat may need a phosphorus-binder like Epakitin if it is not on a low-phosphorus diet. If cat urinates often, it loses potassium, i think that is what Apo-K is for. When i first had kidney cats, these two Ps were so confusing. H/ever these Ps are tested thru Comprehensive blood test, which is costly...ouch.
My kidney cat was given polysilic suspension to prevent mouth ulcers. 30% pcv is not too bad though the cost of Exprex is another...ouch.

Anonymous said...

Vet is right. Aluminium hydroxide which is in many antacids (polysilic) is a phosphorus-binder.