Monday, November 28, 2016

The Big Fright, Fight I mean ...

Popps and Rez had a big fight. Rez didn't see her in the kitchen and he went inside. The next thing I knew there was a streak of black followed by white and screams of murder. I didn't manage to separate the two for some minutes. I put a blanket over Popps and put her on timeout in the kitchen and Rez had timeout in the study. There was a lot of black fur all over the study and none white. She had this scratch on her forehead and Rez had bloody claws (Popp's blood I assume) and a much balder forehead. 

They are both fighters and they would not have survived downstairs if they could not defend themselves. So I think that was why none of them backed down at all. Now it's all quiet but for the rest of the day none of them can meet each other at all. 

Saturday, November 26, 2016

Saturday in the park

We sat for a while in this park and I thought of letting him out to walk. Thank goodness I looked at the ground first and to my horror I saw some big fat red ants. We got away from here fast. 
This is the open ground next to our flat. He likes walking here and ate some of his favorite grass. 
Then he sat about looking at a few cars and a big lorry that passed. He was calm and sat looking at them. Before he would have run into his carrier. I think all the rides he took next to busy roads made him less afraid. 

Friday, November 25, 2016

It seemed like another life

             ..... Sleeping the day away.... 
Popps said that it seemed to her that her life before had never been. I am glad she is so comfortable here and feels love and accepted for all her eccentricities that she feels that this is her only home. Have a nice rest Poppsie. 

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Just Because

                 A Onesie? No thanks san. 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Monday Mood

Think of it as just another day. By the way good luck...

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Smiles

Rezki sat here last night and I took a pic of him quickly. Of cos with cats you need to be very fast or else...
Tanaka has behaved very well this week. He made sure that he did not look at Akira's direction whenever she walked infront if him. 
Whenever he hears Rezki coming into the living room at night, he jumps up here so he is away from him and can supervise the goings on. 
Her face seems to get better with the Epsom salts. At least a lot of the redness is gone and she is not itchy. We have managed to go 3 months without the jab and we may not need it in December even. But we shall see. This may just be the calm before the storm. 
Of cos our best picture of the week is this one. Akira and Tanaka together. Simply the best. 
At last we have all 5 together in the same post. It has been a long time since we had done this. A good Sunday everyone. 

Saturday, November 19, 2016

of miracles and cats

Fern: "I praised her for being brave and friendly that she allowed T to sit with her in the same carrier. She said she felt he was safe, wanted to befriend her and he's well behaved. I also told Akira that Mummy was so happy, surprised and said it's a miracle. A said if t's good they could probably do that again. But he shouldn't push it."

Ya, She is a drama queen.

Friday, November 18, 2016

Thursday, November 17, 2016

Thursday with the Drama Queens

 Sitting together yesterday
Is dinner ready yet san? Rez is in the room sitting quite still watching the two DramaQueens

Eversince last Saturday, Akira has been more tolerant of Tanaka's seeming obsession with her comings and goings. He could walk near her couch and she would not suddenly spring at him from under the covers and growl. She can even sit with her back to him for an extended time and to walk infront of him without slinking low to the ground. Things are moving quite nicely.

Sunday, November 13, 2016

Miracles happen quietly

Finally yesterday, at the osteopath, Tanaka came close to Akira's carrier and gently hopped in. I was flabbergasted! Adrian was surprised. But we both acted as though nothing had happened and Adrian continued with both their treatments while talking to me quietly.
 Tanaka and Akira both in the same carrier and Akira actually made space for him. Neither was  yelling or scratching.
 Tanaka put his head on Akira's back and she allowed him to do it!
 Adrian, their osteopath continued to give them both the same treatment and they both relaxed.
Tanaka when he first came 10 years ago.

For as long as I can remember these two can't get along for many years. Tanaka thinks Akira is a cry-baby and Akira thinks Tanaka is a pest.  In the last 2 years, after many tries and experiments with Fern's help, Tanaka was much more relaxed around Akira and she with him. Of course there were some spats but not serious ones. Then yesterday it happened when I was least expecting it.

I managed to get them both in the same carrier on the way home but a quarter way in the journey home, Tanaka decided he wanted to see the view and so he hopped out of the carrier to do just that. However, this did not continue at home and they were not suddenly cuddly :) So we will try to see if they would eat closer together and sit closer together as well, if not next to each other. We will see if Tanaka will get into the same carrier next month as well when  they both go to see Adrian.

Friday, November 11, 2016

TGIF with Bujang

Bujang , my perfect 13 year old kitty on his own silk-cotton blanket

I got Bujang his own silk-cotton Korean blanket so I would be able to use mine without guilt. He uses it everyday and sleeps very well on it. I also notice that h sleeps in a much more relaxed fashion, all stretched out. But I am also giving him something for his back, which I hope is working to help him lessen his arthritis, Cosequin for Cats and of cos he goes for osteopathy monthly. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

uberT is the way to go

The uberT must be one of the brightest things we've ever come up with as it allowed us to actually bring more than 1 cat for rides. This week alone, Bujang, Tanaka, Rez and Popps had been out twice. This was an achievement as almost always it would only have been Bujang who would get out. It would take us at most 2 hours for all 4 to be out, 2 at a time as we try to use different routes so they would see and experience different things. This would be when they go out after 5.30 pm as none of them enjoy harness- walking at this time of the day.  
 Bujang and Tanaka at the park while the Cousin R had ice-cream
 Rez and Popps taking a break and watching the comings an goings at the bus stop.

Wednesday, November 09, 2016

Time for prayer please!

Popps laying on her own prayer mat in a nice sunpuddle

Whatcha doin? The mat is to lie on!

We got Popps her own prayer mat so she won't roll about on the big one. Before she had her own, she would insist on sitting on the big mat. Sometimes when she felt like it, she would pat the person who was praying  on the head, as cats would when they play. She would faithfully do all 3 of the 5 prayers daily as there would still be some sun coming into the room then.

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Ms Akira on Tuesday

Ms Akira under cover

Ms Akira is by nature an undercover agent of the feline world. I'm sure she knows everything that goes on in the house while being under mats, pillow cases and in some instances table cloth. So I try to get her covers that are lightweight and easy to manouver, especially as she also wears the e-collars to prevent her from licking her newly grown fur off (to very little effect).
One thing that I notice now is the fact that she has grown much in confidence and getting her groove back. She is by nature a very affectionate kitty and little by little I see her affectionate nature making a re-appearance. Now, instead of sitting on my lap, she prefers to cuddle beside me. This is a good development as she knows she would still be safe if she is not on me as well.
Yesterday we spent some hours(!) cuddling this way. In this way, she would be bale to see the goings-on in the house and the boys aka Mr Rocket Tanaka would not be able to disturb her in any way.

ps. We have not been much here as the blogger app is not working at all on my iPhone. I tried to install the app again, only to be told that Blogger is no longer using this particular app. So the adventures of the amigos (not that they have been up to any) need to be sent by email from my phone to my laptop. I'm sure I can do something with iCloud although I am not sure if I should.