Sunday, October 30, 2011

More food? Absolutely!

I am quite puzzled as to why Tanaka is still so thin as all the boys are about 5 kgs. Megat is not 5 kg but Dr Ly said he is a little fat. Tanaka is very light to hold and I had seen the vet last year about his weight. The vet said that there is nothing wrong with him and I know at just about 4 kg, he is ok. I noticed however that he gets quite hungry at night and hardly ever eats in the pm, although he does eat a little in the morning. then it struck me that all the boys have been eating the kibble and as the youngest kitty, he is always the one who has to give in. So I decided to give him his own kibble bowl on top of the cage and I am glad to see that he eats from there several times a day. So maybe I have cracked it!

Goodnight Sunday


Saturday, October 29, 2011

I have a complaint!

Toro: You may think that I live the good life but..
san: You do live a good life!
Toro: NO! I wanna complain about the black cat Megat. He bullies me all the time! Now I have a bald patch on my back! I think he should go back to the dark place!
san: You don't mean it. It was a very bad place!
Toro: Well..maybe for short while then he can come back. He needs a lesson in respect!
san: Ok. We'll discuss it.
Toro: Hmmm.. I dun think that will work san. You are very gullible. I am writing to the Town Council! They take all complaints very seriously!
san: Not from cats Toro, only from people.
Toro: Hrumphh! Then its not fair!
Megat: I can't help it. He is very goofy and takes up alot of space with his Big fur! And he is a scaredy cat. I can't help it!
san: !!!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Just Because

Just a little brush please san...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Our Deepavalli Blessing

Tanaka is our Deepavalli blessing and as today is Deepavalli, I thought its good to show him...
He began the day as a window so he could see everything that is happening...from above :)

This was what he looked like when he was little and undergoing leash training :) Today he walks on a leash very confidently...but only on concrete. He would refuse to walk on grass!

Some older pictures of the Rocket that I had posted some time ago but I thought since he looked very good in them, we should see him again :)

His favourite pose and position!

Golden Tanaka under golden rays of the sun.

Tanaka giving me the "WHAT! ANOTHER one" look.

We wish effuryone Happy Deepavalli!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Adventures

As I came back early, I thought I would take Bujang downstairs. It was rather dark but we went down anyway. Bujang made a bee-line for the pigeons although he prefers the see-and-stalk style (preferably behind a big tree).
This is another part of the park that sees hardly any sunlight. So the soil is bare and the plants are just waiting for something to happen. We will have to see what happens to them.
Bujang likes this part as he gets to go under the plants and lay on soil. I do not like it so much as he gets dirty. But he gets to walk about here anyway and then I will have a tough time cleaning him up upstairs.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sunday on Monday

This is Bujang on Monday afternoon. He was walking in his park and as usual we were the only 2 downstairs as it was a hot day. But the sun was blocked by the tall flats so we got some shade. I like this picture as it gives the impression that Bujang was walking out alone (he is never alone downstairs). It also shows how quiet it is here.
This looks like an Easy Peasy Sunday pikshur and it is. I just posted it for Monday cos Ms Akira face was too presious to miss. She makes a point of scrutinising the neighbourhood every time she is up here.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

My Gotcha Day

My Gotcha Day was 18 October 2004. This makes me 7 years and some months.

This was my first pikshur when I looked right at san's camera. This was taken 4 days after I arrived at san's house.

On my 1st day, san broughted me home in a cardboard box and grandma took care of me when san went out to the pet shop to buy me a cage, a litter tray, some toys and cat's milk. That little cat was my favourite sleeping buddy.
Then san fed me every 2 hours because I was a hungry kitty. (san says I am still noisy now when I am hungry). But I think a cat needs to remind her human to be on her toes always. san says I was very helpful when I was little and would help her and grandma to hold the bottle. But they had to make me drink from a little saucer later when I tried to eat the nipple of my bottle. I was a good kitty and drank my milk and took my vitamins.

My favourite toy was san's glove. I dragged it with me everywhere.

I loved my toes a lot. I was always looking at them.

See what I mean?

I also loved sleeping on this cushion in the living room. I was KING of the castle then. Now I have other kitties staying with me but I don't mind. They know who THE BOSS is!


The first time I went to the beach I did not like it and stayed close with my cousin! I was about 6 months but I was still a little afraid of the noise and the water.

san taught me to walk with a harness when I was 6 months old. This was my first one and then I tried to escape. So she boughted me my red walking jacket. I like walking outside with the grass on my feet and smell the ixora.

This was when I was 1 year old. san boughted me a jacket and made me wear it. I did not move at all and that teached her not to make me wear clothes anymore..hehe

Ms Akira and I used to be best friends but I hardly see her these days. But when I do see her, we hang out together like always :) But we do not groom each other anymore. san is a little sad by this but I told her that life goes on and we love each other still except now we love each other from a few feet away :)

This is my Easy peasy Sunday pikshur. This is what I look like this morning :)

san says I am not any different from before except I am much bigger and much more relaxed! I am 7++ years old but san says it is easier to think in whole numbers so she says maybe I could be 8 years old. I still ask san loudly to open the door in the morning and tell her when it is time to eat. I still love going for walks. I still love my grandma and sit with her in the afternoons and also accompany her to bed in the evening BUT I sleep with san in my own bed near the window. AND finally I still am THE BOSS!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Action Packed Thursday

courtesy of Ms Akira...
Gotcha...ya pesky feather thing!

It is not often that I get Ms Akira in action. She likes to wait for the lure to get to her and then POUNCE! GOTCHA!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Tuesday Laze-about

Its hot but the breeze is cool...
Bujang waiting for grandma to get back from gym...
Hmmm....I think its Tuesday laze-about in the neighbourhood san...

The afternoon is hot after the rain yesterday. But the amigos take it in their stride as usual.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Easy Peasy Sunday

Our very own snuggle pic :)

I do not know why Toro suddenly decided that a snuggle would be the very thing to cheer me up on Sunday. It began the weekend that I was too sick to be at work. I think he decided that I needed encouragement to wake up and feed them...and I did. So now, every weekend, he decides that in order to encourage me to wake up early, he would snuggle up to me and allow me a few minutes of Toro-time :)

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday in the park

Bujang tried stalking the pigeons
Then he decided watching them was a better use of his time :)

I brought Bujang downstairs this morning. I thought of bringing him to another park but it was too hot. Also I was not sure I wanted to be in the same place where Minah used to hang out but we went there as it was too hot to be anywhere else.

I was gald we went as I remembered all the stuff that Minah used to do when she saw Bujang and we both sat for abit, just enjoying the memories (for me) and the pigeons (for Bujang)

It was a nice quite saturday for the both of us.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Run Free Minah

Minah the BOSS for sure SUPERBOSS...
Minah loved the sunshine and would roll about on the cool cement floor under it...
She loved her food as well and would cry loudly when we're late with it!
This was her favourite pose- the better to see Bujang and let Bujang see her :)

She was always curious about our carrier and would investigate and sniff it whenever she could...

Run free Minah. Today is the beginning of long days of running and laying under the sun :)

Tanaka How To #05_Secret Drawer

Its time for my further instructions of How To Get What YOU Want...

Drawers are tricky fings. You don't know what is inside them all unless you pay close attensiun to effurything that happens in the house. As a watch_cat, I am furry attentive and sees that san keeps my wand toy in it. Effury morning she opens this drawer and I sieze my chance.
Now for the instructions:

1. Make sure your human is occupied so she would not close the drawer. san also keeps her brush in this drawer and as soon as she brushes her hair, I make sure that she sees me inspecting the drawer carefully to see where the toy is. This is an impwtant step as your human must see that YOU are concerned about your toys. This makes them feel warm and fuzzy about you and immediately forget their own concerns.

Ah-hah. THAT is my peacock feather wand toy. I lurve it furry much. If I can get it out, san will have no choice but to play wif me.

2. Once you locate your toy, make sure your human notices you. Its no use if they ignore your effort. So make sure you SHOW them that you are a little kitty who needs a lot offur help in getting your toy out. Paw at it a little to show _desperation. Human beings are always willing to help a despearte kitty and if you're cute as well, you may get in some play time before your human goes to work. 3. Make sure you get a good grip of the edge of the drawer. This would allow you to perch steadily and NOT fall. Falling off only makes your human laugh and then they would forget that they need to play wif you.

4. Once you know your human had seen you and how desperately you want to play, RELAX. This is an impawtant step. You have to make your human feel a little sad that you seem to lose hope. THIS will make them want to help you get your toy and then play with you so you would be happier.

5. Look at the toy that you human helped you to take out offur the drawer. Look sad until they move it about and asks you to play. "Here Tanaka..c'com..kitty...."

WHEEEEEE! All done.