Friday, October 14, 2011

Tanaka How To #05_Secret Drawer

Its time for my further instructions of How To Get What YOU Want...

Drawers are tricky fings. You don't know what is inside them all unless you pay close attensiun to effurything that happens in the house. As a watch_cat, I am furry attentive and sees that san keeps my wand toy in it. Effury morning she opens this drawer and I sieze my chance.
Now for the instructions:

1. Make sure your human is occupied so she would not close the drawer. san also keeps her brush in this drawer and as soon as she brushes her hair, I make sure that she sees me inspecting the drawer carefully to see where the toy is. This is an impwtant step as your human must see that YOU are concerned about your toys. This makes them feel warm and fuzzy about you and immediately forget their own concerns.

Ah-hah. THAT is my peacock feather wand toy. I lurve it furry much. If I can get it out, san will have no choice but to play wif me.

2. Once you locate your toy, make sure your human notices you. Its no use if they ignore your effort. So make sure you SHOW them that you are a little kitty who needs a lot offur help in getting your toy out. Paw at it a little to show _desperation. Human beings are always willing to help a despearte kitty and if you're cute as well, you may get in some play time before your human goes to work. 3. Make sure you get a good grip of the edge of the drawer. This would allow you to perch steadily and NOT fall. Falling off only makes your human laugh and then they would forget that they need to play wif you.

4. Once you know your human had seen you and how desperately you want to play, RELAX. This is an impawtant step. You have to make your human feel a little sad that you seem to lose hope. THIS will make them want to help you get your toy and then play with you so you would be happier.

5. Look at the toy that you human helped you to take out offur the drawer. Look sad until they move it about and asks you to play. "Here Tanaka..c'com..kitty...."

WHEEEEEE! All done.


Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

You are quite the strategist, Tanaka-Chan. We are very, very impressed!

The Chans

Admiral Hestorb said...

Master! Here is another Master at work. I found one earlier who knew how to maneuver the you..what instructions. I love the loking all discouraged part..that would really work around here! Fanks.