Monday, October 03, 2011

Tanaka How-To #4 The Stare-Down

I thot its time to do another one of my How-Tos. Last Saturday I decided to try out The Stare on my bruffer Megat. I learnt it from my bruffer Bujang but I fink I do it better.
First. Stare lazily at the Object. You can try it on your human but I prefur to try it on my bruffer Megat. The object must not know that you have somefing naughty or else it will go away! This is krucial (that means impawtant!)

Second. Slowly but surely tilt your head so the Object KNOWS that it is being stared at. You have to do this furry deliberately as if not your Object would not take you seriously.

Third. Lower your head towards your Object. It doe snot matter if the Object tries to ignore you. You know it is working when the Object turns his head away!

This is a close-up of The Stare.

Notice your ears must be up, your eyes stare seadily at the Object and your whiskers must all be in the right place- facing forward.

Four. Then crouch down low as if to spring! Then SPRING on the object quickly. DO not get entangled and fight. Just give the Object a shock! Then they know who is BOSS.

This Tanaka is getting more and more rude san. He chases me about and tries to bully me. He is ONLY four years old! I am 15! He gives me no respect!


GreatGranny said...

That stare would make me run.MOL.
I do this to Mom and she asks me "what's on your mind?" I'm the only cat here and the boss.
xoxo Kassey

Anonymous said...

Great stare Tanaka - done to perfection !!