Saturday, October 08, 2011

Bad News Friday

 This is practically one of the last pictures I took of Minah when she was well and fat...
3 weeks ago, she seemed thinner and wanted to eat at strange places. Then last week, we had to look for her to give her dinner quite late at night and she would eat only a few mouthfuls. I was very worried when we saw this week that she would drink a little water and merely lick at her food. She had lost a lot fo weight in a space of one month and so we brought her to the vet. Indeed Minah has acute renal failure and Dr T said her indicators were extremely bad. Although her prognosis was very poor I decided that I should try to save this used to be very feisty kitty. She is as old as Bujang- 8 years old this year. Community cats do not have an easy life and she is well-beloved by everyone. The residents in this block knows her by name. So I am trying sub q fluids which would be the most likely factor that would help her, the azodyl, the alutab and the apo-k. I have to bring her to the vet every day so that they can administer the tablets and the sub q as I am not at all confident that I can do this for Minah as yet.

She is staying with us for 2 weeks (with grandma's blessing). She has been very quiet after the tablets and the sub q. I had given her some water but she didn't drink any. I hope its because of the sub q. She didn't want to eat any kibble either. The vet said her teeth are not in good condition but her gums are ok. Now of course with the renal issues she would not be able to get any work on her teeth at all.

I called M&M to see if they would board her but she needs a vaccination. That would take me all of 6 weeks and I do not know if Minah would survive so long but I would get the vet to vaccinate her anyway as I may not be able to keep her here very long. 

The amigos are very curious but not unduly stressed out so that is good. I do not know what I would do this time round. I think I tried too hard with FatBoy, willing him to live when his system could not take it any longer. But the  of course I do not know if I can do any better with Minah. 

She is asleep and although I allowed her out to walk about in the kitchen, she made a choice of going back into the cage after a few minutes to rest. I had cleaned her up a bit with warm water and salt and so she is comfortable and quite clean.

Her indicators are horrendous and I can feel her spine quite clearly through her skin. But she has a little of her muscle mass. I think I have to do enough to help her. We will be doing a comprehensive blood test after 2 weeks of the regime and then I would have to make some decisions- and I really do not want to make any of it!

 She is severely dehydrated. the vet said her high numbers could be because of her dehydration so her sodium chloride would do her some good, if so.

The BUN and creatinine are off the charts!


Admiral Hestorb said...

Oh poor poor baby. Sweet girl. I am so sorry for this happening to her and to you who care for her. Bless you for halping and taking care of Minah.

Anonymous said...

Minah is fortunate to be under your care. It is daily fluid (check breathing in case of fluid overload in chest) to keep Minah comfortable and give quality time. pcv at 30% is pretty encouraging. Can i donate Fortekor5 or NS KB-C? D

Tom, Tama-Chan, Sei-Chan, Bibi-Chan, Gen-Chan, Vidock said...

Poor little Minah. We are sending many purrs for her. At least she is under your excellent and loving care and, whatever the end result, she will not be alone and unloved.

The Chans