Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thursday Lazeabout

I brought Bujang downstairs this morning as I was feeling much better. He has not been downstairs for 2 weeks as I was not feeling so well. He walked for a bit but then was quite uneasy because of the unfamiliar morning noises and construction work. So I brought him to his favourite ixora park but he didn't want to walk there. Instead he spent the time just relaxing in his carrier and so we went to the very quite playground which was cooler for me and we both sat quietly, me reading a book and Bujang, looking at the outside from inside his carrier :) After a bit I told him that if he was not out in one minute we would go home. He didn't get out and so we made our way home after 35 minutes of being downstairs. Mybe he was not familiar with morning walks as I always bring him downstairs in the evening.  I thought the morning would be better for me as the haze was not so bad and the weather cooler. But maybe not for my cat Bujang :) But at least we both got out and got to spend some private time together :)
 In the meantime, Totoro was sleeping pretty with the breeze blowing through the open window :)

I am giving him sang hwang which was actually for Megat. Since Megat did not like the taste of the gold sang hwang (which is much stronger) I thought Toro might benefit from it. He has eaten the sang hwang for about a month and his coat has much improved and his fur is softer to touch. His ears are also cleaner. If not I would have to clean his ears thorougly every 2 weeks. If not he would get eczema. Now with his cleaner ears, I would just do some daily cleaning. I do not know yet how the sand hwang will affect his kidney stones but it does contribute to overall immunity health. I would know in November if the sang hwang impacts his kidney stones.
and Tanaka was just hanging out with his buddy...

It was a quite Thursday morning in our small corner of Singapore. I am much better and tomorrow would be able to go to work. Thanks to everyone who had visited us during our short 'time-out' :) We luv ya all...

PS: We are trying to use the new blogger template and it is slow going :) I just discovered that I can actually have a different coloured background for text :) It would certainly make the entries much more colourful for sure :)

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